Gem Texas

What in the world happened to her other shoe? She had gone through every inch of her closet nearly an hour ago and found the black stiletto but it seemed to have gotten up and walked away.

Playing with the hem of her dress and ignoring the sound of her neighbor in the apartment next-door singing along to the loud rock music. With the scent of perfume, and burning hair wafting lazily through the air, the atmosphere in the room was not that of a young woman getting ready for a date but it showed she was preparing for a more casual encounter. She could hardly think straight as she gazed in the mirror.

She had grown accustomed to the event that happened at the end of the week for three years since she met him again. The bottle of perfume she had gotten for Christmas slowly dripped upon the white carpet staining it a dark scarlet color.

A bottle of hairspray thrown haphazardly on the dressing table, and soon she found the first shoe lying under the stool she was sitting on. She had ten minutes to go downstairs and meet her date who would be driving them to the restaurant in town.

Feeling uncomfortable dressed in the tight black dress with a slit going up the right thigh ending just below her hips. She hoped no one would stare at her. From time to time, she would glance at the clock keeping track of the minutes ticking and counting down the moments until her weekend ritual. She all ready knew that Wesley was probably waiting for her outside in his car.

Damn that shoe, damn her luck, she glanced out the small window in her bedroom catching sight of the Mystic White Mercedes Benz roadster parked in front of the building. She shook her head at the thought how much time she spent at the dealership helping him to choose the car. It annoyed her when he chose a color that was simple.

With a shake of her head, Saffron decided to slip on the black flats in place of the stilettos; it was not as if she would be lost without the shoes anyway. Glancing in the mirror, she adjusted the black hairband resting on her head again, before making her way towards the door. Picking up the matching clutch on her way out, her gaze fell upon the offending shoe that resulted in the utter destruction of her otherwise clean bedroom

"Oh what the hell, it's not like I was planning to leave my flats behind,"

Bending at the waist, she picked up the shoes from the floor. Carefully balancing the heels in one hand, while using her other to hold her clutch she opened the door to the apartment and walked out. Sitting her shoes down on the floor, she locked the door before picking them up again and heading towards the elevator.

Leaning against the left wall, she closed her eyes a moment to regain and gather her thoughts; she invited Wesley to a friendly dinner as a way to celebrate the achievement he made. She did not mind having dinner with him because they made the agreement since the day they met in Middle School. The stoic and tough Saffron Saunders was best friends with the Happy Go Lucky Wesley Patton. Many people knew were known knew the two of them as dynamic duo or as double the trouble when they attended Emerald Academy.

Laughing quietly to herself, she remembered the time they sneaked into the cinema to watch a horror movie marathon, but the ushers on duty caught them. Their parents had picked them up after a long lecture from the manager of the theater.

Their parents had grounded them for three weeks because of that little stunt. However, they still talked to one another by use of having their friends deliver small notes they had written.

The familiar ping broke into her memories as she opened her eyes annoyed at the interruption. She wanted nothing more then to go back to her apartment and relax. She knew that Wesley was waiting for her and she needed to hurry up or he would start calling her. She stepped into the elevator as soon as the doors opened, sitting her pumps down she slipped her feet out of the ballet flats and began the task of making sure her feet were comfortably inside the shoe.

Kneeling down on her left knee, she felt the elevator making its slow and steady descent down the long shaft. She hated living on the tenth floor at times; however, it was out of her hands because all of the studio apartments were on the lower numbered floors while the apartments with more bedrooms were on the higher numbered floors.

Many people who knew her did not understand why she rented a three-bedroom apartment when it was just her. She converted one of the bedrooms into a guest room, while the second room served as her personal yoga room. She rarely had guests over anyway.

Once her musings were completed, she stood up leaning against the wall and keeping her distance from the door. At least things were going to be different for her tonight. At least that was what she was hoping, and Wesley was the type to enjoy his time with her anyway.

