The silver-haired girl sat by her window sill, praying to every God she could think of. She wasn't praying for anything typical, like money or love or even food, no she was praying for freedom. Not just any freedom, the freedom a princess could never be granted. The girl glared enviously at the pair of children running around in the courtyard. You'd think that she would at least be able to visit the gardens, but no. They were too dangerous. In all her sixteen years of life she had not been outside once. Never had she felt the sweet, loving embrace of the grass under her feet. Never had she been able to truly bask in the life the sun can bring. Never had she been able to smell a fresh flower still on the bush. Never would she be able to.

Carefully, she tucked a strand of her long hair behind her ear. The only interaction she had ever had with the outside world was through reading. Through someone else's eyes. Still, she took what she could greedily. She was quite selfish when it came to books, they were, after-all, her only connection to the outside world.

She watched as the children, those children who could freely roam around where ever they saw fit, played in the gardens. Some game, a game the lavender eyed girl had never been taught. She wondered if they could feel the piercing gaze of her pale lavender eyes trained on them.

'Clover, dear, it's time for your lesson,' A maid said shyly."

"Just send in the teacher, already," Clover snapped impatiently.

Clover, in all truth, wasn't a typical princess. She wasn't kind and benevolent. Years of living under a temptation you can't have no matter how hard you try can do that to a person. Clover was bitter, envious, cruel, and impatient. It was no secret that the staff feared her greatly.

No matter how much the king and queen would deny it, everyone in the kingdom knew they also feared their daughter. The kind and queen were benevolent, kind and giving. They were willing to do anything for their people, and that included keeping their unusual daughter under lock and key.

Lucky for everyone, their firstborn child was not Clover, but Liam. Liam would rule the kingdom, following in his fathers careful footsteps. Liam was kind and everything one could ask for in a ruler. The opposite of Clover.

This made her even more bitter, why did she even have to stay inside constantly? Because she could scare the villagers? It was not her fault she was unusual. It wasn't her fault her hair resembled the moon, as her eyes were the most intensely pale lavender anyone had ever seen before. It wasn't her fault, yet they still punished her for it.

"Hello, your highness," Her newest professor greeted.

Clover merely glared at him.

The lesson continued like that, the professor would speak, Clover would merely bore into him with her eyes. She figured if they were going to punish her no matter what, she would give them a reason to. She knew the power her eyes held, and she wasn't afraid to wield them as a weapon.

The professor, after a stunning thirty minutes alone with the ice princess, he cracked. Tired of the unnerving feeling her eyes gave him, he ran. Forgetting to close the door behind him.

Clover merely shrugged, and turned her gaze back to the window.

"Someone get the door," Clover yelled over her shoulder.

She longed to be out there, she longed for adventure. Was that really too much to ask?

Her eyes turned towards her impossibly pale skin, it was almost as silver as her hair, and sat in wonder. How could this have happened to her? How different would her life be if it hadn't happened? Why didn't they just kill her, why sentence her to this cruel punishment?

Clover sat at her window sill, watching the outside world until the sun went down. Somehow, it never failed to amaze her. All of the creatures, so co-dependant on each other, all of the people roaming around as if nothing was wrong. It never failed to interest her.

She looked up, finally, at the night sky. Her eyes wandered for a moment, taking in all of the stars. That was until they locked on the moon. The moon that she loved dearly.

Every night for as long as she could remember she would stare at the moon until she fell asleep. Almost as if the moon replaced the parents that never cared for her.

This night was different, something changed. Maybe it was the fact that it was her birthday, the birthday everyone forgot about, that changed thing. The only thing Clover knew at the time was she was leaving. At last, she was leaving. No one would stop her.

She knew she was leaving the castle that night. The castle that held her prisoner for far too long.

She knew because the moon told her so.