Cassidy Squires. About to get married. O bjection from heather. She's in love wit h the groom. Cassidy insists they carry on. Heather pulls out a pistol, and dema nds the groom leaves Cassidy or she'll k ill everyone. Cassidy sends the groom of f bidding a farewell by sealing his lips with a kiss. A single tear drops down h er cheek. She silently walks to the cake and picks it up. She is alone, so she g rabs one handful then takes the rest and steps on it. "The baby." She whispers t o herself. "What about the baby?"?

2 years later:
Cassidy squires picks up her black noteb ook and ballpoint pen then gets ready to go. She turns her iPhone on and starts the day by checking her personal email. 3new. The first 2 are irrelevant. The la st is urgent. She opens it. It reads:
Miss Cassidy my dear,
We found him. I don't know if u REALLY w ant to know. I'm afraid u will most like ly be disappointed by the results. Call me for more.

Cassidy's heart leapt. They found him. T hey had found her groom, Michael. After 2 years of emails exchanged they had fou nd him. And she would just have to meet up. He would have to meet her, so they c ould get married and he could see her ag ain. She'd have to break the news about what happened with the baby, which would n't be pleasant. But they would make it through, and get their wedding back. She was sure of it.

She called Jack on the way to the statio n. "Hello, this is Jack."
"Jack, it's Cassidy. I'm coming to meet you at the station."
"Cassidy, hey! Idk if u want to hear wha t happened with him and heather. I don't think ur ready."
"I'm ready. Ready as I'll ever be!" She said heart racing. "Okay...but u have to promise we'll talk then u owe me dinner tonight. Deal?"
"Yeah, sure whatever." Cassidy rolled he r eyes. Jack was always asking to go pla ces to discuss things. Now dinner? Such the spender.

She arrived at the station and Jack gree ted her. "Hello." She said. "Cassidy, u look nice." He said.
She looked down. She wore a classy black skirt, and white button down top. Her b lack heels scrunched her toes so that th ey hurt. "Thanks, anywayyyy..." She said .
"Right. So Michael... He kind of, became ,..."
"What! Tell me!"
"I don't know, he became in love with he ather. Really. There's videos! He put vi deos or him proposing all over Facebook. And she didn't even put any videos."
"So, maybe she held a gun to his head!" Cassidy yelled. He would never fall for Heather.
"I doubt it. Considering 2 nights after the wedding she found out she was pregna nt. They're twins too. We found pictures of Michael. He's happy. He's a great da d from the looks of it." Jack said quick ly and looked to make sure she was okay.
She wasn't; but She wouldn't show how we ak she was. "That's nice, maybe he can v isit sometime. Where are they?" she aske d. "Houston." Jack said.
"Yes. I'm so sorry Cassidy."
"No. That's too far. That's not fair. He was mine."
"I know Cassidy. I'm so sorry." Jack sai d. He put a hand on her shoulder then bo th. He spun he around. "Take me to dinne r tonight. I'll make this up to you. Mak e u forget about them, and make u laugh. "
Jack was such a good friend through all this. When they met and he told her he w as in this line of work, she hired him.
"Thanks, I will. Tonight 6:30"
"It's a date." Jack Said
Was it?

That night, Cassidy waited at the door o f the restaurant for jack. She wore a cl assy LBD. She shifted her weight between feet in her black flats. Her arms fille d with goosebumps due to the small breez e.
"Cassidy, hey!" She heard jack call from the right.
"Jack!" She said. She was afraid he coul d see in her eyes the tears from earlier .
"You look nice," he said.
"Thanks, same to you."
"Psh, you look really good."
"Thank you."
"Cassidy, I can see that you've,"
"Been crying, I know i swear this makeup was supposed to hold!" She said without thinking.
"Waited for a while on me...Cassidy..."
"Oh. Geez. I..."
"Cassidy, I should've asked you to come out with me. It was selfish. I didn't th ink, I just assumed you were ready since I was. I'm sorry."
"No. No. Jack it's okay, really."
"Are you sure?"
"No you're not."
"Okay, I'm not-but you've been a wonderf ul friend through this and I can't just leave."
"Oh yes, you can. And you will."
"Jack, no"
"C'mon we're going somewhere else."
"We didn't even get drinks,"
"Yeah so we can still leave, let's go."
She took his hand as he led her through the restaurant. They got into his car an d he started driving.
"Where do you plan on taking me?" Cassid y asked. She wasn't one for surprises an ymore.
"I'm taking you to every girls dream."
"The shoe store?"
"Okay fine. Maybe not top dream."
"Ha, I'm kidding. Seriously, where?"
"I'm taking you to the boardwalk!"
"I haven't been there in years." Cassidy said.
"Good, then this will be a treat." Jack said. He looked over at her and smiled. She gave a nervous one back.✌
They traveled the 30minute journey to th e ocean city boardwalk him in his dress pants and shirt and her in her LBD. Then they arrived.
"Take off your shoes." Jack said to Cass idy.
"There's sand, you can put them back on, on the rollercoaster."
