Mystery Solved? Part 1 #1

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The Mystery Of The Missing House

Once upon a time there were strange things happening in Golden West City. Everyone was scared of what was happening. But these six kids help solve them. This is what happened. One day Tona called everyone to the clubhouse. Everyone was here. Tona called everyone to make sure they're here.

"Lollipops? Check. Vinnie? Check. Lendy? Check. Me? CHECK! Lonny? Check. And Candy? Check. Ok everyone is here. I have called you here because I saw this mysterious house in Western Village," said Tona. "We must check this out!"

"Ok, Tona," said Candy. As they all went to Western Village, Tona said where it is. "It's next to a little pond," said Tona. As they all went there, it was gone! "That's strange. I remember there was a house here!" Tona said. Lollipops thinks and said "Looks like we got a mystery to solve guys." So they ask the people in Western Village if they know where the house went. Vinnie went to talk to Billy Bob.

"Have you seen a house next to the pond that was gone now? " said Vinnie.

"Hmm…let me try to remember," said Billy Bob. He thought and thought. "I do remember a strange white coated person had something," said Billy Bob.

"Where is he?" asked Vinnie.

"I think he is at Pancakes For Nothing," answered Billy. Vinnie told the crew that a strange person had something and is at Pancakes for Nothing. So the crew went off to the café to find him. A strange white coated person stood in the bottom corner of the right, sitting with the lights facing him. He was wearing a white coat with spotted pants and a hat that is like an agent's hat. His hair was smoother than a baby's skin and was brown and short.

"Who are you?" asked Candy.

"I am Dr. Cuts," answered the man.

"Billy said you had a strange thing for the house," said Vinnie.

"Yes I did it was a strong holder to lift the house. But one day I lift the house to Crocodile Pond then the next day its gone!" Shouted .

"Its getting dark we should sleep for the night lets ask the Mayor of this village," said Candy. The mayor was Toony Bons; he was at the mayor's hall.

"Toony Bons, can we stay for the night?"

"Its getting dark. We have a mystery to do,"said Lendy.

"Of course you can! Stay anytime you want," said Toony. "Go into the yellow Cabin next to Pany's fixer."

" Ok thank you!" Lonny shouted. They all ran to the yellow Cabin. It was big inside the yellow house. All of them went into the kitchen to make dinner.

"We should rest for the night and get enough to eat. Lets pack up tomorrow with foods, drinks, sleeping bags, and a tent," said Lendy.

"Ok," said Tona. Everyone ate yellow noodles. It was delicious. They all crept inside and went to sleep. Everyone curled into a ball with a blanket. The next morning, Billy woke them up.

"Morning guys!" Billy said. "Have some breakfast at my café before you do your mystery."

"Ok, we will be right there," said Tona. They all rushed to the bathroom and put on their next clothes. Then they rushed to Billy's Bill Café.

"I will order the chicken and bread please also hot cocoa," said Lollipops.

"Chicken special please. Water for me," said Lonny.

"Pancakes with syrup. Also the drink I want is water too," said Candy.

"Bread with butter and cream please. Me, Vinnie, and Lendy want water. Bread with butter and sugar please," said Vinnie.

"I will just have chicken," said Lendy. What a breakfast it was! All of the crew paid and said thank you to Billy and waved goodbye. They all went to Crocodile Creeks where there was a crocodile on a rock.

"Mr. Crocodile, have you seen a house that disappeared?," askedd Lendy.

"Nope, but I know someone who can help. She's at Love Bug Town across the street of Flower Park," said Mr. Crocodile. They all went to find Love Bug Town. Mr. Crocodile gave them a map to show where she is.

It said she's at her house. It is purple," said Lendy. They all tiptoed inside the purple house. A girl was sitting at the couch, making a pillow shaped like a heart then knitting a sweater. She had long dark hair in a ponytail. Her sparkly dress sparkles like the moonlight.

"Hello, I'm Penny Ling," said Penny. "What brings you here to my hut?"

"Mr. Crocodile said you can help find the mystery house," said Lonny.

"I'm a good finder of things. I would like to help you, but can you do me a favor?" asked Penny.

"Sure, what for?" said Candy.

"My sweaters and pillows are all gone. Can you find them? I will help you if you bring me back those things," said Penny. So they all ran outside, looking for the sweaters and pillows. Lonny found a sweater on top of Billy's Bill Café. Candy saw a pillow next to the pond. Lendy found a pillow and sweater on top of Mrs. Croc. Lonny asked Billy if he had any ladders so he can climb up.

