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Chapter 1

Same, but Different...

I groaned, curling up tighter in my bed as I felt the familiar pokes and prods of one Samuel White.

I knew what was coming next; it was like this for the past few days, ever since I got back. He would poke at me, trying to get me up, and I would curl up tighter in the warmth and darkness, and then after a few seconds he would pull off my blanket entirely and scold me.

And so he did. He pulled my blanket off with a harsh yank and I was left shivering cold, sitting up straight immediately and glaring at him as he yelled at me.

"Get up you lazy piles of dragon scales!" I huffed at the insult before yawning and stretching out and then falling back into the comfy warmth of where I had slept. "Skylar!"

"No thank you…" I sighed, closing my eyes before yelping as Samuel kicked me off the bed and onto the floor with a very loud 'oof' and a small 'ow'. "Hey!" I growled, sitting up and rubbing my face from the impact before glaring at Sam once more. "Was that really necessary?"

He nodded, folding his arms after he dropped the blanket and I sighed, standing up and walking to the closet to get dressed. "The 'Prince of Killian' needs to be up and ready for the student council meeting in a few minutes."

"Yeah yeah…" I sighed. I had worked hard to get back in my place in all of the school stuff I was in and to get all of my grades back up to A's which hadn't been that hard to do, actually. "Why can't I take a day off for once?" I asked and he sighed, shaking his head like it was a stupid question, and it really was, but I just had to ask to see what his answer would be. I already knew the answer though.

"Because you've already missed almost two months of school and it'll kill your chances in going to the next grade." Now it was my turn to sigh, since I very well knew that was true.

"Tch, it wasn't my fault you know." I replied and he snorted, a very un-Samuel-like gesture by the way.

"Yes, of course, but you chose to stay there and 'help' out." He used his hands to quote the word help and I glared at him as I pulled on a black shirt with a white dragon on it.

"Un cool dude, very un cool. For your information, I happen to keep the promises I make and I was actually trying to stop that guy from destroying the stone even though uncle wanted me to stay behind." I growled and he sighed.

"And you had gotten hurt because of it, broke two of your promises, and missed a hell of a lot of school." He said and I rolled my eyes.

"Once again, that was not my fault." I said, the last three words rolling off the tip of my tongue with a very bitter taste.

"I know Skylar… I just hope you know that the next time you have to go on a mission, you'll politely decline." I blinked at that and turned towards him, fixing my newest pair of goggles.

"What do you mean 'next time'? That was a onetime deal; I'm never doing that again." I said in a matter of fact way and he smiled, sighing in relief.

"Good, now grab your backpack and let's go." Sam said immediately after and I nodded, doing just that before following him out, about to ask something but he beat me to the punch. "And no, you cannot ride the skateboard."

"Aw man…!"

It felt like it was hours before school had let out; I went to the stupid school council meeting and pitched my ideas, went to my classes and did my homework in the actual class, went to lunch and ate with my friends as well as Damian who was there because of Sammy, and finished up school, going to the soccer field afterwards.

I grinned wide before going to the locker rooms, changing and meeting up with the team, the soccer ball in my hands.

I was team captain of the school's best soccer team and we only had eleven players: me, Jake Harley, Anthony Stark, Richard Bard, Travis King, Damian Johnson, Grace Stevens, Archer Moore, Kyle Joker, Bella Sword, and Audrey.

"Glad to see you made it to practice, Midnight." Travis joked, a smirk on his face and I rolled my eyes.

"Glad to see that you didn't skip practice, King." I shot back, matching his smirk. The team has always called each other by our last names instead of first names since sometimes players from opposing teams would have the same first name it always confused us so bad and sometimes we'd use our last names as a side to a small joke or playful threat.

"Midnight, King, come on, we're here to play, remember?" Audrey bugged and I tossed the ball up and caught it before giving a wide grin and a nod.

