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It was originally written in Norwegian, so I apologize for any mistakes.

This story also finds place in Norway's capital, Oslo.

14 year old Nelly looked up at the board. Her dark blue eyes watched the teachers every move. It was Friday, and the last class, math. Nelly was looking forward to after school. She had guitar lesson.

At the back of the classroom was a blue-eyed, light-haired boy. This was Will. He was busy staring out the window and daydreaming. It was just something he did on daytime, especially on Fridays. What he daydreamed about was totally different from day to day. But today he dreamed of a great country, no, it was a different world. A world that only consisted of five islands. One in the north, one south, one west, one east and one in the middle of all of them.

He daydreamed that he was king, or the leader of one of the island in the west.

Somewhere in the middle of the classroom sat a red-haired girl named Easa, she liked math, but today she did not manage to keep up. For some reason, the chocolate brown eyes of her kept looking the wind, blowing in the trees outside the window.

On the opposite side of the school from this three, in a small classroom, was the 13-year-old girl Sandra and had English class. She was the school's troublemaker, to say the least, and had never liked either English or school.

She wasn't really looking forward to coming home. The principal had probably already called her mother, and Sandra knew that her mother was incredibly tired of the phone calls.

Sandra had been in yet another fight earlier that day, and as always, she had won it too. Sandra really liked to fight; the only negative was that her mother always had to get a phone call about it. Cause even though she never would said it, she was very grateful that she could live with her.

It was the fact that Sandra, just like the three others, was adopted. Sandra's 'mother' was very poor, and Sandra knew that she worked very hard so that she and her two foster siblings would get food every day. But she just could not help it though, fighting was her thing.

With her beautiful green eyes and raven black hair that almost reached down to the elbow, Sandra certainly did not look like a girl that would end up in fights every other day, but that was just the way Sandra was.

After school, while Nelly was on guitar lesson and the other three did homework, there were two people sitting in a small house, far out in the woods and talked about these four teenagers.

"Now Aina, what do you think? Is it time to bring them home?" Adirf asked his wife.

"I do not know Adirf. I'm not sure they are old enough." Aina replied quietly.

"But, dear, they are the fourteen years already."

"Not Sapphire, uh, Sandra." Aina said calmly.

"I know that, dear Aina. But Saeanewa, our home, needs them, and us, too. And on the other side, do you really think Sandra or the others, need more time?" He asked.

Aina thought about it . What he said was true. Their world needed these children, more than anything. Their world needed their Gods. But it was too early; they needed more time to learn about their powers, they hadn't even tried them yet.

Aina nodded. "Okay. We can pick them up tomorrow. But then you have to take care of the talking, Adirf. "

Adirf smiled at her and nodded in agreement.

After Guitar lesson, Nelly went home. It was not far to go, she lived in the city. She went into the big, beautiful, white house.

Her parents were very rich, so she got almost everything she wanted. She went straight into the room where her mother was waiting for her.

"Hello dear. How was school?" her mother asked with a smile.

"School was good, mom. Guitar lesson too." Nelly replied with a smile.

Her mother nodded. "Lisa is waiting for you in your room."

Nelly smiled and ran up to her room. Lisa was her best friend and also Easa's cousin. Or, not real cousin then, since Easa was also adopted.

"Hi Lisa." Nelly said in the second she walked into her room.

Lisa looked up from the magazine she was reading and smiled at her. Lisa had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was very pretty, but Nelly still meant that she was prettier.

It was not that she was egotistical or anything, she was just happy with her look, that's all.

"What did you do after school then?" Nelly asked.

"Well," said Lisa, "I took the bus to Aunt Mary and Uncle Frank and visited them."

"Oh. Do they the children?" Nelly asked curious.

"Yes, a son and a daughter, but the daughter is adopted. I believe she's in your class, her name is Easa. "She said.

"Oh yes. The one with the funny name." Lisa giggled a little. "She's the one with the red hair right?"

"Right. She's actually quite nice, but she is a bit weird. She told me that there was a fight at your school again today?" Lisa said.

Lisa didn't go to the same school as Nelly, she didn't in Oslo as her cousin and Lisa did, she lived at in a town not far from there.

Nelly laughed a little. "Yes, but there is one almost every day. For some reason there is a girl who always seems to be in them, her name is Sandra and goes in the class under us. I've never really talked to her, not that I've tried either."

"I think Easa talked to her once. She told me that Sandra is quite rude and a little bitchy but she's funny and she laughs a lot." Lisa told Nelly.

"Sandra? Funny? I doubt it, from what I've heard she is rude and stubborn. She is from a poor family too. "

"I heard she was adopted." Lisa said.

"Really?" Lisa nodded. "Hmm, how many adopted kids are there at our school? I, Easa, Sandra also has a kid in class that's it, his name is Will. He sits and stares out the windows in every class. Easa did that too in math class today. "

Lisa snorted. "I do not doubt it for a second."

In Sandra's home they sat around the dinner table.

"So, Sandra. Your principal called today, again." her mother Linda said.

"I know." Sandra said, and sighed. "I'm sorry mom, I really can't help it. I ..." she said, but was interrupted by Linda.

"Don't even try to make excuses, Sandy. I know it's not just your fault. You have be at least two to start a fight. But since you got the blame again, I guess you won? "

Linda smiled at her daughter. She had always known that Sandra was something to herself, that she was special. She also knew that she liked to fight, but to start a fight for no reason, is something Sandra would never do, and Linda knew that.

Sandra smiled back at her mother. "Sure thing, as always."

Linda smiled at her one last time and turned to her youngest daughter, Julie.

"So Julie, how was your day?" She asked.

Both Sandra and her oldest sister Meredith sighed when Julie started telling all about her day.

At Will's home everything was quiet, as usual. In a red house in the middle of the city it had to be quiet, because his mother worked and his father slept dinner. So Will and his younger brother Adrian sat in separate rooms and did their homework.

In Easa's home they also sat around the dinner table talking about their day.

"Well dear Easa." Her mother, Erica, said. "How was your day?"

"Well, it was okay. The girl in the class under us, Sandra, started a new fight, but otherwise everything has been quiet." Easa said.

Her father Markus looked sternly at her. "I sincerely hope that you stay away from this troublemaker, Sandra."

"Sure, Dad. I've only talked to her once. "

The father nodded. "Good."

Then he turned to Easa's bigger brother, Tom. "And you? Any troublemakers in your class?

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