Giggling at the last time they ate dinner together, he scared the daylights out of the carhop who had taken their orders. They had a good laugh until the food the carhop had been carrying spilled all over Wesley staining the outfit he had been wearing at the time. She considered it a fitting punishment for the joke. Luckily, he had not been angry about it one bit; instead, he laughed it off and asked for a side of fries to dip in the ketchup slowly dripping off his head. She enjoyed that summer when Wesley was just plain old Wesley. Now he was busy with his company to spend but one Friday a week with friends and family.

The elevator had ceased its movements and the door opened revealing that it had stopped in the main lobby. Picking up her shoes Saffron exited the small transport vehicle and made her way towards the doors, she smiled at a few neighbors she was acquainted with as they entered the building.

Pausing at her mailbox, she opened it checking to see if there was any mail, of it was empty which she considered a blessing. All she got were bills even then she rarely got them because she paid using automated bill payments.

"Big night Miss Saunders,"

Saffron turned from the mailbox and smiled at her next-door neighbor Otto, he was the resident mechanic and could fix any cars. She gave him one of her smiles and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm hanging out with Wes tonight; we're going to that new restaurant in the hotel downtown." Saffron explained. "We're celebrating a big accomplishment, which in my opinion is slightly funny."

"Why's that?"

Waving a dismissive hand Saffron held back a small laugh. "He was in the latest issue of GQ listed as one of the most eligible and richest bachelors in the country, I think it's ironic because back in high school he was considered to be the bane of every female's existence and he spent most of his years shoved in lockers."

Otto nodded and smiled at the young girl as he opened his mailbox pulling out a small package. "That's interesting Miss Saunders, I hope you enjoy your night," he said checking the contents of the package as his eyes sparkled in happiness. He looked up at her adding. "Oh and I should be done repairing your bike by tonight."

That's great, I am so lost without it," Saffron said with a smile. "Anyway see you later Otto and thanks again for fixing my bike, I so hate doing deliveries on foot."

Otto smiled as he shut his mailbox and began walking towards the elevator to go back to his apartment. "Have a good evening Miss Saunders, and if you have time some time this week stop by my apartment, the missus and I would love to have dinner with you some time."

"You got it," Saffron said bidding the mechanic a farewell as she headed outside, she let out a small whine and began shivering from the forty-two degree weather. She slowly cursed herself for not wearing a heavier coat, but at least it was not as bad as it could have been.

Scanning the rows of cars parked in front of the building she saw the one she was looking for. Smiling she walked over and remained quiet listening to Wesley singing along to a song on the radio. "Hey, Wes,"

Wesley stopped singing and turned his head as he smiled gently. "Yo Saff, I was starting to think you decided to stand me up."

"I had to get dressed and then I ran into a neighbor and talked with a bit." Saffron did not bother opening the door as she hopped into the car over the door landing in the seat. She giggled at the sight of Wesley cringing. "What? It's a convertible; we can just hop in rather than using doors."

"But you didn't do it right," Wesley said with a mock pout. "You're supposed to do it like they did in the Dukes of Hazard."

"Well I'm not going to play as Daisy Mae Duke tonight," Saffron said. "I'm in one of my good dresses...and you look pretty handsome tonight. So I doubt you pretended to be one of the Duke boys."

Wesley's face took on that of surprise and he laughed. "Am I really that transparent?" He looked at the mirrors before pulling out the parking space and onto the road. Once he was sure he was in traffic safely he smiled and sad in a joking tone. "Dinner's on you right?"

"Eh? Wesley Skylar Patton do you think for minute I'm going to be your purse jockey you can go die in a ditch!" Saffron said. "I don't buy anyone dinner unless it's the holiday or unless I offer."

"I was messing you," Wesley shook his head and continued driving. He glanced at Saffron a moment before focusing on the road. He had to admit she looked beautiful with the way the dress was hugging her mocha skin and the way her hair was down sweeping on her shoulders. He noticed she was wearing the black framed glasses. "You look like we're going to an awards show or something."

"Well I wasn't going to wear something inappropriate to the restaurant since I read about it online and they said it was fancy dress." Saffron got into the car; made sure her seatbelt was on and shut the door. "Dude, isn't that the same tie you wore to our prom four years ago?"