"Right." I looked over my team and looked to a brown haired girl and a red haired guy, Bella and Kyle. "Sword, Joker, you two are goalies, Johnson and I are starting out. Harley, you're referee. Willis, King, and Stark, you guys are with me, the rest of you with Johnson." I order and the guys nodded, fanning out. I knew Jake didn't mind being referee since he didn't much like running about, either that or he liked being the goalie.

Jake took the ball from me and ran to the middle where Damian and I faced each other.

I grinned, facing the black haired jock. "You're going down Johnson." I said, tilting my head to the side cockily and he snorted.

"In your dreams Midnight, and don't think just because your Sam's friend that I'll go easy on you." He said and I scoffed.

"Get real Johnson." I replied just before Jake dropped the ball and I ran up to kick it, my foot meeting with the base of the ball and it flew passed Damian and towards Audrey who picked the ball up with her feet and began dribbling it down the field in the opposite direction, the other following.

"I'm open Willis!" Anthony jumped up, ran to an open spot on the field just as Audrey let loose of the ball and kicked it to him, Anthony catching it with his head, the ball bouncing and landing on the ground just before he turned and steadied the ball quickly, and then he kicked it towards Bella and the net.

"Catch it Sword!" Johnson commanded, just a little too late and as Bella jumped for the ball, it flew right passed her and into the net with a shout from Tony in victory.

"In your face Sword!" he grinned and the girl huffed angrily before getting up and grabbing the ball.

"Watch it Stark." She growled and the brown haired boy stuck his tongue out at her in a childish manner.

"Well well, you think you can get another shot passed Stark?" I shot a mischievous grin towards Damian and he narrowed his eyes playfully.

"I'll make that shot myself," I paused and glared at him slightly.

"There's no way you can make a shot that far, not even if you do the kickoff." I said.

"Oh is that a challenge, Midnight?" he asked and I huffed.

"Oh no, it's a fact." Audrey cut in and Anthony grinned wide.

"If anyone can do it, it's Skylar!" I sent a small smirk towards one of my major friends, one Anthony Edward Stark who has stuck by me since elementary. It's actually amazing, although not like my relationship with Sammy.

"Really now?" Damian snorted.

By now, the team was gathered around both Damian and I walked over to pick up the ball from where Bella dropped it and held it out to him. "Go ahead." I said, a smirk grazing my lips and he growled at me, narrowing his eyes before snatching the ball and going to the center, placing the ball in the middle before backing up to the white line and I dropped the smirk before crossing my arms and studying what he was going to do.

After a few seconds, watching as he took a deep breath and steadied himself, I saw Damian run forward in a cocky way and I scoffed as he kicked the ball hard and it flew across the other half of the field before going straight over the top of the net and the others all laughed at the attempt while Jake ran across the field to go get the ball and Damian scowled, returning to the group.

"Well, well," I smirked and he snarled at me, almost in a playful way but it also held true malice in there.

"Shut it, Midnight." He said and I snickered.

"Oh? Are we still on a last name basis here, Johnson?" I teased and he huffed before we all turned to see Jake returning with the ball and he handed it back to Damian who smirked and held the ball out for me.

"Your turn, little Sky." He teased back and I growled at him for saying little.

"I am not little." I retorted and the others had snickered while both Damian and Anthony smirked and Audrey shrugged, mouthing the words 'You kind of are, Sky' which had me glaring at her.

I walked up to the middle of the field, placing the black and white ball in the middle, taking a small calming breath before backing up, focusing on the net instead of the ball, deciding how and where I wanted to kick it before all but bounding up to the sphere and kicked it as hard as I was able to in that moment, watching and waiting.

Cheers, snickers, huffs and glares were exchanged as the ball made its mark directly in the middle of the net and I grinned triumphantly before smirking at a glowering Damian. "You were saying, Johnson?" I teased before looking at my watch. "Tch, after all that we had yet to actually practice." I murmured, just loud enough for those near to hear me, before shaking my head and waving. "Got to run; later guys." I said, dashing off towards the locker rooms, ignoring the chatter from the others besides the few 'byes' from Audrey, Tony, and Damian.