"Oh okay. What about my dress?"
"Take that off too," he said then paused and burst out laughing, "joking joking, you'll be fine let's go!"
They ran through the sand and then over to the rollercoaster.
Cassidy forgot about the whole Heather a nd Michael and her baby thing. She enjoy ed herself. She had fun. And that was so mething she hasn't experienced for a lon g time.
After many rides and cotton candy jack a nd Cassidy got on the Ferris wheel. "Th is is fun. I haven't had this much fun s ince, Michael." She said. Jack paused th en opened his mouth to speak. The car st opped, and it just so happened they were at the top.
Jack closed his mouth then slumped down. Cassidy looked at him.
"Sorry. It's hard to forget." She said.
"Maybe this will help," jack said.
Cassidy gave him a confusing look as he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Th e car started moving again. Jack stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes. H e smiled. "Did that help?" He asked. Whe n Cassidy didn't answer but just stared, he frowned. "I mean, nice night huh?" H e turned back and stared forward. Cassid y was trying to speak but nothing came o ut. Did it help? I suppose, but she didn 't realize that jack felt that way about her. It was shocking. As they went arou nd for another time she turned. "Jack,"
"No no, forget it. Again, ignore me I wa s only thinking of myself I..."
Cassidy took his face into her hands and kissed it back. "Yes. It helped."? Afte r a few more rides cuddled up next to ea ch other, they went back to the car.
"Did you enjoy yourself?" Jack asked.
"Yes! Of course! What about you?" She ma de a playful poke at him.
"I got to kiss a girl I've been waiting to kiss for 2years, is that even a quest ion?"
"2years? You've liked me since we met?"
"Yeah, actually I was going to ask you o ut when we met, but you hired me to find your ex instead. You could say I was a little crushed."
"Well you eventually got me, so that's a ll that matters" she said. The word ex p inged at her heart.
"Yeah, that's all that matters." He said . They leaned in and kissed again. He dr ove her back to get her car and then hug ged her before saying goodbye.
"I'll call you tomorrow?" Jack asked.
"You better!" Cassidy said before winkin g and driving home.?
The next day Jack called her and invited her to go out for drinks that night. Th ey were to meet at the downtown bar at 8 :00pm. She of course agreed,as long as t hey didn't become too drunk?
That night Cassidy walked into the bar. Immediately a drunk man caught her arm. "Helen, where have you been dear? I've b een loooooookkkking forrrrr you!" His le tters long and obnoxious. She quickly l et go and found jack.
"Cassidy!" He said. He held up a half-dr unken beer.
"Jack. Hello."
"Hey, sit down and grab a drink!"
"How many have you had?" She asked. She thought he would've waited for her.
"This is number 2!" He said.
He seemed sober so far. She was cutting him off at 4.
"Nice shirt." She said. He wore a black vneck with jeans.
"I know right? Nice, ummmmmmm face!" She blushed. "Thanks."
"Well everything about you is nice actua lly." She blushed again. "Thanks." She o rdered a shot.
He had a vodka. "Go easy on the alcohol, " she told jack. "I'm trying, it's just- I'm depressed" he said. He turned his he ad and his eyes were bloodshot. She saw the drunkenness in his eyes. "How many d rinks have you had?" She asked again. "T his is the 7th." "Wait, you said..." "I lied, I didn't want to be too rude." He said.
"Why are you depressed?" She asked, as s he pushed the drink he had away. "Becaus e you hate me."
"Jack, no you're amazing. We're together now, I don't hate you!"
"You will. Once you find out the truth." Cassidy was taken aback. "What truth?" "Michael and heather live in Delaware No t Houston." "What!?" Cassidy screamed. S he screamed loud enough that the whole b ar froze for a second. "Wellllllll I cou ldn't tell you. I'm too selfish. You mus t be minnnnnee," jack said slurring his words.
"Oh my god. Oh my. Is there anything els e you lied about?"
"Not really, I mean I do have his emaill lll!" He said. Cassidy stood up and back ed away.
"What. What. What?" She said breathing h eavily.
"I saiddddd..." "I KNOW WHAT YOU SAID!" She screamed. "What is it. What's his em ail?" She asked.
"Got it right here." Jack said. He pulle d out his phone and showed her the conta ct. "There you are, baby." He said. "I c an't believe you." She said as she copie d the email on a napkin. "You're mine. N ot Michael's anymore," he said. He leane d in with his alcohol reeking breath to kiss her. She backed farther away. "No. Jack we're done now. You probably won't remember a thing, but we're done." She s aid. She wrote a note on his napkin,
Dear jack,
You lied. And it breaks my heart. I almo st let go. But I'm back again. Goodbye,
She put it in his pocket and waved goodb ye.
"Cass, where you going girl?" He said. S he only kept walking as tears streamed d own her face.?
As soon as she arrived at home she email ed Michael.

Dearest Michael,
It's Cassidy, your bride.
