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I stood on our driveway, leaning up against my mom's van. I tilted my head back, looking at the stars and the beautiful full moon. It's march, but it's warm enough that I was barefoot and wearing shorts. A typical Friday night for me, I stayed home, watched a movie, and then, at eleven at night, I decided to take a peek at the moon before trying to go to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up at 8:30, just like always. Then something tugs at my memory, something important, but all I want to do is roll back over and go back to sleep. "Crap!" I said as I sat up and threw the covers off. I grabbed my stuff and ran to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I had plans at 9 with my friend Ella, and she hates tardiness. With my hair still wet and my purse slipping down my arm, I headed towards the front door. "Hey, Daddy," I said as I passed the living room, " I'm meeting up with Ella, we're gonna do some shopping."

"OK, be safe." he said.

"Yes-sir!" I grabbed an apple and a water bottle and ran out the door. After I waved at the kids across the street. I hopped in my car and headed towards the mall. I was ten minutes late meeting Ella. As I sat down at the table where she was reading a magazine, she didn't even spare me a glance. "hey!" I said, "sorry for being late." no response. "Hellloooo?"

"Hi." she said.

"Awe, come on! Don't be like that. I said I was sorry." I saw her try to hide her smile, unsuccessfully.


"Don't whatever me, Missy. I didn't see any texts from you. What If I was in a wreck? What if I was lying on the side of the road, bleeding to death? Huh?" she finally smiled.

"Fine, whatever, I just figured that you overslept... again."

"Oh come on! You know that I don't get up till at least 8:30 on the weekends!"

"Yeah, I still don't see how you ever make it to anything."

"I can make it to stuff on time! It just has to be important enough, like church, I'm always early for church."

"Ok, ok. I'll give you that. So, where to first?"

"I dunno. Your pick."

"Ok. Ummm, How bout Forever 21?"

"Sounds good." we stood up and started walking towards our destination.



"Your clothes."

"What? I'm wearing pants right? And matching shoes?" I looked down, worried I'd forgotten something important.

"No, no. you look fantastic. I don't get how you can pull that off. Most people couldn't do it, but you, you make it look, well, really cute."

"Oh please, I just pulled something out of my closet. Like seriously, these shorts are cutoffs, and three years old. And these shoes were first my mom's, then Jack's, then mine."

"Yeah, yeah. And your hair's still a bit damp. That's seriously wrong."

"Whatever. There are more important things than fashion and beauty. Besides, I just wish I was you. Long, thick blonde hair. Perfect complexion, pretty blue eyes, and skinny without trying."

"Yeah you're right, you should be soo jealous."

"Hey!" I playfully shoved her arm as we entered the store. We search the store, not finding much new, then head to a few more stores. Two and a half hours later, we were back in the food court, eating Chick-fil-a sandwiches. "Ooh, Ella, lookie who's here." I said teasingly.

"Who?" she asks while looking around. I point to her boyfriend.

"Timmy. It looks like he has a buddy with him, too." she finally spotted him, and waved them over.

"Hey Timmy." she said as she stood up to give him a hug.

"Hey Els." he smiled at her.

"Hey Tim." I said.

"Hey Jenna."

"Who's your friend?" I ask, nodding to the tall guy standing behind Tim, with his hands shoved into his pockets.

"I'm Dan." he said.

"Well, hello Dan, my name's Jenna." the only response I got was a nod from Dan.

"Don't worry, Jen, Dan hardly likes anyone. He's a bit bitter." Ella told me.

"Yeah, and he rarely ever smiles." Tim said as they sat down with us, Dan to my left and Tim to my right, with Ella across the table.

"Yeah? Well, Jenna can get anyone to smile." Ella bragged.

"I doubt it." Dan said.

"Yeah, it's mainly just with people that I'm really comfortable with, though. Like my family." I insisted. We continued to chat for a few minutes. Dan was really quiet, and he kinda interested me. "So," I asked Dan, "do you live around here?"

"Not really." he said.

"You gonna elaborate?" I asked. Silence was my only response.

"Apparently not." Tim said, "He's staying with my family for a few days. He lives about two hours from here."

