Acrostic Poem (April 1)

Those who were loved, and those who
had their chips on blood
eventually had to pay their money in soul.

People always try to find a way
over the hard way, over the long way
even if it means cheating, lying, and stealing
throughout their whole life, without
idiosyncrasies of honesty, they
cut their way, hurting without care.

And they will continue to do so
proving to ourselves that
reality's just a backstabbing turmoil
in which only the cunning may rise,
leaving behind the blood of the nice.

Welcome to The Poetic April. I know, I know, poems are what I do, but I wanna try something different. Instead of using my trademark structure, I'll use the most common forms/structures/types of poetry out there, and work within those restraints to see if I can come up with something decent.

This is an Acrostic Poem, in which the first letters of each line form a word. Cool, huh?