"Of course it is, this was the one you picked out for me," Wesley teased poking her in the side. "You always said if I didn't wear it at least once in my life you'd hunt me down and strangle me with it, so tonight's attire required it."

"In short you want to make it up to me for taking it off at prom when you were dancing." Saffron shook her head at the memory. "I still question why you had used it as a ninja headband when you were dancing with that one girl from our Spanish class, you two were cute though."

"It was a joke between us," Wesley explained, he looked in the mirrors a moment for oncoming traffic, once he determined it was clear enough he pulled out of the makeshift space and onto the busy street. "You danced with Laurence from your algebra class and he was a total nerd."

"He wasn't a nerd; he was just different from our group."

"Oh sure, as if we didn't have enough problems during our senior year," Wesley said poking her. "Remember how pissed off Principal Kendall when he saw what our senior prank was?"

"You mean sabotaging his microphone during morning announcements?" Saffron snorted and began laughing. "Dude that was classic, I never witnessed any teacher chasing you down the hallway while threatening to expel you for such a harmless prank. I thought the song choice had been good, The Hamster dance even fit the sight of you running like a maniac to get away."

"It wasn't all fun when Principal Kendall caught me and gave it to me really good too," Wesley winced as if he could still feel the sensation of the back of his jacket pulled by the principal and him trying to get away. "It was the one day I decided to wear a jacket…it served as my downfall."

"Yeah, but it was interesting that you and I had detention that day," Saffron sighed shaking her head. "And now look at us, were older and yet we are still the same way we were back in high school, of course minus our daily meetings in your locker when I had to get you out of it."

"That was only ten times and those jocks were too stupid to think of anything else," Wesley gave Saffron a mock pout. "You were my lovely knight in shining armor every day you saved me."

"Nice to know I was needed,"

The two of them laughed all the way to the restaurant, they spent part of the drive reminiscing about their high school days, and the latter half of the time was spent singing along to every song playing on the radio.

"Karma Karma Chameleon, you come and go! You come and go!" Saffron sung off key while giggling as Wesley would try to block out the sound of her voice.

"Geez Saffron did I just run over a cat or is that your voice?"

Saffron glared at him in a playful manner as they stopped in the parking lot, she waited until Wesley turned off the car and playfully hit him in the shoulder. "That was my voice and I didn't sound that bad."

"Saff you cracked my window," Wesley joked.

"Oh just for that I'm going to push you head first into the lobster tank."

They began laughing and got out of the car making their way towards the hotel, the finest one in Gem, Texas. The large high-rise building constructed at least two years ago; it still held the same impressive aura that surrounded the many large buildings enclosed within the city limits.

"Hey Saff race you to the front door," Wesley tagged her on the shoulder and began sprinting towards the doors.

"What are we ten?" Saffron called after him chasing him, though she was not able to run fast and fell more into a speed walk while trying to maintain balance in the pumps and avoiding the inevitable disaster of falling on her face. She made it to the front doors where Wesley was waiting for her. "Dude, I'm wearing pumps. So that was an unfair advantage you had over me."

"All's fair in racing and war Saffy," Wesley held back a laugh when Saffron glared at him. "Oh come on you know you love it whenever I tease you like that."

"Wesley Patton…you're the devil sometimes." Saffron brushed past him while shaking her head giggling.

"Oh hell doesn't want me, they're afraid I'll take over." Wesley added giving her a goofy grin.

"Hey look at that," Saffron pointed to the aquarium they were sitting next to, She glanced at the fish happily swimming around. "These are really funny looking fish don't you think Wes…eh?"

Blanching at the sight of Wesley making faces into the aquarium of the fish, which were swimming away as if trying to get away from the strange young man, she giggled a moment when he was trying to have a staring contest with the large clown fish that kept swimming in front of the glass.

"So…you found Nemo?"

Wesley turned from the tank raising an eyebrow at the statement, shaking his head he playfully picked up the fork turning back to the tank holding it up while pointing at the fish. "Tonight…you…" he said in a dark voice, though it quickly dispelled when it seemed the fish fled. "Ha, I'm the king I scared the shit outta a fish!"

