"Tell us a story Papa." asked the Jen as she climbed into bed.

"Yes please Papa about pirates"retorted James her twin brother climbing into the bed next to her's.

"Pirates you say, I don't know they can be rather scary. Are you positive you want it to be pirates?"said the father jokingly

"Yes Papa please" the two red-headed twins said in unison.

"Ok but after this you have to go right to sleep ok?"

"Yes Papa."

"Ok then, this story starts in Brazil in the year 1753. Now there are not that many places in our world were you can grow coco beans and to get them to places that they can't grow and sell them you can make a lot of money, but you have to watch out for the Pirates that will steal all your coco. There was one ship that as heading back to England, but it wasnt caring just any chocolate you see the coco in the chocolate had a curse on it. The coco beans were stolen off an old woman land and the thieves were young boys that lived in the house next over, but the old woman was rather smart and every year she put a spell on all her plants so that if anyone picked, bought, or stole her beans without her perdition the people who had them would be cursed a year for each beans. And the boys well they stole 178 coco pods, but the old woman she cursed her beans not the pods, and each pod has 50 beans in them so that a like what 8,900 beans. Now for one pound of chocolate you need 400 coco beans so these boys can make what 22 pounds of chocolate. They then sold the chocolate to english men to bring back to England and sell here.

"But the chocolate will never get here you see when the chocolate passes hands the curse goes with it. The ship got to half way to england when they attacked. The english men fought hard, but most of the pirates learned to fight before they could walk so in the end as most story go the pirates took over the ship and the english lost their money and the cursed chocolate.

"Now the pirates have the chocolate. These pirates are a little different from the ones you might have heard of, for one thing they don't have birds or monkeys instead they have dogs, on this signal ship there is 25 dogs. I don't know why they had dogs, but it was rumored that the captain was scared of birds. Another thing a little different was that all the pirates were women, but don't put it past you their ship was more feared than the death that was thought to fallow in its wake.

"These pirates weren't heading for England but to India were, lucky for them, chocolate was more highly prized and worth more. but on the way to India something weird happened the chocolate started to get restless. You see when you put a curse on something what you get is something partway living and it behaves like a 3-year-old, and what happens when a 3-year-old doesn't do anything for a while... it has a tantrum.

"The largest storm in history formed out of nowhere, and even today that reared hasn't been beaten. Waves crashed over the rails the wind wiped at the sails as the ship was pushed to a small island that no one ever heard of. CRASH!The ship, the Pirates, the island, and the chocolate was never seen or heard from agone. But of corse this is only legend it is said that the chocolate took a new form and left the island. They say the only living animals on that island were rabbits." and the father left the room "Good night my children and happy Easter"

My dear Gladus,

hope you like it your three word are monster, Bass (the instrument not the fish), and magic.