I quickly got dressed back into my regular clothes, no longer wearing the black trench coat I loved, since it reminded me of my time on Pliera, and dashed out the doors, grabbing my backpack and started running 'home'.

As soon as I walked to the door and opened it, I was immediately barreled to the ground by Masago, the dragon chirping wildly as he was happy to see me.

I chuckled. "Hey Masago, what are you doing here?" I asked and Masago whined, hugging me and flicking out his tail.

I miss you and Master Samuel! And I don't like it at the hideout and I'm hungry…! I full out laughed at that and grinned, standing up with Masago on my shoulder.

"Honey, I'm home!" I shouted out, my grin increasing as I saw Samuel at the table working on homework before he looked up, with a raised eyebrow. "What?" I blinked, my grin fading before I scowled, setting my backpack down as he laughed.

"Since when have I been 'honey'?" Samuel smirked and I thought for a bit before mirroring the expression, Masago running towards the room to get his special stash of mice that Samuel hid oh so poorly.

"Since the hottest jock in school became your boyfriend." I retaliated and his eyes widened while he blushed.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." He mumbled harshly and I snickered.

"Oh please." He huffed as I walked passed him and into the kitchen, peering inside the fridge before grabbing a small bag of shredded meat called Dragon Nip which I absolutely loved.

"Please don't tell me you're grabbing the Dragon Nip…" Samuel sighed as I gave him a cheeky grin.

"Maybe." I answered and he groaned.

"That stuff is like a dragon's caffeine." Samuel argued and I shrugged.

"It's addicting and it's delicious." I countered, breathing in the wonderful scent of cinnamon, beef, other spices, and my most favorite thing in the world, Salmon. "Ah, the wonderful smell of Salmon in the morning." I joked and Samuel shook his head.

"Skylar, it's 5 in the afternoon." I grinned and looked up after taking a handful of the stuff and stuffing it in my mouth, loving the taste.

"I know that." I said and Samuel sighed before looking back at his homework, which I now knew was anything but. "What'cha doin' Sammy?" I questioned a bit childishly, sitting on the table next to where he was working and he frowned slightly.

"None of your business." He shot back and I rolled my eyes before peering over at the lined pages, reading over the first words.

"Let's see… 'My name is Samuel White, and I'm here to tell you a little story about my best friend, Skylar Midnight.' You're writing a story about me…?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at him, nibbling at a fairly large piece of 'Nip.

"Yeah I am, actually, what's wrong with that?" Samuel put down his pencil and I smiled brightly.

"Absolutely nothing! It's just… why?" I asked him another question, truly confused.

"Well, I thought that maybe it's safe for others to know about your… little adventure on Pliera. I mean, they won't believe it, so why not? Besides, it's the only chance you'll get to relive the situation, because as I said, you are not going on another 'mission'." He answered and I stuck my tongue out at him.

"What if I want to go on another mission, huh?" I got a glare from him and held my hands up in surrender, laughing. "Okay, okay. You're lucky I don't want to, otherwise I'd high tail it back to the dog statue." I said and gave a soft sigh as Samuel lowered his head.

"If you really did, would you? I mean… would you actually leave?" he asked and I rolled my eyes once more.

"Of course not. You guys are my family; you're my best friend, possibly like a brother. I would never leave again." I said, not really promising. I jumped off the table and grabbed my backpack once more. "Hey, I uh, I'm going to be up in the attic if you need anything."

"Yeah, hey, are we still visiting that creepy house in the morning?" I grinned at that, slightly though, and nodded.

"Of course."

I sighed softly as I closed the door behind me, safe inside the attic.

The whole truth was that I really did want to go on another adventure with Uncle and meet new people. I just wished that Samuel was allowed to come with me instead, that way he would know if I was safe or not.

It sucks knowing that you have someone who constantly worries about you when you're away. Especially if it's Samuel because if he worries, then he full out panics when something bad happens and then scolds you when you're back or at least in the 'a-okay' zone.