I've been looking for you since the day you left. I miss you. I love you. I kept the dress hoping one day I'd get to wea r it again. I heard you have a family no w. I knew you'd be a wonderful father. I told you that, if you remember. Obvious ly we should talk. Catch up, I guess. I don't expect you to fall in love with me right away, but I think if we spent som e time together maybe gradually we could be happy again. We need to talk about o ther things too, like our child. Our bea utiful little girl. If you would like to meet up, I'm still in ocean city-living in that little house by the bay. Maybe since you're in Delaware you could visit on vacation sometime. If you give me yo ur address I will gladly take a trip to see you. I miss you. I still love you. I never gave up on you.
Please reply soon,
She shut her laptop and breathed out. Ma ybe finally she could have her happy end ing with Michael. Maybe there was still. ..hope.?

Three days went by with Cassidy checking her email every minute trying to see if a reply had come in. Nothing did. Each time she saw the "no new messages" alert come up, her heart broke a little. She convinced herself he got the wrong email when replying, or forgot to send it. Ma ybe his Internet was down. She didn't se e jack all three days and the messages h e sent went straight to trash. She could n't bare to see him again. Not after lyi ng to her. But, on the fourth day she re ad all his messages. It was Saturday and breezy but the sunshine was marvelous. Most of jacks emails consisted of sorry and I didn't mean to do this. But then t here was one.
Please please please know that I am trul y sorry. I'm glad I told you though, eve n though I was under the influence. I pl anned on telling you after our kiss. But I couldn't. I had you, finally. In fact here's proof: (jack had attached an ema il he saved in his drafts right after he got home from their first date)
Cassidy my dear,
Before we fall in love more than we are now you must know. I have Michael's emai l. And I lied about Houston, he lives in Delaware-close. I just couldn't tell yo u tonight. But I'm telling you now. I tr uly want you to forgive me. I love you a nd I have for a long time. I don't want to lose you, I just finally have you. Pl ease forgive me. Please don't leave me.~Jack.
See? I almost told you. When I didn't se nd it, I planned to tell you at the bar. But I instead got drunk because I'm a c oward. Please Cassidy, forgive me. I can 't lose you. Make me think I didn't lose you. Come back.
I'll forever be sorry,
As Cassidy thought about this and consid ered writing him back telling him she'd give him another chance, she got a new m essage. She assumed kohl's was reminding her of a sale, but was shocked to find that it was Michael. It read:
Miss Cassidy Squires,
Wow, it has certainly been a while. Glad to know you've been thinking about me. Yes, I have a family now. Twin boys-Stev en and Ian, and they are so fun to care for! I suppose we should catch up, espec ially about our little girl. What's her name? You're in luck, as I will be able to travel to ocean city this Tuesday. I' m not sure how long I'll be staying, but plenty of time to meet with you. How ab out we spend the day at the old cafe, wh ere we first met. We should meet at 8:00 pm Tuesday there. You don't still work t here do you? Let me know if that's good for you.
Her reply:
So glad you replied! Very nice name choi ces! Our girl's name is Michaela, in hon or of you. The fact that you're travelin g for me makes me happy. I will be overj oyed to see you, and the idea of meeting where we first met is absolutely genius , as well as adorable. No, I quit that j ob last year. I now work at a hotel as a manager. That time is great!
Can't wait to see you,
Miss Cassidy Squires

Cassidy ignored the jack email. She woul dn't need him any longer. Her and Michae l were finally going to meet, at the pla ce they fell in love. This couldn't be m ore perfect.?

Tuesday: on Monday Cassidy had bought al l new clothing for Michael's arrival. Sh e wore a dark purple dress and black pum ps, the same combo she wore on her first date with Michael. She drove to the caf e and saw only two cars. One had Delawar e plates so Michael was already there. S he breathed in, she breathed out-and the n she walked in.?
Michael sat there in jeans and a blue dr ess shirt texting on his iPhone. He look ed up and froze. He had the same face, a little bit scruffier hair and straighte r teeth. He stood. "Cassidy." He breathe d. He seemed speechless. "Michael." She said surprised the name even came out.
"Please sit my dear." The words gave her butterflies. It was just like the day t hey met. The day everything fell into pl ace.
"If you insist," she said trying to be w itty. "So, long time no see?" He said la ughing. She giggled. "2years is a while huh?" She said.
"Seems like it."
"I've missed you." She said all of a sud den. He nodded. "Sorry." She said. "It's okay, I get it." He said. "Anyway..." S he said. "Soo Michaela, how is she?" He asked.
"Last time I heard, she's talking." She said.
"I'm sorry? Last time you heard?"
"Oh. Right. She's, I, she's in a foster home."
"Foster home?" He asked.
"Yes. I gave her up as I went through de pression for a few months. But I see he regularly and I agreed to raise her when I had you back. And here you are!" Cass idy said quickly.
"Wow. Um. Wow." Michael said stunned.
"We could visit her if you want," she sa id.
"Maybe tomorrow." Michael said.
"Okay; so what was it like. After you... left." She asked.
"Crazy. Heather put me in her car and we drove down to Virginia. But eventually she told me her reasoning behind it and we drove up to Delaware a few months lat er and got hitched. It wasn't long befor e we had the twins."
