Chapter two

Annabel and I sit in the kitchen with bowls of cereal the next day. She's explaining to me more in depth where we are and who each person is and how we each earn the last name of Hostiam, meaning Host. Since she's the leader of the house. Which she explained was called Domus Deorum, or House of the Gods in Latin. I take another bite of my Luck Charms,

"So why am I 'rare'?" I ask pointing my spoon at her, she laughs,

"You're the Host of Isis as you know, but as everyone here once we find you, we trace your family tree. And your's is most peculiar. You are a descendent of Isis herself." I go still, dropping my spoon in the mil filled bowl, making milk go everywhere.

"What?" Annabel grasps my shoulders,

"You. Are. Kin. To. A. Goddess." And then a loud crash comes from the foyer, one of the two places where the paths mix together. Annabel and I take off running towards the room to find three, giant, winged snakes. A little boy with sandy blond hair was up front along with Jake, who looked scared to death. Ian, Adam, Max, Walt, and a few more Hosts began to take battle stance.

"Here," Annabel tosses me a long thin diamond stick. A wand. I feel a surge of power, Ian launches at one of the three as Adam goes for the second with their swords. The surge increases as the third snake eyes the children, slithering closer.

"Stay away from them." My voice comes out loud and angry, but not my own. It has a regal ring to it. My body starts to glow and a voice speaks in my head,

"Hello Ginny, no time for introductions but let me take over. I now how to kill them, you'll have power back once I'm done." I let down my defensive walls and feel her take over my body. I rise off the ground, glowing like a fire,

"Close your eyes now." Isis's voice says and everyone does quickly. A blue ripple goes across the room and the snakes reduce to dust. Lowering myself to the ground slowly Isis gives me back control as she promised.

"I hate snakes. Protectors of Ra. Ugh." She scoffs in my head. Jake and Caleb run at me as I fall to my knees, drained of power. They hug me tight,

"Are they gone Ginny? Please tell me they're gone." Jake whimpers. Caleb is muttering 'nightmare' over and over again to himself. I smooth down their hair, muttering sweet nothings to calm them.

"What was that?" Asks Ian in amazement,

"Isis" I answer simply,

"How?" He asks kneeling in front of me so that I'm looking directly into his sea green eyes, I cradle Jake in my arms affectionately,

"When the snake targeted Caleb and Jake she spoke in my head, offered help, to use her powers to defeat them. Isis took over my body and used magic to kill the snakes." Ian and Adam share a look,


"But why only when it targeted Jake and Caleb? I mean, we were all in danger, not just when it zoned in."I bite my lip as Caleb drifts to sleep in my arms along with the already asleep Jake.

"I have a connection with children, they love me I love them. I've never met a child who doesn't like me." Ian smiles at the two kids asleep in my arms,

"I don't doubt it." Annabel claps her hands,

"Well this has been fun everybody but it's time to get back to your lessons or to do a recreational activity." Everyone groans in protest but exits the room in an orderly fashion. I look to Ian who is watching me, I blush,

"Can you help me? I can't lift them both..."

"Of course," He scoops up Jake into his arms, who is still sleeping soundly. I stand with Caleb in my arms who wraps his arms around my neck and legs around my waist unconsciously. His soft snores fill me with motherly affection as Ian and I walk to their rooms in the Greek section of the house through the wooden door that Walt had gone through yesterday after telling my past. The Greek section of the house is rustic and beautiful. The hallways are dirt, the walls are stone and decorated with shrines of the gods and goddesses, posters of movie stars, sport teams, and singers.

"Over here," Ian says opening a blue door to show a room with a divider down the middle, one side of the room is pale blue with Legos in a pile in the corner, I lay Caleb down in the little twin bed, pulling the dark blue comforter to his chin, tucking him in I kiss his forehead. Then walk to Jake's side of the room, which is painted black, with purple and pink swirls, books scattered on the floor, and a electric guitar with amps against the wall. Ian already has her in the bed, so I tuck her in and mutter a lullaby in french.

"Petite fille douce, innocente et lumineuse. Pose ta tête se reposer sur l'oreiller de pensées ce soir." (Sweet little girl, innocent and bright. Lay your head to rest on the pillow of thoughts tonight.) Her face face a a raindrop in sleep, I kiss her forehead lightly. Ian is watching me bemused. We exit the room, quietly shutting the door behind us.

"So who do you host?" I ask as we walk back to the living room,


"He likes you," Isis says in my head,

"Isis!" I hiss back at her,

"It's true. Watch the way he looks at you."

"What's wrong?" Ian asks, true worry in his voice, "You look angry." I sigh,

"Isis is talking to me." This sparks interest in him,

"Really? What's she saying?" I blush, as Isis giggles.

"Go on tell him Ginny." she prods,

"Isis! He doesn't like me, I'm not pretty, I doubt he wants some abused emo chick." Ian watches me expectantly,


"She's just making herself at home. That's all." Isis mentally sticks her tongue out at me.

"Does Apollo ever talk to you?" I ask as we sit on the crisp and clean white couch, (Annabel is a bit OCD with cleaning and neatness). Ian plops a bit to close for comfort and Isis speaks once again,

"He likes you!"

"You sound like a teenager!"

"Just because I'm a goddess doesn't mean I don't love being in peoples love lives! You've just never had that kind of friend. But now you do."


"She talking to you again?" I give an exasperated sigh,

"Yep. And she's being very annoying at the moment. Who knew goddesses acted like teenage girls." Ian laughs. He's very nice and welcoming despite his appearance; black hair, sea green eyes, tan skin, tattoos up and down his muscular arms.

"Ginny and Ian sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

First comes love then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!" Isis sings in my head,

"Very mature. Now will you shut up already?" I tell Isis.

Ian clicks on the flatscreen TV and turns on an old Tom and Jerry cartoon. Soon later we're both doubled over in laughter watching Tom get flattened. After two episodes I get up and go to my room. Only to find a note on the door from Annabel.

Ginny, your new room has been set up in the Egyptian quarters, just go through the black door and look for the purple glass bead curtain.


I sigh and trample back down the stairs, I tug open the black door,

"Where're you going Ginny?" Ian asks, getting up and leaning against the door sexily.

"To my room. Bell set me up in the Egyptian quarters." Ian looks disappointed as I walk into the quarters which he can't enter since he's Greek. One of the few things Annabel explained to me, you can only enter your respected quarters unless you're given permission. A rule that even applies to her. The quarter hallways are sand, and every so often a gust of hot wind gusts, blowing sand everywhere. The walls look like limestone, or maybe sandstone. I failed the naming of rocks in science class. I keep walking until I find the purple beaded curtain. I spread the beads to step into a room that I fell in love with instantly.


Black walls with splashes of neon paint on the walls at random, the same stone as the walls on the floor. But a funky blue rug covers most of the floor, there's a roll top desk in the corner, a connected bathroom, and a twin bed in the corner by a window. I run to the window, to look outside for the first time I had been here. The scenery is a bog, with lost of moss and trees. Rain pours down while thunder and lightning roll. Perfect for me. I collapse on the bed, my earlier power drain comin back to me, hitting like a ton of bricks.I fall asleep peacefully, but my ba seems to have other plans.


A/N Hey my little Cherubs. I hope you like my story so far, I'm really into mythology so I decided to mix some of the Pagan religions, sorry I didn't put more but I only picked the main ones to focus on. Roman, Greek, Hindu, Egyptian, and Buddhist. Review please.