Carlifah the Fourth and the Righteous

Carlifah the Fourth was first born in 1581 this month -due to the short life of Carlifah the Third- one hundred and sixty eight years after the first Carlifah. Like all before her have suffered from a horrible gruesome death in the hands of extreme church going peoples. Carlifah the Fourth or her "Christian name" was Corianne the Witch. Her most famous story took place when she was fifteen, born on Earth. She was forced to proclaim God as her savior, but she'd rather have her tongue bit off. So off with her tongue it was. A few weeks later Corianne's tongue healed and she could speak once again and continued to fight for Carlifists on Earth. The villager's frightened and hell-bent on preserving the church as the main power in the area, marched upon her as an angry mob. They tied her to a log and had a trial outside of the small village church. They found her responsible for being a witch and drowned her. Corianne being born out of Fire set forth on her angry tirade against the village folk.

In the Netherworld she pleaded to all the God's, except Loki, if she could bring down divine justice for killing her and her peoples. Freyja feeling pity for the small girl opened the veil for her to use whenever. With Odin's Sleipnir she flew out on the Bifröst and landed on the sleepy village; as time flew faster in the Netherworld the villagers grew older and some already have passed the veil, but that was no problem for Carlifah. Corianne brought down sheets of rain from the skies above and flooded the village and all crops were destroyed and some even perished, by drowning. This retribution crossed many lands and many Carlifists stood together forming the first followings of the belief.

Corianne the Witch was a freak, a Satanist, a monster to the eyes of unbelievers. To Carlifists she was one of the most outspoken martyrs. Without Corianne, all Carlifah's after her couldn't use the veil freely or Odin's Sleipnir on request. She brought down judgement on others who had killed for any reason against one and sought to the safe keeping of her peoples. To us Corianne the Witch was Carlifah the Fourth, Carlifah the Righteous. Today that village is in ruins in the Scottish Highlands, underneath a lake.

Today we celebrate Carlifah the Righteous for she is the patron of the month of April. Which as you'd guess would anger Loki the great trickster and foe of Carlifah. Have a wonderful April!