"My, Oh, My (Not My Girl)"


My, oh, my, girl, look what you've done

You've got me wrapped around your finger

I hope you're happy about it, 'cause I sure am not

About these feelings that remain to linger

Not just a friend, but someone close to my heart

That's what you've always been for sure

You can read me like the back of my hand while I ask God

"Why'd you give me the hots for HER?"

My, oh, my

Not my girl

(No-one is)

My, oh, my, girl, look what you've got

A problem with your high-school friend

I admit to having a crush

'Cause I don't want our trust to end

I'm just a guy and you're just a girl

"It's all natural," they say

But putting my hormones above good sense

Is just asking to break up one day

My, oh, my

Not my girl

(thank heavens)

My, oh, my, girl, take a seat won't you?

And I will sit by you

Stand by you, die for you

And move far, far away to this all true

Could you stop being so pretty, please?

It's real distracting from everyday life

I'd like to be able to walk 'cross the street

Without you popping into my mind

My, oh, my

Not my girl

(for goodness' sake, please!)

(hey, wanna play a game of Scrabble?)