Mrs. Iscariot

I was getting tired,

tired of hearing it.

All. The. Time.

"Jesus this."

"Jesus that."

I get it already.

The guy walks on water,

or something.

But what I was really tired of

was hearing it from Judas too!

Praising Him up and down

"He's so great."

"He's so kind."

"He's so smart."

He's so annoying.

And Judas is getting to be

just as


And the worst part?!

He was practicing "celibacy"!

"Sex is meant for reproduction."

So I didn't want any kids.

Didn't mean I didn't want the sex!

No uterus,

no opinion.

I need to get rid of Him,


But I'm not about to clean His


with my hair

just to get an in.

At least…

Not while Judas was His new

whipping boy.

I'll get Judas back

and Jesus gone.


just maybe,

I'll even work out a way

to get Judas to do it.