All of you people with your fancy organizations, and your tacky cards and wristbands. Don't you think that you might be a little intimidating to the lone soul that is feeling scared of life itself? Well, even i who managed to stand up and state that fact, was given a curt thank you and was dismissed. I lived the life and I was saved from that horrible path, but that wasn't what saved me. what saved me was not god or even my friends. It was me going over the edge to fall into a full mental breakdown and my poor mother finally realising it. I'm lucky that my family only falls slowly or I wouldn't be here today and neither would my brother that also dealt with the same thing.

The point of this is that you're doing it wrong. you don't directly confront the person you are trying to help, that almost never works. You speak to those around that person and tell them that they can not only get help, but they can be the help. you give these people the options. As my mother says "the safety net for the people that are falling are the ones that love them, that know them." People dealing with anything from too much stress to full on mental illness often times don't want help or don't want to admit that they need it, the latter being the most prominent. Even so, they always know somewhere deep down that they need help. so that leaves the problem that you are trying to face head on. you need to amend that approach. its not the right way. the only thing that your presentations might do is maybe kicking some small majority of people out of the suicidal slump they've fallen into. but the problem is still there and they could fall back in no time at all.

thank you for your time and please listen to my advice and statements.