"Gotcha. So what was her reasoning?"
"You should ask her. It's not really my story to tell," he said.
"Righttt..." Cassidy said skeptically.
"So, have you found any 'special' men?" He asked. She blinked hard.
"No. Not even one." She said. Was he cra zy? She still loved him. He was her spec ial man.
"Not even that jack guy?"
Cassidy did a spit take.
"How do you know about jack!?" She yelle d.
"A few days before you emailed me some m an named jack emailed me and asked if I was in fact your missing groom. I said y es and he told me you were looking for m e."
"So you just assumed we were in love?"
"No. He also sent this to me, by mistake ," Michael pulled out his phone and show ed it to Cassidy. It was one of the jack apology emails.
Please. Take me back. I'll do anything f or you. I didn't mean to lie. I'm a hear tless, selfish, evil man. Give me anothe r chance and I'll never lie another day. I want you back. Please answer me.
"He's right, he is heartless. And we wer en't an item."
"Yeah yeah, whatever. But he also sent t his."
I'm truly sorry. That email wasn't suppo sed to be sent to you. Please disregard it. Also, I hope you're happy with Heath er. Cassidy misses you like crazy. Maybe I lied, but who's the bigger liar/faker ? Tell her the truth man. For me.
"Truth?" Cassidy questioned.
"Exactly! I don't have any idea what he' s talking about." Michael said.
"He's out of his mind!" Cassidy said. Ja ck must've been absolutely obsessed with her.
"Do you wanna further discuss this at th e beach?" She said.
"How about your place instead?" Michael said. That line came from their 4th date .
"Gladly." She replied. They got in her c ar and drove with their favorite Ramones song playing.?

When they got to her place Michael stopp ed. "I missed this place."
"This old shack? Unlikely."
"I did! It feels like home." Cassidy wan ted to say 'it still can be' but she tho ught that was too suggestive.
"So much time was spent here," she said instead.
"Wanna make some new memories?" He asked . She wasn't sure what he was implying, but it sounded nice.
"Sure." She answered. He walked closer t o her. He took her hands into his, then put them around his waist. He put his ar ound hers and then he kissed her. Not a peck, but a long sweet kiss.
"New memory complete." He said.
She took his hand and led him into the o ther room. He took hers and led her into her bedroom. "Still messy," he said. He kissed her again. "Michael I missed you ," "but I missed you more," he replied. He pressed her onto the bed. She kissed his cheek. He began to kiss her when his phone started ringing. He took it out o f his pocket and Cassidy saw the name He ather on the ID. She stopped kissing him remembering he was a father. He picked it up. "Hello heather?" He said into the phone. She could hear every word. "Babe , where are you!" "I'm out for a few day s." "Where?" "Business I'll be back soon ," "fine. Well, we miss you so!" She sai d. Then she heard his two boys bleat int o the phone, "we miss you daddy!" "Same to you boys," and then Michael hung up.
Cassidy sat up on her bed. He lied to He ather. She didn't know. She didn't know where he was. That he was with her.
Michael began to kiss her again and star ted to unzip her dress when she stopped his hand. "Stop." She said.
"What is it?" "I can't do this." "What? I thought you wanted me."
"I do, just not like this. You lied to H eather." "She deserves it. She hijacked our wedding," "you have sons!" "We have a daughter, just waiting for us!" He sai d. He made a good point. And She needed him, She did want him. Then She lost all sense and logic. She gave in. They bega n to kiss again. And then he said, "I mi ssed you. I never wanted to leave you," and She said, "I love you." And he said it right back. "I love you Cassidy. Neve r stopped." And then there wasn't anymor e talking.?
The next morning Cassidy awoke wrapped i n the sheets, Michael by her side, snori ng. She missed this. This was what she w anted wasn't it? Then she heard Michael' s phone ring. He got up and went into th e bathroom to answer it, thinking Cassid y was still asleep. She listened intentl y.
"Heather baby, I know. I'll be home soon !"
"You know business, unpredictable and ir rational. They must forget I have childr en to care for!"
"No. No don't contact them. I'll get hom e tomorrow, I promise."
"Love you too. And the boys."
And then he hung up. He rushed back to b ed and saw I was awake.
"Heather called." He said.
"Oh, worried about you?"
"Women..." He said then kissed her.
"Right." She said but felt bad for heath er. If she found out she'd probably be h eartbroken. All she had gone through to get him, and then losing him. Of course, it was karma. Now she would know how it felt to be Cassidy two years ago. She f elt heartbroken, lost, confused, and bet rayed. Now it was Heather's turn.
"Shall we go see Michaela?" Michael aske d breaking Cassidy from her thoughts.
"Oh, yeah we should. We should also get your car. It spent last night at the caf e." She said. He nodded.
"I'll call Brenda," she said.
"The caretaker I suppose?"
"Yes, I'll let her know we're coming. 10 :00 good?"
"Yeah." He said. It was 9:30.
She called Brenda and then they for read y. She took a deep breath. Mik would fin ally be able to meet her dad. Maybe thei r family would get back together.?
