Lost Iris

O' the pain in my heart

How vigorously he laughs.

The river I walk by

I see her face and the Angle of Death.

I look into the river

I saw my lover in the state of woe

She is calling out for help, as if she was trying to reach me

Behind my lover I saw the black angle, the Angle of Death he laughs

How I searched for my love, my sweet Iris

She was nameless in life, yet the Angle of Death names her Iris

How frantically I search for her, my sweet love

How he flaps his wings of joy, blissful joy.

Her soul was in his hands taunting me

He calls out her name "Iris! Iris! Iris!" like it is some game

In his other hand he held a bird cage made of bones,

He throws her into the cage, and swung her around as a censor of burning herbs.

O' the sounds of her cries stray from the river and into the dark forest

As the Angle of Death dragged her into the dark forest,

I could not bear it to hear her cry.

I ran after them, to rescue my love.

As I entered the forest,

I began to lose my senses.

I began to feel mad, as if I have become an animal,

I was driven deeper and deeper into the woods.

The forest paved before me my grave,

The grave where I have perished,

O' the pain grew greater than before,

For I have became a monster of the dark night.