Kacy was finally going to speak to me. I was finally going to hear her voice—but my brother ruined it. He came around the corner blasting his music from his phone.

"There ya are lil' bro!" He grined idling up beside me. I want to yell at him to go away; to go wait for me by the car. But he was my only ride home, and I really didn't feel like walking. So instead I shoot a light glare and rub my face. I can explain the damage to him later.

I look at Kacy to see if there was still a chance of hearing her talk. There was none. She had her head bent stairing at the ground. Her hair fell infront of her face and covered it. I didn't want her to feel like she was being forced to speak. So, instead of asking for her to try, I opened my arms for a hug. She fell into me wrapping her arms around me tight.

My brother grinned, "Aww! Look! Little lovers arleady!" I glared pulling back from Kacy. I hated when he was embarassing like this. Mom often says that's what big brothers are for. She doesn't have an older brother.

"Let's just go Jaiden." I grab his arm and drag him to the car. He followed making annoying kissy sounds. I waited for him to unlock his blue camero tapping my foot unhappily.

"So...You going to tell me what you were doing with Ms. Cutey back behind the band room?" He grinned perversely. "Looking for some privacy?"

"No! Kacy never talks! She was going to tell me why!" I throw my bag in the back seat and kick my feet up on his dashboard. He immediately swatted at my legs. I moved them so they hung out the window.

"Dude, she's probably just shy." Jaiden rolled his eyes. I sigh and look out the window. Kacy may be a little shy, but I don't think she would ever be shy enough to completely cut off her voice. There had to be other reasons. I would google it when I got home.

"I doubt it." I grunted staring out the window.

Mom wasn't home by the time we got there. This usually meant she was working late, and would bring home dinner. So I didn't really have much of anything to do until she got home. I had already finished my homework in my free hour.

Jaiden was playing video games downstairs in the front room. He had probably invited over a few of his friends to play as well. I still couldn't get over my anger. I didn't realize until I had gotten home that it was Friday. I would have to wait until monday to hear Kacy try and talk.

The doorbell rang, making me jump. Mom wouldn't ring the doorbell, so I figured it must have been one of Jaiden's friends.

"Hey! Gale! It's your girlfriend!" Jaiden called from the bottom of the stairs. I groaned blushing. I would find a way to get him back, because I certainly did NOT have a girlfriend. I'm not gay, by no means. I'm not attracted to guys at all. But that doesn't mean I'm like him; thinking every girl with a pair of legs is the sexiest thing on earth. There's probably a lot of people out there who aren't very sexy—at least to me anyway. But if that's up his alley, I'll let him have it.

I sauntered down the stairs and noticed Jaiden blocking the door. I shoved him aside and was shocked to see Kacy standing at my door. She had changed from her school outfit into a cute blue summer dress. Now why couldn't she dress like this in school?

I stepped out onto the porch shutting the door behind me. Leading her over to one of our wicker chairs, we sat in a comfortable silence for a few minnutes. The urge to ask her why she never talked was starting to grow though. Before I could open my mouth, she turned to me.

"I-I-I..." She sighed and rubbed her forehead embarassed. "I-I-I-I...St-stu-stutter..." She looked at her feet. I stared at her in shock. That was it? That's why she didn't talk? A goofy grin spread across my face. Could this girl get any cuter?

"That it?" I chuckled patting her back. Tears sprang to her eyes stunning me. I hadn't meant to hurt her feelings. I just thought it was cute! "Ah! Well..." I rubbed the back of my neck. "I thought mayber your parents were hitting you or something."

She gaped at me. Then together we started laughing. Her laugh was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Please tell me I'm not getting butterflies for my best friend.