"Some of my ladders are in my house in the basement," said Billy. Lonny went to Billy's house and into the basement.

"This is too dusty," said Lonny. There was a chest on top of a brown table next to the right corner. The chest said ladders on it. When Lonny opened it, there was 165 broken ladders in there and a note. Lonny took the note and put it carefully in his pocket and the ladders. He connected them together to form a real ladder. He climbed up and saw the sweater on the hay stack. Later, Lendy and Candy were already done and were waiting at Penny's house.

"Hey guys, I found the last sweater and a note," said Lonny. They all read the note together.

Dear note I was the one who took the house and put it somewhere in the Old Woods. I am there thinking that nobody will come so I hid the note in Western Village. I hope nobody finds out.

signed ?.

P.s watch out for my guards.

"Ok, we found them all," said Lendy.

"Now can you help us?" said Candy.

"Sure thing," said Penny. "So whats the problem?"

"Well, I spotted a house at Western Village near the lake, but it's gone! A white coated man took the house with a strong holder and…"

Before Tona could say more, Penny said, "Whoa! Slow down kiddo."

"Anyways and put it in Crocodile Creeks, but now it's gone!" said Tona, gasping for air.

"Hmm...I think I can help you. When I walked into Crocodile Creeks, I found this map to a brown and black house. Maybe there's clues there," said Penny. "I'll come along." So they went to Crocodile Creeks. A brown and black house stood in the distance next to a small crocodile, Crocodile Jr. They tiptoed quietly up to the stairs and opened the door. A man was sitting on a chair, looking very tired. He had a long beard, kinda like Santa. He wore a black shirt and blue pants.

"Um...excuse me? Can you help us find clues?" said Lollipop, gently and kindly.

"I am looking. I do not see any clues, but look around," said the man.

As they all searched around, Candy yelled, "I found a note and a chest!" As the crew opened the chest, there was a ripped, bright blue cloth and yellow tissues around it. First, they read the note.

Dear Note

again it is me the one who steal the house I been caught by two guards and I am in Spikey Skull Mountain. save me and I will give the house back. P.S BRING HELP!

Signed ?

"Hmm.." said the man. "I think Oak Lim can help. He's at Pipe Egypts. The man gave the map to Pipe Egypts and they walked over there. In the Pipe Egypts, it was so hot; good thing they brought water bottles. So the map pointed to where Oak Lim is.

The Magician Mummies were real life mummies who are magicians and they do performances. When they saw him, he spoke in French accent. He wore a black jacket and black jeans.

"Hey, hey, what're you doing in the Magician Mummies?," Oak Asked.

"We're looking for a man and need help to get to Spikey Skull Mountain," said Lollipop gently.

"Sure. I will help you after the show. Wanna watch?" said Oak.

"Sure!" they all said together. They went to find a seat and watched.

"What a show it was!" Oak said. "Hey guys, I'm gonna bring some more help from my gang, Daisy, Peaches, Milly, and Henry." When Oak came back, there was Milly, Daisy, Peaches, and Henry.
"Hello guys," said Oak.

"Hey," Milly, Daisy, Peaches, and Henry said.

"Hey guys. We got some people who need our help figuring out about a house, but keeps disappearing," said Oak. "Ok, come on, gang, let's go to Spikey Skull Mountain."

"It said right here, first we go pass Windy Hills, across of Miss Mole Mountain, and then we go pass Hurtful Rocky Cave. And we are at Spikey Skull Mountain!" said Daisy.

"Good thing I brought more survival things," said Peaches. As they walk along the trail, they made it to Windy Hills.

"I can see this is why it's call Windy Hills!" said Milly as she grabbed onto a tree so she won't be blown away. Daisy stretched out to the end of Windy Hills and grab the gang onto the hand when suddenly….


A blast of wind blew Candy from the hands of Daisy's.

"AHH!" she screamed in fear that her end must come.

"Oh no! I will save you!" said Lendy.

"No!" Said Daisy. "Its too dangerous!"

"But she's my sister! I must save her! We're a family! We can never be apart!" said Lendy. He dived in like he didn't care. He didn't care about if he lives or not. He only cares about his sister.

"AHH!" said Candy. She grabbed onto a tree and tried to get back to safety.

"Candy! Grab my hand!" said Lendy, reaching his hands to Candy. Candy was trying to grab it.

Finally she got it!

Lendy pulled her over to the land. Lendy climbed back up.

"You-you saved me. You're my hero, bro," said Candy.

"Yeah. I just can't lost my family and you're an awesome sis! Now let's go get some cake before we continue." said Lendy.

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