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If Time Could Stop Just for Me


I was born as the 3rd child of the King and Queen to Quilica, a small kingdom in the mountains. During births, there would always be an oracle nearby to bless and foresee the future of their child. When I was born, the oracle foresaw that I was to be the next vessel of our kingdom. You see, in our kingdom, people used magic to get around. Everyone was born with an inner orb within them. We controlled magic by sucking in the energies from nature into our "orb", converting it into our own magical auras. The bigger the orb, the more powerful you were. However, there was a backlash to our ways. Because the land's energies was being taken away, it needed something to replace it, thus it began to fill the missing areas with negative energies and emotions from humans. Every few years, someone was born as the "vessel". They were born with a special orb that would draw the negative energies out of the earth and convert it back to natural energy once a month. I was born as that "vessel", and because I had to constantly convert energy, I was always weak.

Because I was born so weak, my parents always had me protected by guards. I couldn't walk by myself until I reached 5 years and even now, I tend to collapse from exhaustion faster than others.

I always thought the reason why I was so protected was because my parents loved me. I grew up with that delusion for years. It wasn't until I was nine, that I finally knew the truth. I was a vessel, simply a tool for the kingdom I lived in. They never doted on my like they did with my older brother and sister. Maybe it was because they knew I had a higher chance of dying that they didn't want to get attached. I never really knew nor asked. I was simply satisfied to be near them. And what love my parents never gave me, I received from my siblings instead.

My brother, Odian, was crown prince. He was the perfect prince, tough and powerful yet kind and compassionate as well. He was the pride of my parents and our kingdom. He always traveled places and came home bearing gifts for the family. Odian loved to dote on my sister and I. He felt that as eldest, it was his duty to take care of us. I loved my brother yet envied him at the same time. While I was always stuck in the palace, he was always outside of it, exploring through his own adventures and bringing back trophies of his travels.

My sister, Adenine or Ady as I called her, was the idol of all women. Ady always refused to grow up as the ideal princess, claiming that "sitting around fawning over every guy in the courtyard" was a waste of time. Instead, she grew up with the knights as her best friends and the stables as her room. She was not only beautiful, but could outwit men in both intelligence and battle. Ady used to always bring me to her matches and I would stand on the sides and cheer for her.

However, all good things must always end. Odian was always traveling now and hardly ever home. Ady got engaged and married and finally moved away. Now, I was alone to suffer through my fate.