This is a story I wrote for school once. Hope you like it =)

Detective Wold was clearly pale "How could this happen again?" He almost whispered in a hoarse voice. This was the second murder in less than two months.

I stood over the dead body of the forty-year old man and looked at it, I got sick of looking at the white face. The knife sticking out of his neck made it clear that this was a murder, well it could have been a suicide, but the police didn't believe that. I could see the dark red blood running down from his neck. And believe me, this is not something you would prefer to see. The man's eyes were still open; they were blank and had was totally expressionless. I knew I should have looked away, but for some reason I just could't. The blood ran down from the neck of the body and dropped on the ground. This is the kind of sight that made me regret a little that I ever became a detective. I had seen a dead body before, of course I had. But that didn't necessarily mean that I was used to it. And I probably never would be.

Last month there was a woman in her thirties who was killed; the police are still trying to figure out who the killer was. Both Detective Wold and I had a weird feeling that there was a connection between the two murders.

Two weeks later we still hadn't found the killer, neither on the lady or the man. Crime Police had checked and there was no connection between these two people. But I had the feeling that it was one and the same killer anyway, and I knew that Detective Wold agreed with me.

It had been scary quiet the last two weeks. No burglaries, nothing was stolen and no one was murdered, yet. We all walked around, just waiting for it to happen. It was as if we knew it was coming.

I walked into the break room, it was almost empty. And by almost, I mean that only Detective Wold was there. I sat down beside him and took a donut that was standing on the table in front of me.

"So Detective Wold, my good friend. It's been two quiet weeks, "I said to him.

He looked at me. "Yes, it sure has. Not that I'm complaining, of course, but it's only a matter of time before it comes a new murder, " he said.

"How can you be so sure that there will be one" I asked him.

"You shouldn't ever question my gut feeling, it may cost you a lot one day," he said, as he stood up and walked out without a word.

What was that all about? Not to question my gut feeling, it may cost you one day. What did he mean? Well, I would probably figure it out sometime, but right now I had a job to do, even if nothing happened.

It took a few more days without anything happening, I didn't know if I thought it was positive or negative. It's days and weeks like this that my job is boring.

Just in the second I thought it, Detective Wold came running through the door. "It's been another murder. Come on," he shouted at me.

I shot out of the chair and ran after him. We sat in the police car as our colleague drove. "Where are we going?" I asked Detective Wold. He told me where the murder had taken place, and that the criminal police probably once again had failed to catch the killer.

It had been a month now without anything happening, it had been another murder three weeks ago, and the police had managed to catch the killer, with a little luck, of course. I still remembered the night they told me who the killer was, and I would never have guessed who the killer was myself.

It had been exactly a week since the last killing had taken place when Detective Halverson came into the break room where I was. I stood and waited for detective Wold to show up so we could eat together.

"Detective Halverson. Was there anything you wanted?" I asked him. He nodded seriously and said:

"Yes. There just was a new murder, and one of the detectives was accidentally present and saw who the killer was" he said.

"Really?" I said, "Someone we knew from before?"

"Actually, it was, that" he admitted.

I held my breath, the moment I had been waiting for several months now was about to come. Ever since the death of the lady in the thirties I had waited to know the answer to who it was. Detective Halvorsen said it was someone we knew from before. Was he an old criminal who just came out of jail? Was it someone who had worked here before and got fired? Or was it simply ... no, it could not be, right? Could it be one of our own?

"It was our own detective Wold," he told me.

A million thoughts and questions went through my head in that very second, but it was as if none of them would stick long enough that I could manage to get one of them out.

Detective Wold was put in jail. None of us would ever have believed that Detective Wold was the killer. Detective Wold was the most faithful serviced here, we had believed. He was also the one who had worked here the longest. Besides, he was also the best friend I had here; I always ate my lunch with him. In the beginning, of course, it had been a bit strange not to have Detective Wold here, but I felt that I started to get used to it a bit. I would never have thought he could be the killer. However, everything is not what it seems.

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