But, I guess I'm grateful that he is my friend; it's good to know someone cares enough to worry about me.

I walked over to vacant wall, where a few paintings were hanged and examined the wall slightly.

The attic was mostly used for keeping relics and old stuff that the White's never really used much, but there was one space in the attic that Sam's grandpa used to use for his self and no one knew but Sammy and him, and me of course, but I only found out about two years ago.

Samuel had shown me where it was as a birthday present and I still say it's the best present I had ever gotten, especially since it gave me a place to stay when I needed to escape the grownups for a little while.

I ran my hand along the bottom of the painting on the left, a beautiful painting of a pretty sunset and birds flying past the painters view, pushing into the wall right under the bottom right corner, hearing a soft, satisfying click and smiled. I then watched as the wall in front of me moved, going back slightly before sliding out of the way and into the side wall.

I let out a small chuckle before making my way inside, the wall/door closing behind me before I sat down my backpack beside the wall and turned to the mini room, grinning.

The entire office-like room was covered in papers, books, art stuff, and drawing and paintings I had recently done. And along the wall were some of the finished artworks involving the sky temple, my friends on Pliera, Lyo and Michiko, Kliro and Jace as well, Kaiden and the priest, and even a few with my uncle and the priest.

The latter only because I was trying to figure out why they looked so similar.

There was a single window that was on the side of the room, near my 'bed', that I would always spend hours just gazing at the stars outside or at the moon, Rocou.

The only real furniture in the room was a small desk with an office chair, a makeshift bed I would sleep on if I got too tired to exit the area, a chest I kept all my important stuff in, and a few small candles that I used when there was no moon.

I walked over to my desk and sat down in the chair, spinning it to where I was facing my desk and observed what was on it: papers and drawing about my uncle and the priest and the mystery of why he looked almost exactly like Uncle.

I gave a soft sigh as I finished another sketch with my uncle and the priest standing side by side, both wearing matching smirks, the smirk I've seen on both. "They can't be related, can they?" I shook my head and picked up the picture, frowning. "Nah, well I guess that's possible… I haven't met any of his family yet, so maybe… maybe they're brothers? No, of course not! Dad would've mentioned if he or Uncle had any more brothers, and neither had mentioned the guy before."

I was growing agitated, trying to figure this out, but I guess all puzzles that I couldn't solve agitated me to great lengths.

I sighed once more before getting out a piece of blank parchment and grabbed my pencil, putting the tip to the page, biting my lower lip in concentration as I started to sketch out something, though Mother only knows what.

It was a while before I noticed that my room had grown dark and turned to the window, putting the pencil down on the sketch, something that looked like a picture perfect moment between Jace and Kliro, my two favorite brothers.

The moon was showing outside my window and I blinked before turning back to the finished sketch of the brothers, smirking in satisfaction at what the picture shown.

Jace was hugging the younger male to him, grinning wide while Kliro smiled like a love-sick idiot, clinging to the others arms with a small blush sprouting along his cheeks. It was funny how I knew Kliro's secret, that he thought of Jace as more than a brother or a role model.

"Man, I really wish them the best. Maybe I can even help them along the next time I visit them back at Fero, hm?" I grinned at the idea before letting out a small yawn. "Gee… what time is it?" I asked myself before looking at the clock that was on the wall and blinked. "Oh…"

Apparently it's dinner time. I thought, licking my lips before walking back over to the wall, stopping as a small glint of light caught my attention and I turned to the chest along the back wall, seeing a small silver key hanging above it and smiled softly, walking over and grabbing it from the chain, flipping it over in my hands. The key to my adventure…

I looked from the key to the chest and frowned slightly before making up my mind and placing the key in the lock, turning it before hearing a small click and unlocked the chest.

Inside was everything from Pliera or my uncle, save the necklace and my skateboard. The diary was in there as well, along with the dragon book that I hid away a week after coming back, the sword that Kliro gave me, and a little dragon statuette that I had found on the window sill one day a week ago, along with some letters and stuff that I had gotten over the past few weeks from an unknown source, probably from a messenger animal.

