Night Terrors

colours of the night –


stars rise

overwhelming and overtaking

the coming horrors swelling

like a candy too sweet

a child's cry

carried on a breeze

(words: child's cry, stars, candy, horrors, colours)

The Two Winds

the sigh of the wind, gentle – a butterfly's wings

its whoosh whistles and winds

pushing rustic leaves across the ground

dying trees creak

but its scream embodies its power

whipping the child's golden locks around her face

a bittersweet sensation

it scores her skin like an axe

wind on her face clings with winter cold – she turns to it

(words: sigh whoosh, scream, bittersweet, axe)


Upon her child's feverish forehead

a mother's caress as gentle as wind

The little nymph will cough and sniffle –

a sickness rooted deep within.

Fastened in her chest

where medicine



(words: caress, wind, nymph, sniffle, medicine)

To Hell

heat of fire red

brushes soft against skin

golden (twisted) gates open

with no alarm, I step in

death adorns (and adores) her

as does sweet decay

there is no fear, for

all good sinners must pay

(words: fire, red, brushes, death, decay)

Snow and the Woods

Ruby red lips part

black lashes flutter

beauty so great

a gasp is uttered

White, peeling trees

denizens of the woods

posses no leaves to fall

a sound – bang! – can't be good

(words: lips, lashes, woods, fall, bang)


It was like all the books,

as her eyes fluttered open

and candles flickered out,

a flower and a letter

upon a pillow,

the sun and heat

on her naked back,

signed by lover.

(words: books, flicker, sun, heat, signs)

Not a Love Story

Loose clothing

torn off

Facial hair

rough as bark

Slide of skin

eased by copper blood

I pine for him

and the pain

(words: loose, bark, copper, pine, slide)


There is no birdsong

as the rainy torrent falls

and coats the darkened window pane

like a waterfall of hair

lightening flashes bright

illuminating ominous skies and slick grass

I hear the muffled thump above me

as my lover jumps in fear

(words: birdsong, rain, hair, thump, grass)


I hear a whisper

see the faces

gripped by fear

of empty spaces

A brush against skin

and I turn to hide

love to scream

but only cried

(words: whisper, faces, fear, skin, love)

The End

Tears that taste of salt

rush down my porcelain cheeks

and the pictures of past times

flutter from my fingertips

as I look to the sky

praying for the swift end

that I seek

(words: salt, rush, pictures, sky, swift)