Pretty Little Lies

Since the dawn of my time,
I have been building barricades
Out of words –
Building forts
Out of rhyme.

I don't know how to tell the truth

Catch me in winter
And carve out my heart,
To decipher the enigma
Engraved in its chambers –
My lyrical lies and my
Torrential truths
Will rain down on you,
Syllables turning to snow
Like the teardrops
In your eyes.

But somewhere I thought that
My lies were comforting yours,
Because your truths were comforting mine,
But maybe we were just too caught up
In clever words and rhythmical rhyme.

I'm sorry I still can't
Tell you the truth.

The truth is that the bloodstains on the pages
Of my notebooks
Were once the tearstains my eyes bled
For you.

And the truth is that whilst I know you need saving,
I'm just waiting for someone to realise
That maybe I need saving too.

So maybe, dear friend, we can do what we do best,
And take our rhymes and our words,
And build a nest –
Piece together our lives and our truths
Into a lifeboat, or a raft
That will bring us to the shore of ourselves,
Where we can pick up the sand,
Watch it fall through our hands, like seconds and minutes,
Whilst we come to understand
Why we write the lies we do.