A tingle echoes in the air
Wafting through my stingy hair
The skies are dark but the sun is here
Against all the things that I've come to fear

You tore me down and struck me through
I could've died holding on to you
But this wasn't the life I had planned
I ripped you through and plastered sand

Against the shores of time
Dainty like a newborn rhyme
You can't hang on to what you hate
You can't just hold me here like bait

I'm not yours to keep I'm nobody's life but me
Faith has kept me free
Don't you see?
Can't you hear?

There's nothing left between us
But stingy freezing hollowed hearts
Nothing but empty and broken
Aching parts

Goodbye harrowing guilds
And all the designs
That deceit rebuilds

I'm just your ghost now

Imaginary and irrelevant