The dust's kicked up in the afternoon sun
Another hot day, another highway run
A wayward daughter, a prodigal son
Making their living with a hand on the gun
A hand on the gun.

A black fedora, strawberry blonde hair
Foot down on the gas, the Devil-may-care
Lovers at war with a Robin Hood flair
Ain't never gonna see a rockin' chair
A rockin' chair.

The engine roared and the Browning sang
Gunshots in the bank halls rang
Love and laughter, blood and pain
Rich men burned by the Lovers' flame
The Lovers' flame

Time ran out on the road outta town
The Law was waitin' where they stood their ground
The summer air split by a terrible sound
As the lawmen shot the Lovers down
Shot 'em down.

The dust's kicked up in the evening sun
'Nother day over,'nother day done
When a wayward daughter and a prodigal son
Died hand in hand in the roar of the gun
The roar of the gun.

In the roar of the engine, the roar of the gun.