I grabbed out the statuette, setting it on the window sill, near the edge, before turning my attention to the letters. I grabbed those out, re-reading everything that was written to me… various letters from Saige, whom I always replied back to, and from my uncle, also one from Jace.

I shook my head, placing the letters back before taking out the diary and opening it up. I then turned to the newest addition of the writing, reading it over once more.

I had written what happened before and after the temple when I got back from the forest, and written in the last bit of my journey up to coming back home and into Sammy's arms a few days after I got back, smiling like an idiot as I did so.

From there, nothing else was written as it was the last of my first adventure, hopefully not the last though.

A week ago I had gotten a letter from my uncle, the last so far, that told me everything was okay and that he was traveling to another planet… Cokuwa I think, and he said he was just visiting a few friends there and wished me the best with Sammy, the others, and school.

I haven't heard from him since, though I guess that's not a problem, especially since I've gone two and a half years without contact with him.

I put away the diary, closing the chest and locking it back up, putting the key away as I turned to go back to the main attic. I went back through the wall, stopping short as a sweet smell entered the room and I grinned, licking my lips for the second time that night, walking back over to the door and going downstairs.

"Something smells delicious~!" I sang out, entering the kitchen to find Samuel at the stove, making what looked to be tuna helper and I purred at the sight. "Ha-ha, tuna!" I grinned, sitting at the table, watching as Samuel just now looked over to me with a raised eyebrow.

"You must be really hungry…" he murmured and I rolled my eyes, placing my elbows on the table and leaning on my hands.

"Well duh, I hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch." I frowned as he glared at me and I shrugged, defending my statement. "What? School lunch sucks." I answered lamely and he growled.

"Skylar… you know I don't like how you always put off eating in favor of something else." I glared at him with that.

"Hey, I'll have you know I was working on something really important." I huffed and he sighed, making the plates for both him and me before sitting at the table, setting the plates in front of us.

"Look, Skylar, there's no point in going over the same puzzle over and over. You've been at this for weeks, it's time you stop; plus, you're not going back, so what's the point?" he said, adding the question at the end and now it was my turn to growl.

"What's the point…?" I barked out and he just simply raised an eyebrow at me while taking a bite of his food. "The point is that the damned priest looks almost exactly like my uncle and I don't have a fucking clue as to why!"

"I think you do know why, but you just don't want to believe it."

I knew what he was hinting and I narrowed my eyes at him. "No, no way! That guy is not my uncle's brother…!" I seethed and Samuel sighed.

"Maybe not, but what other explanation do you have?" he asked and I huffed, taking a bite of the tuna before answering.

"I don't know, maybe that he's a look-a-like?" I said sarcastically and he rolled his eyes.

"Just eat. Tomorrow we're heading to the old house and then we're hanging out at the mall with the others." I groaned at that and lowered my head.

"Do we have to?" I questioned and Sammy chuckled.

"Yes, especially since Audrey wants you to. Plus, it's been a while since you've spent time with the gang." He added with a small glare and I shrugged, looking away guiltily.

"I guess that's true." I sighed. It was true; I had spent all my time drawing, painting, and writing. And my entire mind was merely focused on what happened on Pliera, rather than here, at home. "To the mall then, heh." I said with a nervous grin before yawning.

Samuel chuckled and got up, grabbing the empty plates and setting them in the sink for his mother in the morning. "Come along little dragon, it's time for bed. Good to get an early start you know." He added and I nodded slightly, standing up lazily and following Sam to the room.

"Hey Sammy… do you think that Uncle is okay on Cokuwa?" I asked numbly, frowning as we entered our room, and heard him sigh softly.

He stripped of his clothes and I, blushing, reluctantly did the same, slipping into my bed after I did so. Samuel smiled softly at me as he sat on his, facing towards me as Masago stirred from his sleep on Sam's desk and jumped down, stretching before bounding up to my bed and jumping onto it, curling up against my side.

