*Akane punches Sakura in the face.*

Sakura: Why you go punch me?

Akane: I didn't punch you, I just flung my fist forward and your dumb face just happened to be there.

*Haru opens a cupboard to get a cup and Sakura comes flying out in a bunny costume tackling Haru to the ground*

Sakura: Hi Haru!

Haru: Why did you do that?

Sakura: I thought I would greet you by flying out of the fridge and slamming you into the ground.

*Aoi stares off into space deep in thought while Rika comes in to search for something*

Rika: What's up?

Aoi: Just thinking.

Rika: It's not good to think; it can make you really sick.

*Aoi opens the fridge's door and finds Keiko munching down on chocolate*

Aoi: What are you doing Keiko?

Keiko: Being a ninja?

Aoi: Ninjas don't raid fridges, nor do they get found.

*Keiko starts throwing skittles at Akane*


*Akane throws her boot at her face*

Akane: Taste my wrath.

*Haru slumps down on a couch next to Akane and sighs*

Haru: I tried to kill my bullies with kindness but it doesn't work.

*Akane hands Haru a wooden bat*

Akane: Results may vary.

*Rika throws out paper while Akane does rock*

Rika: I win.

Akane: So paper beats rock… Are you sure?

Rika: Yup.

Akane: Then let's test it; you hold a paper up to your face while I throw the rock.

*Sakura comes fuming into the room her face flushed red*

Rika: Why so mad?

Sakura: I got kicked out of ninja school!

Rika: And the reason.

Sakura: I failed because they said I was clumsy and said whoops which is an automatic F.

Rika: Hey, at least your F looks like a toothbrush once turned to the side; that's the fun part.

*The alarm clock rings and Rika throws it out the window soon back in bed*

Rika: If alarm clocks have a snooze button, why don't people?

Akane: Because they're that stupid.

*Keiko spots a stranger who she thought as an old time friend*

Keiko: Hey! Hey you! I haven't seen you forever! What ya been up to?

*Random person scuttles away*

Keiko: Wait! Let me love you!

*Starts chasing the random person*

* Aoi walks into the living room where Rika is lounging in*

Aoi: Good morning Rika.

Rika: Nope, not good morning, in fact bad morning.

Aoi: …

Rika: In fact whoever made up good morning deserves a good slap in the face with a ping pong paddle!

*Sakura and Keiko run into Walmart and put on a football helmet, snorkel and foam noodle. Soon they hop on toddler bikes and begin to start a joust*

Sakura: To the death!

Keiko: For the candy's sake!

*Soon afterwards they get kicked out of Walmart*

*Sakura sat down at a coffee table and started writing and thinking furiously*

Aoi: Wow, I'm amazed and shocked at how hard you're taking that math worksheet.

*She peers over to see the paper say, "Name all the angles," Sakura filled in the lines with these words, "Bob, Sam, Frank, Gary, Nick, and Blue." Soon afterwards sits back down and sips her tea*

Aoi: Of course….

*Haru and Rika taking an exam with Haru sweating nervously and writing furiously. Rika instead glances at the exam and starts folding it. Soon creating a paper airplane. The teacher has his back turned and Rika shoots it at his back.*

Teacher: Alright, who did that?

*He turns around and Rika sets another paper in front of her soon pointing at Haru*

Rika: She did it.