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If Time Could Stop Just for Me

Chapter 2:

Although I had wanted to slightly dislike Princess Sylvia at first, I found I could not. I was a little upset that the only reason my brother had come home was to introduce the family to his new fiancée. Sylvia was just a female full of kindness. In the week that she's been here, she has already won over the hearts of everyone in the castle. The servants love her because she respects their services and often thanks them and offer them gifts. The females in the castle all look up to her natural beauty as she doesn't cover up her face with loads of makeup and wearing the simplest dresses still make her stand out. Mother and Father love her for simply being Odian's fiancée, and I couldn't find a thing to hate about her.

Although I flocked to Sylvia a lot, I tended to avoid her older brother. After the first meeting when they first came, then the intense staring session at the dining hall, I was scared what would happen during my next encounter with him. Lost in my thoughts, I bumped into the guard in front of me as he came to a sudden halt.

"Why did we stop?" I asked. I had instructed them to take me to the garden. The guard shifted his feet before mumbling some non-coherent speech. He gestured to the scene in front and I peeked around him to see what happened. There, on the garden bench, sat my brother kissing Sylvia. They seemed to be deeply submerged into their own world. I blushed a bright red. Not wanting to disturb their moment together, I quickly asked the guard to bring me the library. Having reached my destination, my guard stood outside the library doors as I entered. Browsing through the vast shelves, I began debating what topic of books I should start now. Having been constantly bored in the castle for a good 17 years, I've practically read almost everything in the library. Reaching the "M" section, I pulled out a book about Magical Creatures. I carried it over to my usual table in the corner by the window and began my reading. I sat there for hours, flipping through pages of pictures and information about each species, some which I have never even heard of before. By the 3rd hour, my eyes began to droop. Sleep hit me and I passed out on the chapter of Wyverns. When I opened my eyes again, the first thing I noticed was a face with deep red eyes and dark red hair staring straight at me. I jumped up in surprise; however that proved to be the wrong choice as I crumbled back to the ground from the dizziness of waking up. Xander laughed at me and hoisted me back into my chair where I nursed my head.

"How long have you been here?" I asked him.

He simply smiled at me and replied, "10 minutes."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not very good company." I shyly blushed. Xander smirked at me and replied.

"I only came in here to look at some of the books located in Quilica. I never expected such a cute prince dozing on his books." I blushed when he called me cute and tried to hide behind my book. He simply laughed even more. "Now now Prince, no need to be shy." I blush even more and hastily tried to change the topic.

"What books were you looking for Prince?"

"The ones about the magic in your kingdom. In Tsuden, magic in Quilica has always been a mystery." I simply nodded my head. Prince Xander curiously pulled the book in my hands. He read through the title and flipped through a few pages before smiling. "Prince Laelos, are you curious about magical creatures?" I look at him and shyly nod. "Well Prince, you're in luck. Coming from Tsuden, I happen to know about all the creatures that exist."

I nod my head. Picking up on a bit of courage, I quickly ask, "Would you mind telling me about them then?" Xander smirked at me.

"How about we make a deal Prince Laelos. You tell me about the magic in Quilica, and I shall tell you everything you want to know about creatures." I simply gape at him. The deal sounded absolutely fine to me. I nod my head in excitement and Xander grins. "Then for our first lesson, come with me." He then grabs my arm and leads me out of the library. My guard spies me in Xander's grasp and quickly stops him with his sword sheath.

"Halt! Prince Xander, might I inquire where you are leading my charge sir? It is my duty to accompany Prince Laelos. He has certain restrictions to where he is allowed."

"I'm just taking Prince Laelos to a place of knowledge good knight. No need to worry, I will guard him myself." My guard eyes Xander suspiciously.

"And how do I know that you will not harm the Prince or lead him off the grounds of the castle?" He asks. Xander straightens his back to glare down at the guard and remind him of his position.

"Sir Knight, I am your crown prince's fiancee's brother. It would bring shame to my family if I were to harm Prince Laelos in any way. I only wish for my sister's happiness and I garentee breaking her engagement will not make her happy. Please do remember that I am Prince from another Kingdom and purposefully harming a royal at whom's castle I am staying at would imply impure actions from my Kingdom." I simply stood there as Xander shot down my guard who was now looking embarrassed.

"I'm sorry for my implications sir. I was merely making sure my charge was in good hands." Xander's dominating demeanor suddenly dropped and a smile went back in place.

"No harm done. You were just doing your job." With that, he dismissed the guard and gestured for me to follow him. He went into the large stable yard where we trained our horses and pulled out a whistle. Taking a deep breath, he blew into it. A low note echoed from the whistle and into the wind. Xander pocketed the whistle back into his pocket and grinned.

"For our first lesson, I shall teach you about dragons." As he spoke, a large shadow appeared over us. I looked up in shock as shining white scaled reflected the light of the sun. As it landed, I took a better look at the dragon. It was pure white with splotches of blue near its eyes, neck, and tail. The dragon turned to look at Xander then purred and rubbed its head on his hand.

"Laelos, meet my dragon, Dove."

As I stared at the creature, I wondered why I ever tried to avoid Xander in the first place. If our first conversation started out with meeting a live dragon, I wonder how the others would be.