So this is the second chapter of my story. This chapter is in two pieces because it was a really long chapter. I hope you like my story =)

The next morning, the four teenagers were on their way to school. Nelly and Will walked, while Easa was driven and Sandra took the bus.

This was the day Aina and Adirf had decided to tell them about where they really came from and who they were. The only problem was to get them out of school.

"Okay, how about this? I'll Nelly and Sandra, while you get Will and Easa?" Adirf suggested.

"But Nelly, Will and Easa are all in the same class. Why can't I get those three, then you take Sandra?" Aina asked.

"Fine, we'll do it your way. Meet you at home? "

"Yes, meet you at home."

They went to the classrooms where the four kids were. Aina went to ninth class' classrooms, while Adirf had to go to the completely different side of the school to find eighth class'. "Why can't all be in the same classroom?" Adirf muttered for himself, he saw a man in his fifties walking past him.

"Hey you, my good man. You wouldn't happen to know where eighth class would be?" He asked politely.

The man looked strangely at him. "Yes, it's the fifth door on the left." He said and walked away.

"Thank you," Adirf yelled after him.

Adirf walked down the hallway and counted in his head until he got to fifth door. There he saw a door with a large eight number. He knocked on the door and opened it gently. Inside he saw a blonde woman in her thirties stand beside the board and looked at him.

"Excuse me, but I need to borrow Sandra for a minute." He said politely.

"Sandra, go." The teacher said.

The black-haired girl rose up from her chair with a sigh and walked out into the hallway. "What do you want?" She asked rudely. This was nothing Adirf wasn't prepared for, he already knew how she was.

"Yes, Sandra. I'm going to need to borrow you for a few hours. Come with me." He said. But Sandra just crossed her arms and looked at him.

"And you are?" She asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Adirf, I'll explain everything later, but right now, we've got to run." Sandra was about to protest, but decided against it and just followed him instead.

After a few minutes of driving they were at Adirf and Aina's house. Adirf went straight in and Sandra followed. When they came through the door they saw that the other three had already arrived. The three young people stared at Sandra. She had to be the last person they had expected to see in the same room as them.

"What," Sandra asked in her usual rude tone and sat on the empty chair next to Easa.

Aina stood in front of the four kids sitting together next Adirf. "Okay, Well I'm da Aina, and this man over here is my husband Adirf. You probably wonder why you are here." Aina said. All four nodded and Adirf started talking

"Well, we do not have all day, so we'll just say it as it is. We are not of this world, and neither are you. We are all from a world named Saeanewa." Adirf said before he stopped for a second to let his words sink in.

Nelly, Will and Easa looked at each other and really didn't know what to believe, while Sandra just sat there with her arms crossed and looked up at the two adults as if this was something she heard every day.

"I know this may be hard to believe, but you have to believe us, our world needs you." Aina said.

"Why do they need us?" Nelly asked.

"Okay, we'll just take it all from the beginning, the short version. You see, 14 years ago three gods was born, each god were given their own island, or country if you want. Saeanewa consists of five islands. Anyway, the following year, another god was born. But there were some people who wanted to take these gods, someone wanted to kill them, others wanted them to grow up and serve them. You see, these gods had in fact magic powers. And this four gods would happen to be you" Aina told them.

"Okay, I've comed to the crazy house. Are we really supposed to believe this?" Will asked almost hysterical.

Sandra looked at him and rolled her eyes before she looked up at Aina. "What magic powers?" She asked.

Aina smiled at her. "Well that, I can tell you." She walked up to the chair to the left where Nelly sat. "You Nelly, have the control over water, and I believe you can talk to animals and plants. This is your abilities. "

Then she went on to Will "Will, you have the ability to fly, the control over land, and you have telekinesis." Then it was Easa's turn. "And Easa, you have incredible strength, control of the air, and you can create freeze anything."

Finally she stopped in front of Sandra. "And you, dear Sandra. Have the ability to make yourself invisible, you can create flames just by a snap, you can also create force fields and you have super speed. "

Sandra smiled. "Cool." Aina smiled back at her. Then she took some steps back to stand in front of the whole group again.

"Just try. Nelly, here is a glass of water, just stare at it." Adirf said. Nelly did as he said, she stared at the glass of water and after just a few seconds the glass cracked, and the water poured down on the floor. "Well done. Easa, hold your hand over the water." Easa also did as she was told, she held her hand over the running water and seconds later the water froze to ice. "Great. Will, concentrate on the glass pieces. Imagine them lying on the table." Eager to try out his abilities, Will did so. He closed his eyes and concentrated. And believe it or not the glass pieces actually began to float towards the table and it only took a couple of seconds before every single one of them lay there. "Fantastic. Now, Sandra, it's your turn. "

Adirf went into the kitchen and then came back with a kitchen knife. He stood before the fire, and without any warning he threw the knife at Sandra.

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