The Farm

a dirt road

into a broken town

Little Hope

decrepit houses

flash by

sunburned paint peels

old barn

rotted blood red

stray starved cats

dirt becomes gravel

and the electric fence

buzzing, holding back

dairy cows and

raging black bulls and

white skinned sheep –

pass by

at a crawl

bumping along

green algae

towering stalks

stagnant water

water snake

water rat

snapping turtle

meanest, probably

oldest living

thing –

in this town

on this farm

in this pond

clamber along

to open


encased by trees

inhabited by

green, brown grasshoppers

down a rocky hill

through silent


prowling predators

bobcats, coyotes, mountain

lions, wolves, bears

prancing prey

white tailed deer,

turkeys, rabbits, birds

at the end

a babbling brook –

curling crick (creek)

peaceful haven

countryside forgotten

in a desolate town

of little hope

by Megan Parmarter