Summer fanned her face as she felt beads of sweat starting to form on her forehead. It was nearly ninety degrees outside and she was felt as if she was stuck in a sauna. Summer was actually in her chemistry classroom waiting for another student, Leo. Leo and Summer had been forced to be lab partners and had gotten into a fight. Leo had been goofing off and tried to mix as many chemicals as he could in order to cause an explosion. Summer had tried to stop him and they fought over the flasks for a little bit before accidentally dropping them and causing a huge mess. The teacher had gotten really mad and told Summer and Leo to come after school to clean up.

Yet here Summer was and Leo was nowhere to be found. She impatiently strummed her fingers on her desk sighing in exasperation. Summer jumped up at the sound of the door slamming open, her brown curly locks bouncing with her. Leo strolled in with his usual tight white shirt showing off his muscles and perfectly styled spiky hair. His brown eyes shined with mischief as he flashed Summer one of his knee weakening smiles. If this is how good Leo looked with clothing, she couldn't even imagine how he'd look without.

No Summer. This is the idiot who got you in trouble. Summer told herself, but she couldn't deny the butterflies that erupted in her stomach every time she laid eyes on him.

"Where have you been!" Summer returned his smile with a glare, despite the feeling he was giving her.

"No where! Chill out I was just taking my time getting here." he replied.

"Whatever, lets just get started on cleaning up." Summer grabbed a sponge and got on her knees and started scrubbing the floor. Leo almost gasped at the sight before him. He hadn't expected her ass to look so good sticking out like that. Her short plaid skirt was riding up exposing more of her long luscious legs that were unfortunately covered by some black sheer tights. Her white button down shirt was hanging low and every time she moved her arm back and forward to scrub, her perfectly round boobs would slightly bounce. He could feel his cock getting slightly aroused. Wow, she's hot. I could never get her though, she's too much of a good girl and would never like me anyways. Leo was snapped out of his thoughts by a wet sponge hitting his face.

"Hey watch it!"

"Are you just going to stand there or are you going to help?" Summer asked annoyedly. Leo sighed and got to work. Summer watched as his his muscular arms moved around. His wide broad shoulders looked so sexy in his white shirt. His entire body and face was sculpted like a Greek god. Unfortunately most of his divine body was covered with clothing. Wow, he's hot. I could never get him though, he's too much of a bad boy and would never like me anyways. Summer was snapped out of her thoughts by Leo announcing that they were done.

He was grinning from ear to ear obviously very happy with their accomplishment. Summer let her face reveal a little smile. He looked so cute. She loved the way his eyes crinkled whenever he smiled.

Leo got up and went to the door since they had finished cleaning up and could go home now. Leo turned the handle but the door wouldn't budge, it was locked from the outside. A look of realization dawned upon both of the students faces when they realized they were stuck in the classroom.

"What do we do?" Leo exclaimed.

"Nothing, we wait." Summer replied disgruntledly. She sank down and sat on the floor leaning against one of the lab tables. This is just great. I'm stuck in this classroom for who knows how long, and its so hot!

"Aww what's wrong? Can't stand the summer heat?" Leo smirked at her, making fun of her name. Summer glared at him. She had unconsciously started fanning her face. Leo took a seat on the floor leaning against the table opposite of her.

"C'mon Summer, I'm just joking around. It really is hot in here." Leo took off his shirt. Summer was so shocked that she almost gasped. He had an amazing body. Those perfectly sculpted muscles were mesmerizing. She was intrigued by the freckles sprinkled all over his shoulders and chest. Summer got the strongest urge to run her hands along his skin and press her body against his. All this fantasizing was started to make Summer's pussy get a new strange tingling feeling. Suddenly, she realized she had been gawking and looked away blushing. Leo felt a bit awkward.

"You can take yours off too if you're feeling hot!" Leo smiled at her seemingly innocently.

"WHAT!" Summer exclaimed. Her face turned red in anger and she turned the other way. Leo facepalmed. Crap, crap, CRAP! I didn't mean to sound so creepy! I was just joking around to get rid of how awkward it got when I took my shirt off...

"Sorry...I didn't mean..Ugh nevermind.. Just.. Sorry..." Leo mumbled, looking down. Summer just huffed in response. The two sat in silence for a few moments, Summer refusing to look at Leo. Leo slowly noticed that Summer was rubbing her shoulder a lot, and had a look of discomfort on her face.

"Is something wrong?" Leo asked in genuine concern.

"It's nothing, it just aches from playing badminton." Summer replied, but the way she was wincing made her statement unconvincing.

"That doesn't look like nothing, here let me take a look. I've dealt with muscle pain a lot from playing soccer." Leo went over to summer and sat behind her.

"Do you mind?" he asked.

"I guess not..." she replied uncertainly. Leo took her shoulders in her hands and started massaging gently. Summer instantly felt relaxed and relief. She was so relaxed that she almost didn't notice at first that Leo's bare chest was almost pressed up against her back. She could almost feel the heat radiating off him. Leo stopped, getting frustrated.

"What's wrong?" Summer turned to Leo confused. Her shoulders were starting to hurt again already now that he had stopped.

"Nothing... It's just that I'm only giving you temporary relief. I can't really help your shoulder unless I can see it. You don't happen to be wearing a tank top underneath that shirt do you?" he asked.


