A/N: Well this was an assignment for English. My real story was about cats but he said just to turn something in so this kind of popped up. He said it was good so I decided to post it. The tittle was the assignment name where we chose a few random numbers and it gave us our setting, antagonist, protagonist, and what not. Would you consider this a children's story? Enjoy!

Children's Story Bingo

Once upon a time in a village on a mountain called: Mt. Cont. In this village a little peasant girl lived. Her name was Nevaeh. Her mom named her that because she's a little piece of heaven. Nevaeh is heaven backwards. One day Nevaeh was feeling funny. Not sick but funny. In her arms and hands. She went to the queen for advice. Queen Kamilah.

Nevaeh gets to the palace and knocks. The queen's guards opened and let her in.

"Queen Kamilah, queen Kamilah! I need your help!" Nevaeh exclaimed.

"What is wrong my child?" She asked glancing at herself in a mirror. Kamilah is a very vain person. Who normally doesn't care for others unless it somehow involves her.

"I feel funny. Like my heart is lighting off fireworks. My arms and hands are all tingly!" Kamilah stood up and approached the eleven year old girl.

"child, have you done anything strange lately?" Kamilah asked.

Nevaeh thought for a moment. "I lifted my time out chair across the room with one hand." Kamilah raised her eyebrows.

"Goodness! Listen sweetie, put your hand against mine and close your eyes." Kamilah directed. Nevaeh listened to her and did as she was told.

A loud bang sounded towards the front gates. The doors flew off their hinges and opened. A lady floated in. She hand long black hair. One of her face was normal the other was very colorful. She had a black diamond over one of her eyes. Stitches going across one half of her mouth holding it into a wicked smile.

"Dear child," She got down to Nevaeh's level. "Your problem comes to my attention, let me help you and all children like you! I will do so and fix this problem in exchange for the crown!" She pointed at Kamilah.

"Witch! Who are you?" Queen Kamilah demanded.

"I am Shadow. I am not a witch but something much, much greater! If you do not give in to my commands, Something very grim will be coming your way! Heed this warning!" She disappeared into black smoke.

Shadow's Domain

"I will take over Mt. Cont! Maybe if I took the child as a hostage? They would have to give into my demands!" She cackled.

The Palace

The witch returned and grabbed poor Nevaeh. She flew up high with the child.

"I see you did not listen to my warning. Foolish mortal. The child will suffer." Kamilah gasped at Shadow.

"Oh great Shadow! We have! Here is your crown!" Shadow landed and took the crown from Kamilah, putting Nevaeh down. She put it on and laughed hysterically.

Kamilah picked up Nevaeh.

"Ready?" Kamilah asked Nevaeh. The girl nodded and held out her hands.

She counted down from five. Shadow let out a scream. She started twisting in midair. Finally with a giant poof. She was gone. Nevaeh put the crown back on her queen's head.

The lived happily ever after.

The black dusty remains of Shadow blew out the window. Faint laughter could be heard.