While in the car Michael's phone rang ag ain. "Does heather ever use texting?" He yelled. He sighed loudly. "My lord heat her clingy much?" He yelled to himself. He let it ring. "Well she is your WIFE." Cassidy snapped. "But she just called m e."
"Answer it." Cassidy said. It was danger ous not to. He picked it up.
"Heather. I'm trying to work. Stop calli ng me."
Cassidy heard Heather yell on the other end of the line. "Working huh? Okay fine . But Ian and Steven miss you and want t o say hi." She said. Her voice was sweet and calm. Caring, even.
"Put them on," he said.
"Daddy!" One said.
"Ian, hi!" "Daddy hey come back soon!" S teven said. "Steven, I'll be home tomorr ow." "Hurry home!" They said in unison. "I will." "We love you!" Steven, Ian and heather all said. He sighed. "I know. I 'll be back soon." Click.
He hasn't told them he loved them, had h e? "Wow, they sound cute." Cassidy said. "Not as cute as Michaela does I bet," h e said. What did that mean?
"Yeah, she's a cutie," Cassidy said pull ing into Brenda's driveway. They got out and knocked on the door. A man appeared at the door. "Albert!"
Cassidy said. Albert was Brenda's husban d. "Cassidy, and..."
"Michael." "That's right! Michaela's fat her. Come in!"
They went inside to see Mik playing with her little dolls. "Mik!" Cassidy yelled excited to see her little girl.
"Mommy!" She yelled back and ran to give her a hug. "Hi, Michaela-Mik." Michael said. He bent down to hug her. "Mik, thi s is your dad." Albert said. Brenda walk ed into the room smiling. She carried a tray of freshly baked chocolate chip coo kies. "Cassidy my darling!" She said giv ing her an air kiss. She set the tray on the coffee table and hugged her. "This is..." Cassidy started. "Michael, we've been awaiting your return!" Brenda said hugging him tight. "Oh, well thank you. I'm glad to meet my little girl." "Daddy ?" Mik said confused. "Yes. I'm your dad ." He said. He hugged her close. "Why di d you leave mommy?" She asked. "Wow, for a two year old you are quite the braini ac." He said. He then answered her quest ion. "Darling, I had no choice. But I'll never leave mommy again, okay?" He said . Cassidy felt her insides knot up. Bren da and Albert hugged her, happy at his w ords. Cassidy wanted this, but what abou t Steven and Ian? Then her phone started ringing. It was jack. She wasn't answer ing this. She let it go to voice mail. T hen she started getting texts from him.
Cassidy. I need to talk to you. Now. I k now Michael's back. Stay away from him. He's lying to you. We need to talk about him. He's lying about wanting you. Has he said that? It's not true! Please call me or meet me somewhere. Please. Stop i gnoring me. This is for you not me. And other irrational crazy messages. He had to be out of his mind. Reply? Fine. She said back.
Please. I'm my me alone. Stop obsessin g over me. You're crazy. Michael isn't l ying about a thing-I saw the email. STOP OBSESSING OVER ME. bye bye Jack.
And she didn't get a thing back. "That'l l show him," she thought. While this wen t on Michael had been playing with Mik a nd her dolls. He was a good father. Jack started calling her again. That was it. She would answer it so he would shut up . She walked back to the bathroom and to ok the call.
"Jack. Stop. Calling. Me." She said.
"Cassidy. Listen to me. We have to meet somewhere. Michael is lying to you. What ever email you saw wasn't the email I'm talking about. I'll send you the real... "
"Jack! I blocked your emails. And I plan on blocking your texts and calls if thi s continues!"
"Cassidy, he didn't really want to marry you in the first place he..."
"God jack! Stop obsessing. You're crazy! Now you're making up unreal problems wi th Michael and I's relationship. We're h appy! Mik and him are perfect and I'm ha ving the best time,"
"So? You think it will last? What about his kids Steven and Ian? What about Heat her? Who's to say she won't pull that pi stol out again and shoot you down?" He a sked. I guess that hasn't occurred to me .
"Then I'll call the cops."
"Righttttt. You know what? I'm done help ing you! I'm just trying to protect you, but screw you! When you get hurt, don't you dare come crying back to me!"
"Fine! I won't! We're going to be a fami ly ! I won't need you!"
"Whatever you say. Bye Cassidy!" He said meanly.
"Later Jack. Loser."
"God, I forget that you're not 7years ol d."
"Screw you!" Cassidy said. And then She hung up.
How could he think Michael didn't want t o marry her in the first place? Jack did n't even know her! They were the happies t, most in love couple ever. That's why they were getting married, duh. If he di dn't want to marry her, he wouldn't of a sked. She went out and socialized with t he people she cared about most, but jack 's words still lingered in her mind.?
