A/N: this is just the introduction. There are two main characters, Jenna, and Daniel. Jenna's POV is in regular type, Dan's POV is in italics. Please Review!:)

I had a perfect life. I had a great family,A mom and dad, and two little brothers. We lived in a nice, though somewhat older neighborhood, and even though our house was small, we were a family, and we loved each other. I was good at school, I loved to read, draw, and play/listen to music. We went to church every Sunday, and it really meant something to me. I had faith in God, and I love Him so much.

However, I couldn't understand why He did it. Why I went through what I did. At least, at first I didn't understand it. However, now, I think I do.

This is my story, about the hardest time of my life, and why I can look back at it now, and thank God for putting me through it.

POV switch.

I had a terrible life. My parents always fought, then they divorced. My older brother was perfect, so everyone had high standards for me, which I never met. In school, people were mean and cruel to me. I couldn't get a job. I was depressed and suicidal. Then I met her.

This is the story of how I was changed. I never expected it to happen, and I'm not sure that I wanted to change in the beginning. She kinda gave me no choice. I'm glad she made me, though. I'm better off now. She showed me the Light. The Light. The One and Only. She sowed the seeds that led to my rebirth. She paved the way, so to speak.

This is the story of how I went from being a bitter, depressed, and suicidal boy, to being a loving and understanding man. This is the story of how I was changed.