Okay, I know I'm early, but hey :D Anyway, my words were monster, magic, and bass (the instrument) so without further pardon-

Fairies. Magical little beasts of nature and the lights. Light Fairies, angels, sent from the sky. Darkness Fae, monsters, demons sent up from the ground. On no particular afternoon,

"No! I told you Exa! Shift your fingers further down on the strings or you'll make the wrong notes!" Defton yelled at the light water nymph. "I can't focus, what with the talk of the dark fae invading... I'm worried. What if the concert gets canceled!? All this work for nothing? NO. I'd rather be slightly mediocre and happy and alive. Than overworked, "professional", and DEAD." Lazy little Exa said.

"If the darkness comes, you'll have more to worry about than your horrible bass work! Now play!" Defton demanded, sweet music filled the air, beckoning the dark figure to come closer...

Magical fairies, dark monster shadow demon pixies, and a fricking tiny bass! Ba-bam! Yes Sir! Stella I had best hear of you with monkeys, hot tubs, and laser sharks by next Monday! Peace (and don't forget to review and suggest stuff :D)