"I'm sure he's alright, don't you worry about it. After all, it's no different than a few months ago." He said and I sighed, turning away from him, closing my eyes with a frown, hearing as Samuel got into his bed, covering up. That's because I didn't know where he was back then… but now, it's different. "Good night Sky." He murmured and I stayed quiet, feigning sleep.

I gave a soft sigh when I knew he was asleep and turned to face towards the sleeping red haired nerd. "Good night Sammy…"

I awoke sharply, sitting up straight, panting with my right hand over my heart.

Another nightmare… I sighed, removing the blanket and got dressed, peeking over to Sammy's bed to see that he was still fast asleep.

You see, recently I've been having these nightmares… about a cherry grove forest, and armored soldiers, and a poor village forced into slavery.

I exited the room and went into the kitchen, plopping down on a chair, finding the papers that Samuel was using and grabbed a spare piece. I reached my hand for the pen he was using and clicked it open, making sure it worked before drawing out a quick sketch from my dream.

"Hey, you're up early." I let out a yelp, startled, turning my head towards who said that and sighed in relief when it was only Sammy.

"God, man, don't do that!" I growled and he chuckled, sounding slightly drowsy, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. I blushed slightly and turned back to my drawing when I realized he was only in a plain white shirt and his boxers.

"What are you doing up?" Sam asked, grabbing out a clean bowl, cereal, and some milk, getting him some breakfast. After pouring himself some, he put the stuff away before sitting in the chair beside me. "Better yet, what are you drawing?" he added.

"Um… something from a nigh- er, dream of mine." I answered, catching the slipup before I said nightmare.

"You mean nightmare," Samuel replied and sighed. "Your whimpers and cries woke me up last night. You were tossing and turning real bad and nothing I could do could wake you up." I looked away at that and just nodded to what he said. "What was the nightmare about, can I ask you that?"

"I think it took place on another planet… except it wasn't Pliera, it was like the planet was covered in forests… forests of Cherry Blossoms." I said softly, shaking my head.

I looked up when Sam took the piece of paper and studied it, frowning before smiling. "Are these people slaves…?" he asked and I nodded, and he sighed once more. "You're getting really good at drawing, Sky, you know that?" he handed the paper back to me and I smiled back, shrugging.

"I guess, but it's not as good as the pros!" I grinned and he chuckled, taking another bite of his cereal before pointing his spoon at me.

"You are a pro in my eyes," he said and I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah right," I yawned after I said that and shook my head. "Hey, what time is it?" I asked and he shrugged before looking behind him at the stove clock.

"Almost seven." He answered and I huffed.

"Wow, I really did wake up early." I mumbled before groaning and getting up. "Well, better get dressed Sammy boy, we have a full day ahead of us." I grinned as he rolled his eyes before continuing eating and I laughed, going back to our room to look for suitable clothing, other than the ones I had on now.

I rummaged through the closet and found a black and purple long sleeve, girly, shirt that Audrey bought me and some black skinny jeans with chains around the waist that Raven bought for me and grabbed the two items before kneeling down and finding a pair of black and purple boots that Emma bugged me to buy and grabbed those as well.

I sat on my bed, tugging off my shirt and pants, throwing them into the hamper near the door and put on the shirt, the pants going on next without much trouble. I finally put on the boots after getting a pair of black socks and stood up, looking around for a jacket but finding none.

I sighed. "Oh well, I guess this shirt is plenty warm for the day." I murmured softly before turning around swiftly, hearing a chuckle, and blushed. "Don't laugh." I growled out, stalking over to him.

"I'm not laughing," he said and then added. "I just think that my best friend looks quite… adorable in that outfit." I blushed even more at that comment and glared at him, half-heartedly though.

"I don't look… adorable…!" I said, crossing my arms and he smirked. "I just thought that I may as well look my best for the day… especially since I haven't seen the gang in a while." I answered; partly in truth. "Can you just get dressed so we can get the day started?" I asked and he shrugged before walking over to the closet, grabbing a pair of blue jeans and a red shirt, and I turned away as he got dressed.