"You didn't scare it," Saffron said her face took on that of a look of amusement. "The fish was tired of staring at you and decided that once it starts training it's gonna get stronger and then it's gonna have your ass on a silver platter."

"That wasn't funny…" Wesley frowned sitting the fork onto the table. "Saff, let those who are good at comedy do it, you just sit there and laugh."

"Oh my, is the great jokester Wesley Patton telling me to laugh like a blonde bimbo cheerleader?" Saffron snickered. "I remember a certain little Thai boy who was trying to be like Jackie Chan after he saw the last Rush Hour movie the night before at my house."

"Dude, come on you know that every kid wanted to be like Jackie Chan especially when he portrayed Mr. Miyagi in that Karate kid movie we saw a few weeks ago." Wesley stated. "Remember how he was like pick the jacket back up?"

"You mean the substitution for Wax on and Wax off?" Saffron rolled her eyes. "I really didn't like that remake, and he wasn't even Mr. Miyagi he was someone else, so it was not even like the original movie."

"Oh sure pick apart one of the awesome movies that I liked," Wesley shook his head rolling his eyes and turning back to the aquarium. "Now if you don't mind I'm going to resume my taunting."

"Those fish are going to attack you," Saffron stated shaking her head she picked up the water glass taking a sip before watching Wesley. "Hey Wes…you do know why I asked you out tonight right?"

"Oh? Because you can't resist my awesome sexiness," Wesley joked, he ducked when Saffron tossed her napkin at him. "I'm kidding Saff; I know you asked me out because you wanted to celebrate my recent appearance in GQ."

"Yep, the most eligible bachelor in the country is quite the achievement for someone who's only twenty-nine," Saffron smiled at him cheerfully. "All of those women will be riding your dick like it's going out of style."

"Saff that's not funny!" Wesley turned crimson red at the statement but laughed it off. "Alright fine you're right but what about you?"

"I don't do anything like that," Saffron mumbled. "I'm more of the type to cheer you on from the sidelines and watch you get mauled by women."

"I meant you should know how it feels to know that you're famous all over Gem Texas for one thing." Wesley smirked and pointed at her chest.

"Famous for one thing," Saffron followed where he was pointing, face flaring up red she quickly crossed her arms over her chest as if it to prevent anyone from seeing the size of her breasts. "Shut up they wouldn't stop growing in high school, and they finally stopped after I turned twenty-seven last weekend."

"Yeah it's a shame, you could've been a guy magnet back in high school had you not tapped them down every day." Wesley rested his chin in the palm of his left hand while his right arm folded under his left elbow; his eyes glinted in a playful manner as he spoke about Saffron's generous bust. "It was pretty interesting to know you stopped binding once you fell for that one basketball player during our last year…what was his name…Hmn…oh that's right his name was Rick Johnson, the star of the basketball team."

"I didn't do it for him," Saffron stated. "My dad got annoyed with me using all of the duct tape every morning and my mom stopped me from doing so when she realized that I was being silly about being so self conscious."

"You still are," Wesley noted. "Saffron you wear baggy clothes when you go to work to keep anyone from noticing and then you normally want to kill anyone who points it out."

"Do you want to lose an arm?"

"See you're doing it now."

"You are the one who pointed it out!" Saffron glared at him again and sighed. "Anyway, since it's a special occasion let's go easy on the booze. I really don't want to have to deal with you being an asshole whenever you get drunk, the last time you nearly fell off the balcony of my apartment when you stumbled out of the room trying to yell at the cars driving past."

"That was only one time, and how was I supposed to remember that?" Wesley asked. "I wasn't aware of anything but you yelling at me to stop being an idiot."

"Which is exactly why this time I'm limiting how much you drink so it won't happen again," Saffron stated. "You're not a funny drunk it's more of an adult trying to take care of a hyper active child who doesn't know how to sit down and shut up."

"When have I ever gotten drunk like that before?"

"To the most eligible bachelor in the country," holding up her glass she gave him a teasing smile which she often wore whenever she made her toasts. While other times she would joke around making toasts to anything she found amusing, this one was not one of her little jokes. "And to you spending the next few days beating women off of you with a stick each time you set foot outside."

