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Beginnings and Ends

The name's Skylar Kane Midnight, I have pitch black hair, pure sky blue eyes, I look like a girl, and can turn into a dragon. You may have heard of me from my little mission on a planet called Pliera, a planet tamed by the very same dragons that many people thought were legends and myths, although I know better.

I should first explain a few things huh? Well, this all started on my seventeenth birthday; when my uncle had finally showed up after nearly two and a half years and tells me some pretty surprising info after taking me to another planet!

Granted, it was cool, but it was still pretty freaky for me.

Anyway, I had met some interesting people on the journey, including the tamers Saige and her dad Ashter, as well as Kliro and Jace, and the queen too. And I met some cool dragons as well, including my very own dragon best friend, Lyo, or as he likes to be called, Ilyona. I also met the prince of the kingdom but I'm not sure if I like that fact anymore since he tried to kill me near the end, along with the damned priest who started this whole thing.

Another thing, the priest looks almost exactly like Uncle, and I still have yet to ask him about it, since I'm sure he knows something about the guy.

It's been a few weeks or so since I returned from Pliera back home, back to Sammy and the others, and since then not much has happened. I found out that my parents really did disappear so I had to stay with Samuel for the time being and school was pretty lame so nothing much happened there. The guys had also thrown me a very late birthday party and we had a blast, eating cupcakes, popping balloons, annoying Sammy, teasing James, and playing Soccer during most of it.

I'm really happy they're my friends and I couldn't have asked for anyone better, especially not since I had Samuel with me the entire time.

But back to now, life is great, back home; until I get a surprise visit from an unknown messenger animal and a little note along with it that makes Samuel livid.