At the doctors,
she sat in the chair.
She reached up
and played with her hair.

Waiting for the doctor,
she smiled in the mirror.
She knew this time
she would be in the clear.

She patted down her hair,
folded her hands in her lap.
The doctor knocked,
a tiny little tap.

He came in the room,
he sat in his chair.
"Hello," he said.
She smiled. "Why hello there."

She crossed her legs,
he uncapped his pen.
He looked at the clock.
"Wow, already ten till ten!"

She smiled and nodded,
ran her fingers through her hair.
She looked in the mirror,
looking at herself with a stare.

He rubbed his head.
"How are you?" he spoke.
She smiled and answered.
"I'm happy," without a stutter or choke.

He noted it on his paper,
and said, "That's great to hear!"
She smiled to herself.
She's definitely in the clear.

The doctor asked,
"No sadness, depression, thoughts of suicide?"
She smiled at him.
"Happy thoughts are where my thoughts reside."

He made a note.
"No cutting, burning, none of the sort?"
"No, sir," she smiled,
her answer short.

He nodded and smiled,
"Well, I think we're done!"
She put her coat on.
"Go on Kiddo, go have some fun!"

She smiled and thanked him,
shook his hand.
It had gone
exactly how she had planned.

She walked out the door,
a smile on her face.
She couldn't wait
to leave that place.

she laughed to herself.
"April Fools,
son of a bitch."