Shining metal

and a smooth body

only interrupted by names



Black and Decker

Most famous of its brothers

always in need

Quick flick of the wrist

makes the ratchet


Lefty loosey

right tighty

to remember which way

the wrench goes

¾ inch

The largest of them all

and most empowering

Wield like a king

(or queen)

A perfect hexagon

in a perfect circle

Tighten the top nuts

on the Vespoli please


Saved for the Resolutes

because nothing can be easy

Tucked away

and hardly used

dig through piles

find one or two

The size is forgotten

and quite often

laying disregarded

collecting dust

until the blue moon rises

and it's in need

just like a 7/16th

lefty loosy

righty tighty

a higher pitched



Life gets complicated

when there is only one

that does fit

amongst many

that don't

It's hard to make a case

for more

when one is

barely used

against the many

that are


The saving grace

when others can't be found

hardly any

and hoarded

owned by few

used by less

Its light shines

even dimmer

than the rest

Often old and broken

dirtied and gilded

Vespolis and Resolutes alike

would benefit from a few extra

but none want to use them

unwieldy dinosaurs