The world is old, older than you might know, or care to know. There were beings that walked this land as gods, capable of laying low the mightiest mountain or drying up the deepest ocean. And one goddess rose above all the others in the minds of men. Her name was the Morrigan. She was the goddess who presided over battle, magic, and fate. The Morrigan had three aspects each with a different name: Babd, Nemain, and Macha. Macha appeared as the Warrior Maiden who needed no man, Babd was the Mother, tempting men as a beautiful woman. Finally Nemain was the Crone aspect, determining the fate of warriors in battle.

The Celts believed that they could not even go off into battle without her express permission. But as time passed, the goddess grew twisted and war hungry, willing to sacrifice even her chosen warriors in her quest for blood. Finally, her people had enough of constant war. And so they chose to try to plead with her to stop. The tribes each sent a representative to explain their position to the Morrigan. But she laughed and killed the representatives, sending their heads back to their respective Clan Chiefs.

It was then that the Druids decided to use their blood magyk to imprison their goddess in a prison, locked away from the world. However they knew that help was needed outside their own power. And the Druids asked the children of both gods and mortals to beg the Earth to imprison one of her Firstborns for the sake of her other children. The children of both gods and mortals, or the Lords and Ladies of the Land, agreed to petition to keep the Morrigan from the land.

Mother Earth, though it grieved her, agreed to imprison one of her daughters. The price was steep though. In order to complete the prison, the heart of an innocent was required to be sacrifice. The Druids found a truly innocent person and sacrificed the one so that many could be saved. However, as with all deals, there was a catch. The goddess would be imprisoned only for a time, and when she returned she would wreak her revenge on the descendants of those who imprisoned her, and the world would turn to chaos. And this is how it came to be that the Lords and Ladies of the Land became Guardians of the prison of the Morrigan.

Now you may ask me why I am telling you this story. I tell it so you may know what all has been sacrificed for your ignorance. I tell you the story that you might know why the world has become thus. But there are still the Guardians, ever watchful of the vengeful war goddesses, who protect humanity. Soon the Morrigan will wake, and the world will be thrown into even more disarray. Pray that the Guardians still watch and still care.

Written by the hand of Theodore, for whoever shall find this journal, and written so the truth may never be forgotten.

Recorded in the year of our Lord, 1439