A spirit guide, an animal that lives outside your body and help with a task that you must finish by the time you die, if not you would come back as a spirit guide with no memory of your previous life to help another person . Your spirit guide would appear when you are young and grow as you do. They normally couldn't talk but usually sent visions or images in your head, that would lead you to your task. Some task could be simple like finding true love, helping someone else with their task. Almost everyone had one, except for me.

I'm graced young, I have been on this earth for eighteen years. I have watched everyone grow up with a spirit guide. I have been teased and taunted all my life about not having one. My mother has made me do all these mediation, pleading for my guide to come but nothing, not a vision, image or anything has happened.

"Light the candles" my mother calmly reminds me as we get ready for another mediation session.

"I know, I can do this on my own now, you can leave" I said as I lit each candle

Purple for guidance and protection, white is the same as purple, yellow for metal pursuit and finally blue for spiritual pursuit.

"Okay, okay, I'm leaving" she said walking out the door of my room "I'll be at work if you need me, I have my cell phone too so just, call"

"Okay" I said wishing she would stop worrying "I call you if anything happens"

Nothing ever doses.

"Okay, bye sweetie" she said coming back into my room kissing me on the forehead "I'll be late tonight so you'll have to make your brother supper"

I nodded my head as she left with her fox guide trailing behind her, my mother had complete her task years ago when she met my father but her spirit will hang around her until she dies and then it will disappear releasing who ever came back as her spirit guide.

I sighed and sat on the floor in my room cross legged and relax. I took a few breaths before I started.

"I wish to contact my spirit guide" I said over and over again. My mind blanks and not think of anything else but that I wanted to contact my spirit guide "I wish to contact my spirit guide.

I would do this for about half an hour and then give up

"I am your spirit guide, I come in peace, you must give me twenty dollars" I heard my brother's voice on the other side of the door.

"Ha, ha, very funny, Cory" I said "what do you want"

"I'm hungry" he said "can we go get something to eat"

I rolled my eyes; it wasn't even supper time yet.

"Can't you wait" I asked hoping he would say yes.

" I think I would starve to death by then" he said all dramatic.

I swear his task is to win an Oscar or something.

"Fine, hold on let me get ready" I said sighing and blowing out my candles.

"Yes" I heard him say

"You better be buying" I said jokingly

"With what money" he laughed

I laughed and quickly threw on a sweater, put my Long dirty blonde hair up in a messy bun and checked what I looked like in the mirror. Not to bad but my hair needs a wash and a brush.

"Hurry up I'm starving"

"I am coming, hold your horses" I said opening the door to find him laying on the ground pretending to be dead, tong sticking out and everything. His jack rabbit Larry lying on his stomach, sniffing him to see if we was okay.

"He's fine Larry, just pretending" I kick him in the side. Larry looked at me like I was crazy.


"See" I said smiling and walking down the stairs

"Hey wait for me" Cory called

"Let's go slow poke" I called.

Cory was twelve, and in the seventh grade and had the titled of class clown. He would pull pranks on his teachers, tell jokes and many more things that would put him in the principal's office more times then I can count. I'm kind of surprised he hasn't been kicked out yet. He was smart but sometimes he didn't really show it and he was also quite the athlete when he wants to be. Also he was nice to me when no one was around or when he wanted something.

"Where to "I asked as I unlocked my batter up old green jeep that I got for my last birthday from my mom.

"ummmm…. The dinner on 2nd street" he said as he slams the door shut.

I sighed, where all the cool people hung out on a Friday night, yippee.

"How about another place" I asked

"No, I said I would drop by there today to give my friend answer to a test"

"Fine" I sighed starting up the car. "Why don't your friends just study for tests?"

"I don't know" he said shrugging his shoulders "it's too hard"

I laughed "lazy bums" I study twice as hard as some of the people at our school but I still got okay grades.

We drove with the music blasting all the way there, singing or humming along to the songs.

"We're here" I said not impressed to be here, I'll be ignored by Cory and his friends plus whoever else was there who made fun of me behind my back or to my face.

Cory jumped out of the car and quickly walked inside. "Why did I even agree to this" I mumbled as I slowly got out of my side and walked slowly to the door keeping my head down but I could still see people pointed from the window at me.

The door opened with a ding which made everyone stop what they were doing and stare. I heard a couple of faint whispers and giggles as I slid into a booth across from my brother, who was already ignoring me by texting or playing games on his phone.

I leaned my head on my fist and looked out the window.

Why can't I be normal?

But you are. A voice said

I looked up and looked at Cory "did you say something"

He shook his head no.

What the hell was that? I'm going mad

No not mad

There it was again, who you I asked.

In time you will Know

Well that's helpful.

We will meet soon but not yet Grace.

Okay this is getting kind of spooky. I'm defiantly going mad.

"What can I get for ya"

I snapped out of my trance and looked over at the waitress "oh yes sorry, bacon burger with fries and a strawberry milkshake" I said without looking at the menu.

"And for you young man" the woman said turning to Cory who wasn't listening.

I kicked him.

"Hey what was…. Oh" he said realizing the waitress was waiting "yes um… coke and cheese burger with fries, extra mustard no tomatoes"

"Is that all"

"Yes thank you" I said before Cory order something crazy.

The door dinged and Cory waved to someone. "Text me when the foods here" he said standing up and leaving me.

I sighed and looked out the window again, waiting for the food or maybe a dashing prince come and whisk me away. To my make my life better like in the movies.

After awhile the food arrived and my brother came and grabbed to eat it with his friends leaving me alone to pig out on my food.

As I was eating I felt a cold nose on my arm. I jumped, dropping my fry on the seat beside me. I looked down, into the eyes of a bulldog with its tong hanging out of his month. It nosily ate the fry on the seat.

"Molly where did you go" I heard a voice call

The dog turned her head at the name and barked. It turned back to me and jumped and licks my face.

"Hey" I said trying to push her away "down girl"

Suddenly the dog was pulled away.

"Sorry about that, she a little too friendly" I heard a voice say

I looked up to see a blonde blued eyes boy staring at me.

"It's fine" I said returning to my food.

The boy slid into the booth across from me still holding molly at bay. I ignored him waiting for the entire question about me not having a guide.

"I'm Leopold but people just call me Leo"

"I'm Grace" I said back being nice. I didn't know why he was talking to me probably a joke from one of the popular kids.

"Do I know you from somewhere" he asked staring intently at me.

"You probably do" I said sipping on my milk shake.

"And why would that be, I just moved here so I don't know a lot" he explained

"I'm surprised you don't it seems like everyone knows me, I'm the girl without a guide" I said twirling my spoon in around waiting for him to make an excuse on why he had to leave.

"Wow, that's cool" he finally said "your different I like that"

I almost choked on my food and I could feel the heat rising in my face "what"

"Being the same isn't always good" that's what my mamma told me"

No ones ever told me that, it's must be joking from the other kids. I hastily grabbed my purses, slammed money on the table and slid out of the booth. Now it was my turn to make an excuse.

"Ah… sorry I have to go" I stammered

"Well, it was nice meeting you" he said "bye"

I quickly walked out the door.

"Hey where are you going" I heard Cory ask

"Home, I didn't come here to be ignored or made fun of" I said angrily.


"Nothing, call me when you're done, I'll come pick you up" I said unlocking my doors.

"No that's okay I'll get a ride from one of my friends" he answered

I nodded and climb into my car and drove away.