I wake up with a pounding in my head in a dark place on a hard dirt floor. I sit up slowly, cradling my head in my hands, as voices start talking from above me.

"She's dangerous." A deep voice argues, not of a mans though,

"There hasn't been one of her kind in decades. She's special, it out ways the danger." A second voice argues back,footsteps echo and I don't have time to fain sleep before a door opens and white light floods in blinding me. I curse and look away, the first voice talks before the spots disappear,

"So, you're awake." I look up to see a boy around seventeen looking down on me, ice blue eyes, messy brown hair.

"What the hell? Why- Who are you?" the second boy, around the same age steps forth, he has messy black hair, and green eyes.

"Don't worry, Adam here is just an ass. You have nothing to worry about, we don't bite." 'Adam' hits him, and he clears his throat. "Annabel will show you to your room and explain everything after you've cleaned up." And then a girl with a lime green pixie cut comes in her long pale legs barely covered by the short black skirt she's wearing. I scramble up off the floor as 'Annabel' loops arms with me,

"You'll love it here. I'll take you to your temporary room first. Then you can choose your Pagan path." Her voice is light like tinkling bells.

"Umm... How about you tell me what I'm doing here? Everything's a bit fuzzy at the moment." Annabel face palms,

"Right. You're here because you're a host. A rare one too, see gods from different religions, such as Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Buddhism, and Hinduism all exist. And they make home in a human body, a host, that they deem worthy to use their powers, and do right by their name." She looks at me, biting her lip, I nod. "Like I'm a Greek host, for Iris, goddess of Rainbow." I take in her pixie like aura as she goes on, "And you my dear -" she pauses and looks at me,

"Ginny" I provide "Ginny Ruby." Annabel continues,

"My dear Ginny are the host of Isis. Goddess of motherhood, magic, fertility, protector of the dead, and goddess of children." We arrive at an off white door, I open it and step inside to a small room, painted a beige color, a bed, desk, and dresser are all the furniture in the room.

Annabel backs away,

"Once you're down getting freshened up, come and meet us in the living room."

"Okay." I say closing the door as she scurries down the hall gracefully. Why you might ask am I being so calm about this? I welcome weirdness, and there's also the fact I'm Pagan... Grabbing jeans, a red tank top, and black hoodie out of the dresser I walk to the little connected bathroom. Which is white tiles, white walls, a shower, sink, and toilet only. The shower already has what looks like shampoo and body wash so as I let the water warm up I stare into the mirror. My slightly curly black hair, with it's normal blue tips, matted to my head, my black lipstick smudged, and bright blue eyes clouded from sleep I look a wreck. Greenish purple bruises cover my body from my father, who I think happily, that I probably will not see again as I hop in the, now warm, shower.


After drying and dressing I make my way to the living room, getting lost a few times before finally making it there. Where there are multiple people on a white, modern couch, that fits the chic and modern look of the house. A girl with curly blond hair, who looked like she could rival Aphrodite in a beauty pageant. A boy who is pale white, raven black hair the falls to his broad shoulders. Annabel, Adam, the second boy who woke me up, and a pretty auburn haired girl who looked about seven. Annabel scoots closer to the little girl and pats the seat for me to sit next to her.

"Ginny, this is Max," she says pointing to the blond and starts to name them off, "Walt, Adam, Ian, and Princess Maria Hema Cono Kana Mesa." She says in Spanish, or at least what I think is Spanish. "But you can call her Jake."

"I'm Ginny Ruby, nice to meet you." Jake tugs on my arm,

"Will you be my friend?" My heart warms, I have a special connection with children.

"Of course I'll be your friend Jake." She smiles and climbs onto my lap, I give a little laugh. Ian clears his throat,

"Okay Ginny, how about some back info?" I bite my lip and Annabel reaches over and smacks his arms.

"What was that for!" Ian exclaims rubbing the now red mark over his tattoos. Annabel glares at him, Walt sighs.

"How about I just tell you? It would go a lot faster I bet. Nothing left to question if I do it. Plus I need to get back to my studies." His black hair sways as he makes his way over to me and places a finger on my forehead. Images of my childhood fill my thoughts, my mother dying, father beating me, scarred cut up arms, my best friend Emma's moving away party with the big hand painted sign with 'Have fun in Arizona!' Painted on it behind us as we sit crying in the grass, hugging. My first boyfriend Mike hitting me and calling me a slut, and then waking up here.

"What the-" and Max cuts me off,

"Children in the room!" Her southern accented voice reminds me and I go looks down at me, pity in his eyes,

"I never expected that."

"Don't tell them please." I whisper hugging Jake to my chest, who seems to feel my distress and hugs me back.

"Sorry, but I have too." He turns to face the rest of the group and I find the cherry floors very interesting as he delves into my past. Not missing a detail. Halfway through Annabel grabs my hand in shock. I unzip my hoodie when he finishes at Max's request to reveal my fresh bruises.

"Now you know everything about me." I say a tad bit of anger in my voice, Jake looks up at me,

"You're lying, I know it. There's something that you're hiding... Something with walls strong enough that Walt can't see through. Interesting..." I gape at the child in my arms.

"She is wise and smart for her age. We still haven't figured out who she hosts yet." Annabel explains, not mentioning what she just learned about me. And I'm grateful for it.


After a bit of awkward silence Walt leaves to return to his studies going off through a wooden door with a bronze knocker, which is on a back wall along with many other entryways. A black door, a curtain of blue glass beads, a green door with gold swirls, and many others. Adam clears his throat to speak,

"Well what Pagan path are you going to follow?" I open my mouth to say Egyptian but Jake cuts me off.

"Adam, it would be a wise choice for her to learn of all Isis is worshipped in, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian." Adam seems to think this over he opens his mouth again but is cut off by Jake again.

"An ancient evil,

A cursed soul.

Two hosts,

Bt that hold three.

A choice to make,

Lives in the balance." Ian goes pale as a ghost,

"Was that-" Annabel finishes,

"A prophecy?"