"Sure, let's go." He answered after a bit and I nodded, walking out of the room, him in tow.

"This place gives me the creeps." I heard Samuel mutter and chuckled as I walked towards the gate, looking it over. "Skylar, don't you dare do anything stupid, remember? We have to go to the mall in a hour." he added and I grinned at him childishly.

"Who says I'm going to do anything stupid?" I questioned before climbing up the fence and landing on the other side, looking around the yard of the house, spotting the dog houses with confusion. "I thought you said this place was abandoned." I said, turning to Samuel who had begun climbing the fence before dropping down beside me with a soft thud against the dirt and rustle in the leaves.

"I said we think it's abandoned, beside the dogs, there's been no sign of anyone living here." he answered.

"Well obviously whoever lives here doesn't want to be seen by anyone here." I said, before walking a few paces towards the house, only stopping when Samuel wasn't following. "You coming?" I turned back to him to see his arms crossed and a small glare placed at me. "Uh, Sammy?"

"No, Skylar. We are not going inside that house." he said and I frowned, looking back at the house before turning fully towards him.

"Why not...? No harm can come from it, right?" I tilted my head and he sighed, shaking his own.

"Wrong, Sky. We have no idea what is in there, and who the person that lives here is. Besides, this is trespassing! We could get into serious trouble for this." he hissed and I grinned.

"And when exactly has that ever stopped me? And anyway, this house may have something to do with Uncle... or the tamers, or even me." I said, practically pleading to check it out and mentally cheered when Sammy sighed in defeat and walked towards me.

"Fine, but I swear if anything bad happens," he glared at me, "I'm taking away the Dragon Nip when we get home." he said and my eyes widened.

"N-not the 'Nip!" I whined pathetically and he nodded before stopping, I as well, as we heard a soft growl. We both turned towards the dog houses to see the three dogs out their beds, all in an attack stance, looking ready to kill to defend their territory.

I was about to step towards the dogs and try to talk to them before being pushed behind Samuel, blinking in confusion. "S-sammy...?" I questioned, seeing the glare that was pointed to the dogs.

"Hey you damned dogs, get out of here! Leave us alone!" he shouted and I had to hold back a giggle, I mean laugh, but couldn't help the small smile that bloomed onto my face.

"Puny human, step away from the prince!" The middle dog said and I froze at what he said.

"P-prince...!?" I quickly looked around, sighing in relief as I saw no one but us. Did he mean Kaiden...? No, Kaiden's not here... why'd he say prince? I thought, confused more than I had been about a few minutes ago.

The middle dog, a German shepherd, walked forward, still growling and Samuel stepped back, pushing me back in the process.

"You've got it wrong mutt, my friend isn't a prince..." Samuel turned back to me with a small confused look and I shrugged. "Are you?"

"I-I have no idea what they're talking about." I murmured softly before turning to the dogs and taking a few steps forward. "We just wanted to take a look around... I was curious. I mean, well... we can leave now if you want?" I asked, frowning slightly in anticipation for their answer, but what I got surprised me.

The leader bowed, followed by the other two and I chuckled nervously. "You are welcome here any time you want, your highness, your... friends, too."

"P-please stand up..." I said, feeling awkward and I was surprised once more when they obeyed me. "L-look, I'm not... your prince... I'm not of royalty, although I know someone who is. I can't be from royalty, I'm just a normal city kid."

"We never forget a smell, my prince, and you smell of the royal dragon family." he answered and I groaned before backing away slightly.

"Right well... uh, I'm not, but since you said me and Sammy can go and see inside the house, we will." I said, with a small forced smile before dragging Samuel into the house, closing the door behind him.

"Prince?" Samuel raised an eyebrow at me and I stuck my tongue out at the idea.

"Me? A prince, yeah right." I huffed and he chuckled before we both turned to the house, me freezing to the spot. "Wow!" I exclaimed.