Wesley laughed at hearing her toast and merely chimed in. "And to the most interesting flower shop owner I've ever met." He chuckled watching as her face took on that of a surprised expression. "And to her great breasts that went up two sizes since high school."

"WESLEY!" Quickly sitting the glass down onto the table crossing her arms over her chest as if to hide them from his prying eyes and the public, of all places he had to point out the one thing that embarrassed her more than anything else did. "You jerk you don't go around saying that to a woman! Had you been anyone else you would've been slapped across the face."

"Relax Saffy, it was just a joke," Wesley gave a teasing smile and gingerly drank from the glass, sitting it down onto the table he laughed at how red her face was turning. "You should be proud of those, naturally blessed with assets that not even your cousins have….not that I was staring at Ali or Brit."

"All right, you've had a little too much tonight," She took the glass from Wesley watching his face take on that of a pout.

"Aww Saffy, give it back," Wesley whined as if he was a child who had candy stolen from them by an elder sibling or common school yard bully. "You're being really mean."

"I'm being smart, when you drink yourself stupid who's the one that has to stay up all night with you while you pray to the porcelain god?" Saffron questioned. "I normally have to be up with you all night."

"You know you love it Saffy-kins,"

"Don't call me that we're not children anymore!"

Wesley smiled gently holding his hands up in mock defeat and giving a pout. "Saffron I promise I'll have more glass and then I'll quit."

"I don't think so," Saffron kept the glass and bottle from him as long as she could while keeping her eye on Wesley in case he tried to use his wits to trick her into giving him the bottle back. "Don't make me drink this whole bottle to make sure you won't get a hold of the rest, because you know I'll do it!"

"Saffy-kins you know you're a lightweight," Wesley teased. "You can't hold your liquor, you end up getting sick almost immediately, and then I'm the one who has to hold your hair back as you pray to the porcelain god."

"…Fine! Drink until you die for all I care," Saffron mumbled glaring at him. "But I won't be taking care of you tonight."

"Aww but Saffy-kins," Wesley whined with a pout. "You have to; you're my dear nursemaid in black tonight."

"A nursemaid," Saffron resisted the urge to hit him with something; she had many items at her disposal, if she did that people would stare, which in turn would call for her arrest for assault of an unarmed man. Taking a deep breath, she ignored it. "I'll ignore that comment but I will keep to my word and not take care of you!"

"My beloved nursemaid Saffy-kins is going to go against her word and take care of me," Wesley sung loudly. "Oh how I love my dear Saffy-kins with her large rack that makes even the hottest of porn stars jealous!"

"Wesley shut the hell up," Saffron snapped she looked around at the people who were staring at them. A few of them were staring at them while others were snickering at Wesley's antics. Making mental note of the most mortifying days of her life added to that list. Right before the time she lost her bikini top at the last picnic her church had held at the lake. That day was horrible and the following Sunday the sermon was on the seven deadly sins with Lust being the first one talked about. She had been mortified that day and no matter how many times she apologized for the mistake the other young women in the choir still had not talked to her.

Why was she thinking about that now? She needed to control Wesley's drunken tirade before he leapt onto the table singing Ray of Light. Of course, he was no Madonna but she did not want him to make a fool of himself.

"Hey Saffy-kins," Wesley said cheerfully downing another glass of champagne. "Let's go swimming after dinner, do you think they'd be against us skinny dipping like you did during my senior year in high school and…"

"Wesley shut up please; if you be quiet I promise that I'll go to Aspen with you this weekend." While that was an idle promise, she knew it was the only way to keep him quiet; after all, he would not remember the promise anyway since he was too drunk to remember they were not alone.

"Sure….the twin peaks will meet your twin peaks." Wesley said he laughed again as his head hit the table. He had finally passed out, though she had not yet that this turn of events was more a blessing or a curse. After all Saffron was the one that would have to drag him back to the room upstairs. Luckily she was focused enough to do so, she only had one glass of champagne.