That night after kissing Mik goodbye and getting Michael's car they decided Mich ael would spend another night at Cassidy 's place. Upon arriving at her home Mich ael went to take a shower. Cassidy was s till worried about jacks words when she noticed something. Michael's iPhone lay on the bedside table, lighting up. Heath er was texting him. Hoping he wouldn't f ind out, Cassidy picked up the phone and read their messages. He didn't have a p ass code, luckily. The last one they had was from a week ago about picking up mi lk from the store. This was the most rec ent.
From today at 3:00pm. it was 3:15. "Hey. Michael. Will you call me soon please? I need to discuss your whereabouts. Xoxo ." He hadn't replied but there was anoth er message from two minutes ago. "MICHAE L YOU ? What business do you have in oc ean city? I called them. I thought you w ere lying. I'm coming to ocean city-pron to. See you in a few hours, dear. Wow. L ying ass!" Cassidy dropped the phone on the bed. Heather was coming. To ocean ci ty. And she wouldn't be happy when she f ound out Cassidy was with Michael. Maybe she'd bring the pistol, like Jack said. Jack. No, jack must've told her. She c alled jack quickly.
"Cassidy, I told you..."
"You ass!" She yelled.
"What, what's wrong now?"
"You called Heather didn't you? Was it y ou?"
"Heather, no. I haven't talked to heathe r ever."
"You had to of, she's coming to ocean ci ty!"
"Wait. She found out?"
"I don't know she says she called his bu siness."
"Oh. What a shame." He said sarcasticall y.
"Shut up. You did this."
"No. But I wish I would've!" He said lau ghing.
"Whatever." She hung up. If he didn't th en she was telling the truth. But she wa s still coming. She got back on Michael' s phone to look at emails jack had talke d about when Michael walked out in a tow el. "Cassidy, why are you..."
She cut him off, "she knows."
"What?" "Heather's coming to ocean city !" She screamed in terror. She got back on his texts. He picked up the phone and sat on the bed. "Damn. No. This isn't h appening." He said over and over again.
"I know." I said. They were both panicke d. "Wait. She doesn't know I'm with you. She just knows that I'm in ocean city n ot on business."
"You're right! So get dressed! Get back to your hotel! Say you took the day off to come here for a getaway because you'r e stressed. That you couldn't tell her o r she'd get angry."
"Brilliant!" He kissed her. "That is why I love you!" He said. Those words stuck with Cassidy. She kissed him. "I love y ou too." She replied. He got ready and k issed her goodbye. "I will email you upd ates my love," he said before driving aw ay.
After a few hours of alone time, Michael emailed Cassidy. "She's here. She calle d for hotel address, but she's here. Upd ate soon. Xoxoxo xoxoxo:-p"
Then after another hour.
"She bought it.(-;She said I should've j ust told her. She said I can spend one m ore day in this town alone. How great is that!? Xoxo"
Cassidy's reply:
Yes! I'm so glad! We need tomorrow to ta lk about how things will go from now on. So yay! Kisses times a million to you m y dear!"
Then at 11:00pm:
"Do you mind if I come over? She left-wa nted to get back to the boys."
From Cassidy:
"Do I mind? (Laughs) is that a rhetorica l question?"
Soon he arrived and they talked about He ather and her madness. They fell asleep laughing.
The next morning Cassidy woke up to a pl ate of eggs and some coffee. "Michael oh wow." She said.
"Had to make breakfast for my favorite g irl," he said. Favorite girl. Because th ere was also Heather. His WIFE. She sat up. "Look, Michael." "I know. They aren' t that good, but I'm learning." "No. Mic hael, we need to discuss your family."
"Oh. Right." "What are we going to do? Y ou can't just go back to them and then c ontinue to come visit me-that's not fair to them." "I was thinking I could divor ce Heather. Telling her I just can't go on I need time alone." He said. Cassidy' s mouth dropped open. He was willing to leave them behind just like that for her ? Flattering, but cruel. "But Steven and Ian!" She said. He couldn't be so heart less. "They'd get visits. What about Mik ?" He asked. "But...that would be so hea rtless." Cassidy said.
"Well my god. What do u want me to do?" He asked. That was a good question. "I d on't know I just thought..." "Can I take a walk?" He asked me. "Yes." "Good, it' ll give me time to think. I'll go alone. " He said grabbing his jacket. He waved and left. I heard his car start. Maybe h e meant a drive. That's when I noticed h e had left his phone. I couldn't help bu t pick it up and read his emails. I sear ched jack and sure enough a few chains c ame up. I clicked the most recent titled : Cassidy visit.
It started with an email from jack.
I know Cassidy has probably emailed you already. She wants to see you. Please vi sit her. She hates me now. But she loves you. Reply to her email and visit her. Tell heather you are going away. Please don't hurt her.
Look idk you very well, but I can see yo u care about Cassidy. I'll visit her. I don't want to leave my wonderful Heather and our sons. But i will. I'll humor Ca ssidy, who seems to still obsess about m e regularly. No promises about breaking her heart.
Then 3 days after when Michael had email ed me back.
It's set. I'm coming Tuesday. Happy now?
Don't you dare break her heart! She's fr agile, and she's a wonderful girl. Don't you remember falling in love before? Or did heather brainwash you? She's perfec t. Don't hurt her.
