Lucy and I pulled up to Jade's house which matched all the other houses on the street. I sat in my seat, pressing myself as far as I could into it, not wanting to exit the car. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lucy reach to turn down the music. I heard her seat creek as she pressed herself back into her chair. I could feel her eyes drilling holes into the side of my head, waiting for me to be an adult and get out of the car. I only let out a disgruntled sigh.


I whipped my head around towards Lucy and gave her a death glare. "I don't want to be here," I said, borderline whining, "can we just go home? Jade will understand."

Lucy gave me a look right back that clearly said no, I was not going to get out of this visit. "Jade is your best friend. You can't not go. She has important news for you – " I let an angry and irritated noise whistle through my nose, "AND you need to at least pretend to be happy for her, even if it's hard on you," finished Lucy as her look changed to understanding, sadness, and even a little bit of pity.

It was the pity that drove me from the car. I couldn't stand the look of it in her eyes. It always made me realize that I was someone who was to be pitied. I slammed the car door harder than I needed to and walked towards Jade's house, my hands shoved deep into my jacket pockets, shoulders hunched, head hanging. I stepped up to the door and rapped my hand against the door. A moment passed before I heard the heavy steps of Dyllan, Jade's boyfriend, coming to answer the door. It swung open and a smug looking Dyllan towered over me through the glass door. He pushed it open and I stepped into the house.

"Melony," was all Dyllan said as he stepped away from me, the gloating looking still on his face.

"Where's Jade?" I asked, not bothering to be courteous to the man who stole my best friend and my first love from me.

"Now that is harsh," said Dyllon as he leaded me towards the dining room, "you could at least pretend to like your best friend's future husband." I gave a distressed noise in the back of my throat and tossed a nasty face at him. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did you not really see this coming?"

"I figured that this whole thing was about you proposing to Jade," I said as I grit my teeth, trying to keep my cool and not lash out at Dyllan. Jade wouldn't be too happy about that. "I'm not stupid."

Dyllan let out a snort that seemed to suggest that he thought different, but he lopped off to find Jade before I could come back with some snarky comment. Instead, I plopped down in a dining room chair and drummed my fingers against the table top.

It was only a few moments before I could hear the bell-like laughter of Jade coming towards the dining room and the deep baritone of Dyllan's voice as he said something to her in a low voice. I could feel my gut clench and a tight smile force itself onto my face. Jade appeared in the living room, still laughing, and came to me in a rush.

I had gotten out of my chair just in time as Jade's small frame crashed into mine and wrapped her arms around my middle, giving me a hard squeeze of a hug.

"Congratulations," I murmured into Jade's hair as I buried my nose in it to smell her distinct smell.

I looked up towards Dyllan and saw the knowing in his eyes.