Opening the door to the room Saffron groaned in annoyance while keeping her arm around Wesley's waist, she had to guide him down the hallway and then into the elevator, which almost killed him, had she not grabbed him by the arm pulling him in before the doors shut. To make matters worse Wesley groped her three times, which in turn caused her to slap his groping hands away from her with each step she took.

"Damn it Wes….next time were not ordering champagne unless we are in a room and close to somewhere that doesn't require me to carry you."

She laid him on the bed; she sat down on the bed catching her breath. Of all the days that Wesley had to get drunk, it had to be the day when she actually wore something that was less than flattering to carry a full grown twenty-seven year old in.

"Mmn…I love you Saffy-kins…" Wesley sat up smiling at her; his face took on that of a lustful tone. His eyes glassed over with more lust, the way his dark hair fell upon his forehead just above his eyes made it tough for her to look away. The dark storm cloud color of his eyes lightened up more and he moved closer taking her into his arms.

"Wes what the hell," Saffron shouted, moving away from him on the bed, she miscalculated her movements, gasped out and fell off the side of the bed. "Geez…you idiot…I can't believe you did that!"

"Saffron…" Wesley's face took on that of a serious look while taking her hands into his. "I'm serious…I love you."

"Wesley you're drunk," Saffron said shaking her head. "You don't know what you are saying nor do you know what you are doing so lie down and get some sleep to sober up."

"Saff…I do love you," Wesley stated, he crawled to the end of the bed smiling down at her. "I want nothing more than to take you as my lover for one night…to prove how much I love you."

"Wesley…I don't think so." Getting up, she carefully pushed him backwards, a slight miscalculation on her part, she gasped out loudly when his arms wrapped around her waist again and his other hand snaked it's way up to her head pushing her lips against his in a sloppily given kiss.

Eyes widening at the feeling of his lips against hers she could still taste the alcohol on his lips mixed with the heat that was now rising within her entire being. The softness and tenderness held in the kiss even if it made her seem more inexperienced she could not deny that she too wanted nothing more to remain frozen in this time forever. However part of her mind understood that it was the cause of the drunken stupor that Wesley had fallen in.

Pulling away from the kiss, he saw the look in her eyes that mirrored his own. It was the look of lust mixed with passion.

What was she doing? No, she was not going to let entanglement be part of her downfall, falling into a romance that would end at the first morning's new light. She was not going to let this affect her carefully planned out and chosen relationship with him.

All she needed was friends not a lover. She was married to her career, not a second passed in which she wanted anything more than to push him away and leave the room quickly enough to avoid anything more than sharing a kiss… which was also a mistake.

"Saff…you can leave if you wish," Wesley said breaking the silence between them; he was not going to be responsible for any decision that would affect their friendship. He cared for Saffron more than anyone did but he still wanted to hold onto the tight reign of friendship, which in turn made his heart ache worse at the thought of being only friends.

Why did he want her to leave? Was it something she had done, was it because he wanted nothing more than friendship? Maybe that is why they did not continue any further. Feeling a sense of relief wash over her she felt a small pang of disappointment but as the relief washed over her more and more a tightening pain began in her heart just at the thought of separation from Wesley. She did not know why nor did she question it.



Unspoken words between them, the feelings of how they had been feeling for one another since they understood what was happening and the longing of nothing more than to be with one another even for that one night became clearer and apparent as they leaned closer to capture each other's lips in that forbidden embrace . The moment where they would not be able to turn back no matter how hard they tried to do so after that evening ended.

"Saffron…there is no turning back after this." Wesley whispered against her lips. His arms tightened around her as he stared into her eyes, holding back any shadow of doubt that resided within his entire being. All he felt was the growing love and lust for the woman he held in his arms at that moment. "You can leave this room and forget about me once you step out into that hallway, I won't hold it against you."

The feeling of love and lust overpowered any logical sense in which Saffron was holding within her mind, the strongest muscle within her had won the battle. She chose with the power of her clouded heart and mind. She wanted nothing more than to spend one evening within the arms of the person she seemed to suddenly become attracted to in that moment. Sure normally no man made her feel the way that Wesley made her feel but it was chalked up to the alcohol finally affecting her in the worst kind of way.. "I want to be with you Wes…more than anything…"

Taking the opportunity to hold her in his arms closer, he swept her up as if she weighed nothing more than a doll and gently laid her on the bed. He opened his mouth and allowed his tongue to enter her mouth probing the inside.