Who's to say I fell in love with her bef ore? No promises.
What does that mean?
There was no reply. Then on Monday, befo re Michael came:
STOP. CANCEL THE TRIP. You lying a**! I know the truth. Don't you dare go see he r. If you do tell her the truth at least .
The truth? What truth? I'm going to visi t her. You can't stop me.
Please spare me the crap. I know that He ather and you were together when Cassidy and you were engaged. I can't believe I didn't see it before. And making Heathe r pull out a pistol at the wedding, you thought it was genius. Then Cassidy woul d be forced to let you go with her. Then you two would get your fun. You wanted Heather. You didn't want Cassidy. The cr uel part is that you left her while she was pregnant. Tell her the truth. Or I w ill.
Cassidy froze. He. Didn't. Want. Cassidy . He. Wanted. Heather. She started cryin g, her perfect family was broken to piec es again. She read on:
Look jack,
Leave me alone. I'd appreciate it. I won 't be telling Cassidy any truths, as the re is nothing to tell. We will be in lov e. I give her that illusion anyway. We'l l recreate our first date-then I'll get her into bed and play all cute with our kid. She'll think it's all real. I'll te ll her that I'm leaving Heather for her and she'll say okay. After all, she thin ks Heather deserves it. Then I'll go bac k to Heather and change my email, then n ever speak another word to Cassidy again . It'll leave her broken. But she seriou sly needs to get over this fantasy that I loved her. I guess you're right. I did n't love her. That's why I ran away with heather. I guess there is truth to tell . But I won't be telling it. Don't worry , you won't either.
Then were the emails Michael had shown h er. The mistake and the "tell her the tr uth man. For me." That was sent Tuesday morning. She turned off the phone and se t it back on the table. Michael would be back soon, but what was she to do?
She had called Jack a million times with in 2 minutes but he wouldn't pick up. Th en she remembered him saying, "when you get hurt don't you dare come crying back to me." His voice echoed in her ears. T his was her battle to fight, alone. She heard the crackle of the gravel beneath a cars wheels outside. Michael was back. ?
He had walked in, all normal, and Cassid y tried to keep it cool. She could feel her stomach knotting up, and her arms sh aking. She bit her lip.
"Beautiful day," Michael said. He kissed her on the lips. She didn't move as he tried to kiss her again.
"You okay?" He asked. He looked over to the table where his phone was and froze. "Heather?"
"No. Everything is dandy!" She said tryi ng to force a smile.
"You sure?" He said skeptically.
"Yeah. I'm super tired though." She said .
"Oh right." He hung his coat up on a hoo k.
"So?" She said wondering what he had to say.
"Well. I thought about it. And I'm going back tomorrow, to visit them."
"Okay," her voice cracked but she muster ed a cough to cover it. This was all acc ording to his plan.
"Give me a week, then I'll email you. Af ter a week I'll be able to break the new s to Heather." He said. She nodded like she agreed with every word. He was follo wing his script perfectly.
"That is brilliant." She said.
"A walk sparks ideas!" He laughed.
"Michael. Do you love me?" She asked. He laughed.
"Of course."
"Do you love Heather?"
"A different kind of love I suppose,"
"Okay. Now, did you love me-when you ask ed me to marry you?"
"What are you getting at?" He asked. She saw a bit of fear appear in his eyes.
"Well yes. Of course I did."
"Did you love Heather that same day, whe n she pulled out a gun?"
"I didn't know her,"
"Now. Michael, you know I don't like lia rs right?"
"Yes, so?" His voice cracked. He swallow ed when she started moving closer to him .
"Well-you sir are a liar."
"I can't believe I fell for you."
"I'm not lying about a thing!" He said. Cassidy cornered him against the wall.
"You didn't love me. You loved Heather. Always."
"What are you talking about? You're craz y!"
"You should've told me. I wish I had fou nd out you were having affair. Then I wo uldn't have had to go through this." She gestured to everything-meaning her sadn ess.
"I wasn't,"
"Michael stop. I read the emails. I know the truth. You don't have to lie anymor e!" She said with rage.
"I'm not lying though, what emails?"
She snatched his phone from the table an d pulled up the chain.
"These emails!" She screamed. How stupid did he think she was?
"Fine. Maybe I changed plans? I want you Cassidy! I don't want Heather's life an ymore."
"Then you shouldn't of run off with her in the first place."
"I didn't willingly!"
"Michael! I know you did. You and her pl anned it. I can't believe I didn't see i t before!"
"Now Cassidy why would I..." She interru pted him by slapping him across the face .
"That's for all the lying." She proudly exclaimed. She wiped another tear from h er eye.
"Okay. I lied. This whole time. What are you gonna do?"
"Leave you. This! Maybe I can finally le t go..."
"So I guess I did you some good! You sho uld be thanking me!" He said with a smar t ass grin.
She blinked hard. "Are you serious? You caused all this!"
"Now you can let go and take jack and I can go with heather. Happy land!" He sai d sarcastically.
She slapped him again.
"That feels really good, just saying."
