The Fallen Angels Entering Pandemonium, from

'Paradise Lost', Book 1

formerly attributed to John Martin (1841)

Fallen From Paradise

a red hell

that bleeds to black

colours promising

fear and hate

cruelty and torment

jagged and jutted rocks

cut through by a molten river

or maybe boiling blood

and black clouds

filled with the poison of darkness

a streak of cold, white lightning

strikes from the empty sky

no comfort – only nightmares arise

a domed building that was once golden – maybe

now bathed in the ruby red glow of this new hell

shadowed grounds and blackened archways hold no invitation

there can be no rest for the wicked

the tortured souls of the newly fallen

twist and stretch and crumble and break

in their new home of Pandemonium

a bright light of salvation

shines behind a poisoned cloud

the light of Heaven taunting

to those who can never go back

the Morning Star – cause of this downfall

is nowhere to be seen

hidden from the viewer's eye

but not her mind

this is the price for loving too much

his God (Father) over human – His creations

the heroic fallen and

a necessary evil

all for the love

of a father by his son

by Megan Parmarter