Breaking the kiss Saffron blushed realizing that with the way things were going there would be no turning back from the status in their relationship. She could not help but wonder if she was making the right choice. She always promised to keep herself for the person she loved but it was no use…she could not control her actions and wanted to surrender herself to Wesley.

Wesley gently sat her down on the bed while climbing on top of her, he stared down at her flushed face noticing she was deep in thought. It appeared that she was having an internal battle whether or not to continue. While he assumed that, she was only doing this because she too was drunk or that she needed the release as much as he did. The feeling of her in his arms was sending him into frenzy; he needed her now. He crushed his lips against hers in a deep yet focused kiss he pulled away only to catch his breath as he stared down at her whispering her name. "Saffron…"


Looking down at her, he noticed she was staring at him with a curious gaze. He could hear the alluring sound of her voice. It may have sounded shaky but he could tell she was not having any doubts. "Yes?"

"Please…if it's just for one night let's…let's…I want to be your angel."

That was all the motivation Wesley needed; smiling and capturing her lips in another kiss, their tongues resumed their heated battle. He heard her let out a soft moan which prompted him to run his hands down her body.

Saffron gasped and took in a shuddering breath as she ran her hands towards Wesley's chest. She began running them down to explore his body. She normally had childish daydreams but she knew that it did not help with reality. It was really the pain of the realization of how much she wanted Wesley that made her ache enough to allow the passion to wrap around her heart and mind.

Sensing her distraction he used the to unbutton her shirt sliding it down her shoulders, His eyes caught sight of the black and red lacey bra she was wearing, and he assumed that her underwear probley matched. He wanted her in every way but held back his lust. He wanted to take things slowly and prove that he was a good lover.

'What was he waiting for, am I not that desirable?' Her doubts, kissed in to oblivion when Wesley captured her lips again. She felt his feverish hands cup and massage her breasts. "W…W…Wesley…"

Not saying a word Wesley continued his task of ridding her of the clothes she wore. His hands moved down to her skirt and he began pulling it down her hips. His eyes focused on her hidden jewel under the lacey pair of panties. Soon those joined the growing pile beside his bed. Standing up on his knees above her, he took in her body and form. He had seen the female body in the magazines he often purchased and in the movies he rented on days when he was feeling lonely, but none of that compared to feel the soft skin of a woman lying on the bed before him.

'Why had he stopped? Was my body not what he expected?' Saffron began fearing the worst as she realized that Wesley might have changed his mind seeing her body. She could not help if she was not model material or the same size as the other girls. She cursed her family's blessings of curves. "Wes…I am sorry I…"

"What's there to be sorry about?" his eyes and face took on that of a man who knew how to please a woman, Hands running down her body as he placed kisses wherever he placed them, His eyes filled with more lust as he gazed down at the girl he was going to share an intimate moment with. "You're beautiful." Trailing his kisses down further to her jewel, he placed a kiss directly on the exposed center.

"W…W…Wesley…" Saffron gasped out arching her back up from the bed. She felt his tongue run around her inner thighs leaving heated kisses on her jewel.

Sliding his tongue in he began slurping and lapping up the juices spilling out her body. He smiled and began pushing in deeper while watching her squirm under his power. "Something wrong,"

"N…N…no…" Saffron gasped out softly and arched her hips towards his mouth as she felt his tongue go deeper. "W…W…Wesley!"

With a knowing smile Wesley held complete domination over her and he would be damned if he was going to quit just yet. Running his slim fingers into her body he began massaging and stroking her gently. With a smile, he could tell she was enjoying the sensations.

"W…Wesley…" Saffron moaned out more, there was so much pleasure and she knew that if this persisted she could not hold on any longer. Running her hands on his chest to the waist of his pants and reached into them as she began stroking him gently.

Wesley paused what he was doing to moan out and shakily reach up wrapping his hands around her wrist. "You distract me angel." He shuddered and moaned more letting his grip on her wrist loosen allowing her to resume her actions.