"Okay-I'm gonna gather my things now." H e said. He slipped out under her from th e corner and walked to the bathroom.
How could she get revenge?
"Why did you leave me pregnant?" She ask ed.
"It was you or her!" He yelled.
"Excuse me?"
"Heather was pregnant too. Not with the twins though. Another kid. We had that o ne quietly and then put it up for adopti on, silently."
"What!?" She squeaked. Heather had anoth er kid with him. And to think... She had a sudden flashback to the wedding. When Heather had pulled out the gun, she was wearing a big floral dress covering her stomach. It was a maternity dress.
"How far along was she?" She wondered.
"About 6-7 months. But we couldn't adver tise. If anyone from your family found o ut they'd start to suspect it was planne d by me too,"
"I wish they would've."
"That's too bad!" He said. He came out w ith his suitcase packed. Then she rememb ered something else. Her revenge plot. B ack when they were engaged, she had foun d a picture of a girl in his wallet. It wasn't Heather, but she refused to ask a bout it. It had to be another girl right ? She'd have to see.
"Can I see your wallet?"she asked.
"It doesn't have any money, so you won't be getting a thing from me," he said. H e handed it to her. She flipped through it. After two years she hoped to find th e familiar folded photo in the back pouc h. Sure enough, it was there.
"Who is this? I've wondered since we wer e engaged."
"Oh, you found that? I'm surprised you d idn't say something. Too bad, that would 've been a good breakup reason."
"Well who is it?"
"That miss Cassidy is a girl named Penny . She's my other girlfriend."
"I was cheating on you with Heather and Penny,"
Cassidy saw his phone and secretly grabb ed it. She recorded every word he said:
"Oh. Really? That's really gentlemen lik e of you,"
"What? You and Heather were both nice bu t pregnant. You gotta have some fun with a young blonde model right?"
Cassidy almost threw up on his shoes. "Y oung blonde model?"
"Penny was my prom date. But we keep in touch. She's a model now."
"Now? You cheat on heather with her now? "
"Yeah, sometimes. Kids are work. You don get to have fun as much!"
"Michael I hope you know you are really sick and disgusting."
"Thanks bye!" He said. He started for th e door. She sent the voice memo to Heath er. This was her revenge.
"Wait. Where's my phone?" He patted his pockets and started looking around for i t. She heard the phone go off while it w as behind her back. Heather had replied.
Michael heard it too. He froze.
"Yes. Michael. Yes."
"You bitch!"
"You started it." She said. She pulled u p Heather's reply:
Michael why did you send me a voice memo ?
Who's the girl in this video?
Oh. My. god.
You're with Cassidy? I thought you hated her!
Penny? no wonder you always want to take her dinner across the street. get home NOW.
He grabbed the phone:
Oh my god Heather ignore this. Cassidy h ad me drugged. She sent this she only wa nts revenge. Heather I love you and our kids!
Heather: I hope you'll say goodbye to bo ys tomorrow. By tomorrow night I want yo u gone. Sleep with Penny some more. Afte r all we went through to be together too .

"This wasn't you're business!" He yelled .
"You made it mine,"
He grabbed both her wrists and pinned he r to the wall. She laughed.
"A few days ago this would've been reall y hot. Now it's just funny."
"Cassidy. That was my family you messed with."
"You're the one who 'messed around' get it?"
"This isn't funny!"
"You're right. I shouldn't of messed wit h your family. But I'm human-I needed so me revenge."
He tightened his grip. "I'm not letting go. I'll hurt you if I have to. You're n ot getting off this easy."
"What do you want me to do?"
"You owe me."
"I do not!" He inched closer.
"Now that Heather's out of the way you c ould... Be with me."
"Oh my god! You're disgusting!"
He pressed up close to her.
"You know you still want me..."
She felt like she was suffocating. She n eeded to get away-fast. Then jack storme d in. Michael was so surprised he loosen ed his grip. She still failed when she t ried to break free.
"Let her go." Jack said.
"Is this jack?" Michael said laughing in my face.
"Not really mr tough guy... I could take him." Michael said.
"Really?" Jack said. He pulled out a gun .
"Whoa. What the hell man?"
"I said, release her, I have a license."
Michael released his grip and put his ha nds up.
"Get out." Jack said gesturing to the do or with his gun.
Michael grabbed his phone and suitcase a nd walked out.
"Nice meeting you jack. Bye Cassidy. I'm always here if you change your mind." A nd then he drove off.
Cassidy ran to jacks open arms and start ed to cry.
"You have no idea what I've just been th rough,"
"Tell me all of it at dinner."
"You owe me that much right?"
"You're right. Jack I'm sorry I didn't b elieve you."
"I get it. He was your everything. Why w ould you believe me?" He laughed it off.
"How about instead of dinner we go to th e amusement park? I fell in love with yo u there before."
They kissed before driving off into the sunset and back to the place where Cassi dy first found true love. ?
Years later Jack and Cassidy were marrie d with Michaela and another on the way. Heather was remarried with her two kids, and Michael+Penny were expecting triplets.