Class and Swag were neighbors. They didn't get along.

Class and Swag had a boxing match. Class won by default because Swag tried to hit below the belt. (Class couldn't have even reached that low to return Swag's indecency if he'd tried.)

Class and swag got in a brawl. Class won because he was actually trained in how to fight.

Class and Swag had a debate. Class won because nobody could tell what Swag was saying.

Class and Swag had a battle the bands. Class won because he could actually play his instruments, and Swag's Macbook ran out of battery.

Class and Swag had a race. Class won because Swag got arrested when one of the kilo-bags of heroine in his trunk burst.

Class watched as Swag went to prison. Swag was there for fourteen years, during which time his inmates did indecent things to him because he wasn't all he boasted to be.

When Swag got out, he illegally obtained a pistol and some ammunition from a "friend" in "The Hood" and started looking for Class.

Class heard that Swag was coming to kill him, because his friends (who weren't lousy, lying squatters) informed him of such. He then went to the mayor (who owed him a favor for being such an awsome guy) and rented Main Street. He walked out to the center of the street in his Silk Suit and Black Tie and declared a duel with Swag.

Swag soon came speeding up in a stolen Cadillac. He was having trouble seeing through the illegally tinted windows untill he rolled down the window to shoot Class in a stereotypical drive-by.

Class, however, had seen this coming a mile away (litterally) and had ducked just before Swag shot. Class whipped out a knife, slashed one of Swag's tires, and waited for the car to come to a stop.

When Swag stepped out of his crashed car, Class leveled his blackpowder musket at Swag and shot him between the eyes.

And thus ends the Ballad of Class and Swag.