"Oh. Well I don't think you'd want to take off your shirt, so nevermind." On an impulse, Summer slowly stripped her shirt off. Leo's jaw dropped. She was just wearing a simple black bra, but she looked anything but simple. He thought her boobs looked good before, but now they looked amazing. They were just so round and firm. At least they looked firm. His cock started getting more excited. He would do anything to feel them, and see more of them by just removing that simple black-

"Stop staring..." Summer commanded non threateningly too embarrassed to be mad. She turned back around and let Leo continue massaging her. Summer was trying her hardest to not react. It felt so good to be touched by Leo, and their bare skin almost touching made it so much better. It took all of Summer's willpower to not let out a little moan in pleasure. Summer's pussy was even reacting, giving little squeezes as if it was asking for something more.

"There, that should do it." Leo stopped and smiled at her, but Summer didn't want it to stop.

"Actually.. My legs have been kind of sore too, do you think you could help?" Summer asked shyly.

"Ofcourse," Leo replied calmly, but on the inside he was getting so excited. The thought of getting to touch Summer's long luscious legs nearly made his not so little at all friend stand up. Leo moved in front of her and started massaging her thighs. Almost immediately he teared a small hole.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to!" Leo apologized expecting Summer to get mad.

"It's fine, it was an accident." Summer simply took off her tights and put her legs back in front of Leo.

"Now it won't rip anymore" she explained her actions awkwardly. Oh god he must think I'm a freak. Yet, on the contrary Leo thought this was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. There he was, massaging the legs of his dream girl while she was shirtless and wearing a very very short skirt. He thought his dick was getting hard before, but now it was standing straight up.

"That feels really good" Summer whispered in pleasure with her eyes closed. She opened them and noticed the growing bulge in Leo's jeans. Summer instantly felt her pussy getting excited and her panties getting very wet.

"Here, it should feel even better like this." Leo had her bend her leg a little and lift her knee off the ground so he could have better access to all of her leg. As she was doing this Leo noticed that he now had a perfect view up her skirt. Is that a black thong? For someone who was wearing a pretty simple bra, she had a very sexy pair of underwear. Leo's dick got rock hard as soon as he realized what she was wearing. Oh my god, I need to see what's under those little panties so badly.

Summer's pussy was starting to squeeze really fast and really hard. The sight of Leo shirtless,knowing that he was staring at her half naked body, and the feeling of his touch was getting her really aroused and she needed something more.

"How about its my turn now?" Summer asked. Leo nodded excited but confused. She got up and sat back down on his lap, and started massaging his shoulders. They were nose to nose. She could feel his hard dick poking straight up onto her panties. They were wet before, but now they were completely soaked. I can feel his cock just by sitting on his lap? Wow, he must have one big hard dick.

Her pussy was squeezing so hard and fast now. She started rotating her hips to satisfy it a little bit. Leo let out a groan and instantly grabbed Summers boobs and started squeezing them. Summer moaned in pleasure, her boobs getting hard at his touch. She reached behind her and undid the straps slipping it off. Leo's eyes went wide and he started squeezing and rubbing them together and squeezing her nipples. This caused Summer to start squirming, causing her pussy to rub even harder against Leo's super hard dick and Leo loved it. Leo leaned over and cautiously gave her right nipple a lick. Summer gasped. Leo took this as invitation to keep going and he started aggressively licking her nipples while squeezing her boobs. He even started to suck on them, giving them playful little bites. This drove Summer wild, and she started bouncing around and grinding against Leo.

"Oh god that feels amazing Summer." Leo moaned. This pushed Summer over the edge and she practically pounced on Leo pushing him to lay on the ground and pressed her lips against his. They hungrily and passionately started kissing. Giving each other soft bites and rubbing their tongues against each other.

While doing this, Summer started unbuttoning and unzipping Leo's pants and pulled them down. Then she started grinding against him again. They both started moaning in pleasure and excitement. The thought of just two small pieces of cloth separating Leo's hard long dick from Summers wet juicy pussy was driving them both crazy. Almost as if they were reading each other's thoughts, they both pulled their underwear down. Summer spread her legs wide open and Leo thrust deep in. He almost screamed. She felt so wet, warm, and soft against his cock. He was going so deep in so quickly, and on the way out she was squeezing him so hard as if begging him to stay.

Summer's legs were barely holding up. Her entire body was trembling in pleasure. She had never felt anything like this before. Her wet pussy was squeezing him so hard. He felt so big and long and hard in front of her. It's like she was getting a massage from him, but on the inside and a hundred times better.

"Oh Leo this is amazing" Summer screamed out.

"Keep going baby, we're almost there" Leo replied out of breath.

They were thrusting hard against each other. Moving very fast together, their bodies a tangle of sweat, heat, moans, and excitement. They started shaking and started getting more passionate and aggressive in their fucking. Suddenly, they both went stiff. In almost unison they both gasped in pleasure. Waves of pleasure went through them, leaving their bodies in bliss. Leo came deep inside of Summer, and her pussy gave him one last squeeze before collapsing from exhaustion.

Summer rolled off Leo and layed down next to him.

"Wow." she gasped softly.

"Yeah, wow." he replied smiling goofily. He pulled her body closer to his and let her lay her head on his shoulder. He gave her a little kiss and she returned it with a smile.

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