A/N: This was written when I was maybe seven, and then edited today in an attempt to make it seem, well, like it wasn't written by a seven year old. Mary was originally twelve, but I decided that was a bit old. This is supposed to be a children's story, so the writing isn't up to par with what I usually aim for. Please let me know if the language is too advanced/not advanced enough for a young elementary school audience. Reviews are much welcomed, and I'd love constructive criticism. I've never tried to seriously write a children's book before.

Mary was trying to pick out a pet. It was her birthday and she was turning nine. Her mom said it was time she took on a responsibility. Mary was able to convince her mom that taking care of a cat was enough. The adoption center was full with every type of cat, from cute little tabbies to mangy gray adult cats.

Just as the family was about to call it a day and go someplace else, Mary saw her. A kitten, sitting there in her cage, staring at Mary with the prettiest green eyes. She was white, with black ears, paws, and black stripes on her face.

"Mom, look at this kitty!" said Mary.

"Oh, she's adorable! Is she the one you want to adopt?"

"Oh yes, yes, yes! Thanks so much, Mom!"

"Now, remember Mary, this will be a large responsibility. You can't forget to feed her or clean out her litter box, and she will always need fresh water. Are you sure you can handle this?"

"Mo-om, I'm nine years old! Of course I can!"

Her mom just laughed.

"I think I shall call you Lamp." said Mary. It was Saturday, and Lamp had already started to love her new home. Lamp was exploring the living room, and Mary had seen her lying under the lamps that were scattered around the house. Lamp purred her approval. So Mary gave her a treat, filled her food and water dishes, and left to go ride her bike.

The cat started to explore. It wasn't long before she found a mouse nibbling crumbs in the pantry. "What's your name?" Lamp asked. She was a rather odd cat in that she found no appeal in chasing the other creature.

"Cheese." The mouse said, still nibbling food and not even looking up. Then there was silence.

The next day, Lamp saw Cheese in Mary's room. Cheese was having a snack.

"Mmm, yummy!" said Cheese.

"What's that?"



"Want some?"

"Sure, thank you!" Then Lamp said, "Cheese, wanna be friends?"

"Mmm, awesome, sure!" Cheese said with his mouth full.

"So, meet you here tomorrow?"


"Same time?"



"Whatever." Cheese replied, again with food in his mouth.

Lamp decided to forgive the mouse's rudeness.