"Are you surrendering to me Wesley?" Saffron whispered softly in his ear as she continued her actions. She began to rub him faster getting bolder with her strokes. Staring up into his face, she noticed his face tensing up with pleasure. She had complete control over him and loved it.

"N…never…" Wesley moaned more as he tried his best to hold back how much he loved her being dominate over him.

"Oh poor baby," Saffron smiled placing a kiss behind his ear watching him shudder more. "You should know I am getting payback for all the names you've called me." Playfully nipping his ear with her teeth, she heard him moan more.

Wesley closed his eyes feeling her hands work their magic over his hard member. He could not remember the last time she drove him insane. His hands reached up to massage her breasts. "S…Saff…"

Her hands ran to the tip of his member where she felt the beginnings of his release as she rubbed the liquid around the tip. She kissed him again as she began to rub him more roughly.

Feeling something in him snap Wesley shuddered and released his seed all over her hands as some of it splattered on her stomach and chest. His breathing turned into small pants as he kissed her gently.

Removing her hands from his pants Saffron returned his kisses with as much strength as she could muster. Feeling his hands leave her chest she broke the kiss to allow him to rid himself of the remainder of his clothes.

Wesley stood up from the bed and began pulling off his pants and boxers tossing them off to the side. He then sat above her gently kissing her more spreading her legs open as he looked down seeing that she was ready for him.


Wesley kissed her passionately; he began guide himself into the folds that were waiting eagerly for him. "I love you Saff and I always will love you."

"I love you too…" She breathlessly whispered in his ear just as they locked lips again she felt him enter her.

Wesley moaned out and held her arching body in his arms as he pushed deeper allowing her to stretch to accommodate him before pulling out with a loud moan.

Saffron moaned out as she reached up wrapping her arms around his neck staring deep into his eyes. That one point of connection made her gasp out loudly feeling the tearing pain of her virtue being taken, The sensations of being joined with him made it seem impossible for her to want to turn back now.

Wesley kissed her gently as his hips thrust forward in a powerful motion, he heard her let out a loud scream of pleasure due to his actions. He smirked and continued moving in and out of her.



The feeling of his hips against hers was throwing her off the edge of her doubts as she trembled and screamed out his name more. She felt his legs move closer as he thrust into her yet again. The two of them were moaning out each other's names and speaking words of tender love they held for each other. She was aware that she was chanting something but could not make out what she was saying as she rode Wesley's arching hips.

"I love you…" Wesley whispered more as he groaned keeping up his pace. He was going to prove he was a good lover to her as he increased his speed and power. He watched as she moaned and sometimes would scream out his name and tell him to go faster and deeper. He wanted this moment to last forever and nothing around them mattered as they shared the love they had for one another.

"Wesley, please…don't stop…" Saffron gasped more feeling herself on the edge of release. She could feel him throbbing inside of her with the beginnings of his own release. She did not want this moment to end.

Tensing up Wesley leaned down kissing her roughly. He began shaking at the beginnings of his release as he looked down into her eyes. "Please…my love."

He did not need to finish his sentence; His lips met hers in another kiss, their releases beginning to send them both over the edge. Holding her hand in his he kissed her again.

A few more thrusts the two of them called out each other's names as they climaxed together collapsing to the bed together.

"I…I…" Saffron whispered feeling tiredness wash over her as she looked into Wesley's eyes. She could tell he truly loved her and was not going to allow anything or anyone to take her away from him.

"I love you too…" Wesley kissed her again and pulled out of her, they both let out shuddering breaths as they separated. He kissed her again lifting her body up to pull down the sheets of the bed , laying her down gently and gathering her into his arms. Kissing her gently running his hands ran through her hair. "I love you Saff."

"I love you too Wes…" Saffron whispered tiredly and began drifting off to sleep. In the back of her mind, she did not think anything of telling him she loved him back. In the morning, she knew that Wesley would forget all about it as the drunkenness wore off.

Smiling Wesley kissed her forehead and allowed his tiredness to take over his body as he too fell asleep.