I can't help the sick feeling that has settled in the pit of my stomach as I walk towards Jade's door. I hear the little zip of tires against pavement behind me and I know Lucy has driven off, leaving me alone. She wouldn't be back until I called her to come get me.

Raising my hand, I knock hard against Jade's door, wanting nothing more than to turn around leave the front steps, and walk my ass back home. I don't want to be here. I know what's coming, but I don't want to hear it and I don't want to accept it. But for Jade, I have to.

The door opens and in front of me stands Dyllan and I can't help but feel a surge of hatred ripple through my body. It makes my fist clench and my eyes narrow. Dyllan only smiles at my obvious emotion and steps from the glass door as he swings it open for me.

I step by him, brushing by him and kicking my shoes off like the house was my own. I ignore Dyllan and ask where Jade is as I make my way through the house, already in search of her.

"Jealousy makes you ugly Melony," murmurs Dyllan as he passes by me to lead me to Jade. I want to lash out at him, but then that would just prove Dyllan's point. Not that it isn't true, I just don't need him acting high and mighty because I lost it. Dyllan may be an ass, but he's a smart ass. Not nearly as dumb as he pretends to be, something made painfully obvious when he confronted me about my feelings for Jade. How I convinced him to keep it a secret, to not tell Jade, is something I've always been curious about. He has to want something from me. Because while he has his moments, there always ends up being something for him in the end.

I tag along behind him as he leads me to the dining room, saying something about me waiting while he gets Jade. I wave him off as I step around the room, taking up the pictures that have been placed here-and-there on the walls. Some are single pictures and some are collages. Most hold pictures of either Jade's or Dyllan's families, many hold pictures of them, but there are pictures that have them and friends, from high school, college, now. I find a picture that Jade has put in a collage that is of me and her during our first day of college. I continue to find a couple of pictures of just us, spread throughout, showing us through the early years. Then the pictures stop being of just us and begin to involve Dyllan with us. Jade is always in the middle though. She's the only reason that Dyllan and I try to be civil to each other, the glue that forces us together. We both love her like no other, the only thing that is common between the two of us. Other than that, in my mind, Dyllan is the boy who stole my best friend and the girl I loved. I'm sure that I'm the freaky girl who loves her best friend and would try to steal back the girl he loves.

I hear Dyllan's deep voice as he says something and I turn towards it, trying to make out the words. But what follows is Jade's bell-like laughter and instead I enjoy the noise, relaxing a bit. She turns the corner into the dining room and she gives me a megawatt smile, which I can't help but return. I walk towards her, my arms opening for a hug without hesitation and she flops herself into me. I even let out a little laugh of my own.

"Congratulations," I say as I take in her smell of cleanness – a pleasant smell of cherry blossoms and the air before a storm. She pulls back from me and gives Dyllan a frustrated look.

"Did you tell her?" asks Jade, her voice giving away that she is upset. It is obvious that she wanted to be the one to tell me about her impending marriage to Dyllan.

Dyllan holds up his hands and shakes his head, "I didn't tell her anything. She probably figured it out herself."

Jade turns back to me and looks up at into my face, her bottom lip pushed out in the slightest manner, betraying her childish mannerisms that she never seemed to grow out of. I take in her clear, bright, hazel eyes that sometime seem gray and I can't help the little tilt of my lips. "It was bound to happen and since you made a big deal about having to tell me something and insisting it had to be over dinner, I made an educated guess," I say as I drop my arms from around her and pick up her left hand. "And I saw the rock when you walked in."

"Damn," murmured Jade as she turned away from me, washing me in her scent, "and I really wanted it to be a surprise, too." I laugh at her irritated tone and flick her hair as she walks away from me towards the kitchen.

Dyllan comes over to me as Jade disappears and he says in a low voice, "I need to talk to you about something." I look to him, trying to figure out what, but he just gives me a strong look before walking away. I have a feeling that I am not going to like the conversation at all.