The Cockroach

I see you there

On the wall

On the wall

You turn your body around

All nonchalantly

You seem to say:

"Don't look at me

Dont look at me"

Because whenever I look at you

All I feel is fear

You've fallen off the wall now

Now I'm scared

I no longer see you

Now I do

You're in my drawer

I'm scared


But why?

You dont bite

Like the spider in the night

He's searching



Through the sea of garments

In which you've taken residence

"Where is he?"

He asks

Because you are a "he"

Not an "it"

I know you're in there

Though I know not where

"He is in that drawer"

"But where?"

"He is definitely in there"

Now you've disappeared

And I'm worried

But not as much as once I was

And not as when I was

just a small creature myself

You vulnerable soul

You mean no harm

But noone understands

Noone understands

You bring back memories

Of fear and confusion

We dont understand


We never understand

I almost feel bad for you


But you scare me


It's almost as if I'm getting over you


But not quite yet, just...


Maybe one day

If that day comes

I will look to you with fondness

But more doubt comes

Although sympathy is there

I would hardly feel sympathy

In quantaties large

If you were to drop dead

Your legs sprawled awkwardly

You pathetic little beast

Take one last breath

Just one...

Before a hairy, large,

Yet still tiny creature

Gobbles you up

And you're gone