Kacy and I were nearly inseperable until the day of homecoming. We would spend hours next to each other in silence—just enjoying the others company. When it was a day for her therapy, I would wait outside watching her through a window as she struggled to control her stutter. We still weren't officially going out, but I decided that would change the night of homecoming.

Kacy still needed a dress. I offered to go with her plenty of times, but each time she refused. She said she wanted to wait until the night of homecoming for me to see her all dressed up. Everytime we talked about that night, her face lit up. Each and everytime I wanted to grab her chin and kiss her. But I didn't, because I still didn't know if that was something she wanted—or if the kiss had been done on a whim.

Right now, we're sitting on my porch again. It's getting a little chilly for mid october, so she's curled up with her under a blanket. Her arm is looped through mine, and for just a moment she looks like she's going to fall asleep. I play with her hair gently. I love when we have moments like this. Where we're simply content being next to each other in total silence. It gives me the chance to really look at her, and take in her beauty. She may be average to any other man, but she's as lovely as a goddess to me.

Inside the house my brother was practicing his guitar with his band mates. It had been a while since they last practiced, and so they all sounded horrible. Kacy looked up at my and giggled a bit. "Th-they're getting b-better."

I rubbed her head chuckling and stood up. "A little. Not too much." I reach out grabbing her hand and drag her down onto our lawn. She curled up to me and layed her head on my chest. I kissed her forehead and stared up at the skies. I never wanted the moment to end. If I could spend the rest of my life like this, then I would be happy.

But happiness doesn't last for ever. It doesn't even last for a full day. Grey clouds flooded in, blocking the sun. The wind picked up, and pushed the trees around as if they were twigs. I sat up looking around—trying to gauge how bad the storm was going to be.

"May-m-maybe we should g-go i-i-inside." Kacy clinged to my arm starting to stand up. I nodded standing with her.

"Probably a good idea. Do you want me to go ahead and walk you home or wait until Jaiden can bring us home?" I kissed her forehead gently.

"Until Ja-J-Jaid-den can br-bring us." She cuddled into me. I smiled and lead her inside; sitting us both on the couch. I pulled her onto my lap and nuzzled into her neck. She shivered and giggled playing with my hair.

I planted small kisses along her neck and up to her jaw line. She lightly pushed my head away—signaling that she didn't want anymore. I pulled back and she slid down a bit burying her face in my chest.

"I would turn on the T.V, but I don't think we would be able to hear anything." I chuckled kissing the top of her head. I never want to let her go. I want to be able to hold her forever; love on her forever. I want her, in general: her happiness, her love, her heart, her vows. Maybe one day, but not yet. We're still too young to think about such things.

Rain started to pound on the windows of my house. Jaiden was still hard at work practicing his guitar. Kacy cuddled to me, under a blanket. I reached over to the end table, and grabbed a pair of my ear buds. I offered her one as I hooked it up to my phone.

We spent the rest of the afternoon curled up, enjoying each others company, and listening to music. Life could not get better, than it was in that very moment.