Trigger warning: suicide and death

I thought the world was

A pretty place with flowers and

Sweets of every color

No mausoleums nor grief

No tears shed under the dull sunlight

But then 9/11 came

And my grandmother died.

How could a child bear to see its mother cry?

My perfect world shattered in an instant

All it took was a box cutter and a mission for a glorified cause

To break a small child.

But war is not for children

However much it makes them suffer

It is not for them to decide

Whether Daddy goes on tour again

And when he died too

Mommy couldn't take it anymore.

She joined them in my sixteenth year

The night of her anniversary.

What a sight it must've been

Her hair flapping in the wind

A single scream caught in her throat

As she descended

To kiss the hard concrete.

A fallen angel from a building's ledge

In homage to that fateful day.

I sometimes remember in the dark cloud of my mind

When she still smiled

And didn't smell of cheap liquor.

The way weeds slowly take over a white rose garden

My heart and mind began to suffocate

From the growing darkness that was the world.

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