Life in Spring

On a fresh, windy day in spring

I sat lost in my thoughts

contemplating the day – my life –

under the sky – such a clear blue –

when I saw you and lost all reason,

time coming to a screeching halt – my first end.

My world and what I knew was at an end,

because I saw the truth in you that spring,

and you became the only – my only – reason.

You filled every crack and crevice, every thought –

you became the whisper on the wind that blew,

and most important , you gave me new life,

because before you I only had a shadowed life,

a life I yearned to escape – have it all end,

but there you were, out of the blue

smelling like rain, like flowers of spring –

innocent and pure, chasing away dark thoughts,

giving me a will to go on – a life with reason.

For your smile and for your love, that became my reason.

To see your happiness and hear your laugh is my life –

now getting lost in my own light thoughts.

Giving me a new beginning and a happier end,

all thanks to that breezy day in spring,

I no longer know what it feels to be down and blue,

because of those hazel eyes that caught the light from the sky so blue –

that reflected my joy and love and the many reasons,

the eyes that had more life in them than spring,

eyes that shined bright and clear with that life,

that had an infinite depth and no end,

eyes that always rise to the front of my thoughts.

It's more than just that though, in my thoughts,

but how good you looked in that dress of blue –

even at the very end –

and how you won our fights with flawless reason,

or how, even now, you are my life

and how you looked on that day in spring.

But now my thoughts turn grey and lost – my reason,

a longer life I wish to give you, but away on the wind you blew.

Through my dying days – until my end – I will think of you as the spring.

by Megan Parmarter