"Oh, cool." I said.

"Thanks, man." Dan said sarcastically.

"Anytime, bro." Tim said. Dan rolled his eyes. I looked at my phone.

"Listen, I've had a great time, but I gotta go home. See ya Els. Bye Tim. Nice meeting ya, Dan."

"Yeah bye." Tim said as I got up and gave Ella a quick hug. I drove home, and went inside to change into exercise clothes. I grabbed my mp3 player, set it to an upbeat play-list, and started walking around the block. As always, I kept one ear-bud out, I hated not being able to hear. I decided to do walk just over a mile today, since it was Saturday. As I made the final turn onto my street, I was met with a horrible sight. The second house down, that belonged to a family of Mexicans, had flames leaping out of almost every window. A little girl was crying in the front yard, and one guy was being held back by another. I ran up to the girl.

"Por favor ayudenos!" she said between sobs.

"Escuchame, carino." I said as I knelt down to her level. "Es alguien en alli?"

"Si! Mi mamita y mi hermano!" I glanced at the house.


"En la cocina." I dashed to the house, and guessing where the kitchen was, I went in the side door. There, behind a fallen beam, a little boy was clinging to his mother. I don't know what I would do without my brothers and mother, and I knew I couldn't let that little girl lose both her mother and brother at such a young age. I cleared enough rubble out of the way so that they could come through. I was starting to cough from the smoke, and my eyes were burning. They went out through the door, I looked around to make sure that was everyone, when I heard an odd sound. I turned around, then there was suddenly a blast, and all I saw was fire and rubble flying towards me. I flew back and hit my head, which resulted in more pain than I thought possible to feel.

And then everything went black.

POV change

I sighed as I flopped down on the bed in the guest bedroom of Tim's house. I didn't want to be here, but my parents had insisted. It was the week of spring break, and I had come down from my Appalachian home to spend a few days with a high school buddy and his family. Even though I'd never admit to it, my parents were right, I needed the break. Everything was just so stressful. Between Miranda, josh and his cronies, and the stress of college, I did need a break. At least Tim hadn't said why I was here. That led me to thinking about that friend of Ella's. Jenna. She was really quite pretty, but in an understated way, like she didn't know it and she didn't try to flaunt it. What struck me most, though, were her eyes. They were the prettiest, deepest blue I had ever seen. When she looked at me, I found myself feeling things that I hadn't felt since Miranda. And I had sworn that I would never let anyone in again, not after what she did to me. So I knew, that if I ever saw her again-and I hoped that I wouldn't- I would have to find a way to push her away. But that shouldn't be too hard. After all, I'd been pushing everyone away for two and a half years.

"Hey! Dan!" Tim called from his room next to mine.

"What?" I said as I poked my head out my door.

"Sorr-y! Touchy!"

"What do you want?" I was growing impatient with him.

"Just wanted to see if you'd be okay with a pizza. Mom and dad are going out tonight, so we'll have the house to ourselves for a few hours."

"Yeah. Sure, whatever."

"Will a meat lover's be good?"

"Yeah." I turned and walked into my room. I picked up my iPod from the bed, and put on my favorite play-list.

"What'cha listening to?" Tim asked.

"'Hope it Gives You Hell' by All American Rejects."

"Oh, cool. Whaddya wanna do tonight? Watch a movie, play COD?"

"Stay in my room. Alone." I said, stressing the last word.

"Fine. Whatever. Hey listen, I might call Ella and see if she'd like to come watch a movie, will that be okay?"

"Yeah sure."

"Cool dude." I turned the volume up as he walked out of the room. The music fast and loud. I closed my eyes and lost myself in it, trying not to think too much. If I thought about the life I would have to go back to in three days, I would end up in a depressed mood. My life back home was shitty. Divorced parents who fought all the time, a older brother who seem perfect, bullies at school. I had had enough, and I just wanted out. Unfortunately, no matter what I did, no one ever hired me, so I didn't have enough money to move out. So I stayed with my dad, and went to the community college. This was not how I imagined my life would be. I didn't know how to change it, though. So I just went with it. I felt like I was drowning, and there was no escape. Nothing.