This is my first FictionPress Story. I actually write stories on FanFiction. So far, only for Austin&Ally. I love R5 and Ross Lynch!

Okay, think.

Warm summer night, a boy and a girl are walking down an isolated road. Best friends. A car races by, about to hit the girl. Obviously, the boy pushes the girl out of the way. They land on the sidewalk, the boy lying on top of the girl.

The boy asks "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, except for the fact that you're on top of me. Get off, please." comes the girl's sarcastic, but polite reply.

"And why should I? I'm not hurting you, am I?" The boy stared into her eyes.

"No. You should get off because..." The girl lot track of her thoughts as she looked in the boy's eyes.

The boy leaned in and well... you know... kissed her.

The girl was taken by surprise at first, but then... wow. Screw fireworks, this is all I need.

They kissed for about a minute, finally breaking apart for air.

"Wow." The boy breathed.

"Yeah..." the girl responded. "Oh my gosh! It's midnight! I've gotta go!" She jumped up and ran off, leaving the boy siting at the curb, grinning like an idiot.


Okay, I know, stupid, but, Im really tired and can't sleep, so yeah...

Good night!