Ramblings of a Mad Woman

Lost in Greenlawn, New York

Green, green Greenlawn

with lawns all clipped

and neat

and most importantly


In New York –

well actually,

Long Island

which is basically like

New Jersey

but cleaner

and richer

and more



So not

Jersey Shore

at all

but still like it

Where is home –

not here

but in Erie

but looking for a home here

Looking for Railroad


with the railroad

that runs right along

Railroad Street

with real toy trains

Where the whore cats

meet up, yowling

and rutting like

the wild animals they are

Waiting for family


the people who are natives

to find

the baseball field

which might be just a field

at the intersection

of a hundred different streets

not Railroad

surrounded by high

iron linked fences

Wander down one street

picture worthy

remembering the flood

all underwater

going the right way

hang a left

onto Railroad Street

where that whore cat

roams when she gets out

as the family knows

the natives

Lights are on

at 53 Railroad Street

where the toy trains pass by

and shake the foundations

releasing dust, dirt

where the green, green lawn

of Greenlawn

calls softly

and the family natives wait


and cry

finding home

by Megan Parmarter