Sweet Needs and Millionaire Seeds

By Aihara Yukii



Gem Texas

Saffron groaned as she slid down the wall of the bathroom stall, she had been having lunch with her cousins Britney and Mia at the Sapphire café and they were having a great time laughing and catching up with one another since Britney had a day off and Mia was back home from Africa for a few weeks. they had been eating that is until the waiter brought over the order of Potato Soup that Mia ordered. One look at the bowl of soup and she bolted from the table losing what was left of her lunch. Despite this, her older cousins were surprised to say the least and of course, Britney followed her to check on her.

"Saff, are you all right in there?" Britney gently knocked on the side of the door to the stall as she held Saffron's purse in one hand. "Do you want me to take you to the hospital?"

"No…I'm fine Brit," Saffron groaned as she stood up after an hour of praying to the porcelain god and flushed it. She stumbled out of the stall and leaned against the counter staring in the mirror. She looked a horrible mess and to make it worse she had more things to worry about rather than throwing up.

"Saffron, you're normally not one to get sick," Britney said simply. "Don't tell me you're starting to trade immune systems with Ali or Mia."

"No…of course not…" Saffron said gulping. "I just felt sick…and you know that it's weird for Mia to eat something that'd gross anyone out…I am not surprised you're not sick too."

"I've seen worse," Britney, said waving a dismissive hand. "Remember I've eaten escargot and sushi, so potato soup is not a biggie for me to stomach…well at least watching someone else eat." She paused a moment and looked at Saffron's body language. She had seen it before from other women but she was not sure if her own cousin was in the same situation.

Smiling she decided to help her out. After all, it was an embarrassing situation to be in especially since Saffron decided to wear white pants. Opening her purse, she pulled out a small package. "I know you don't use these anymore but here, until you can get back home."

Saffron stared open mouthed at her cousin holding the puffy pink wrapped package. "Britney…why in the hell would you…oh my god! I am not on my period!" she shouted blushing bright red. "I haven't had it in a week…and of all bags for you to keep it in…why does it have Shark week printed on it?!"

"Uh…well…I got it from a nifty shop in Australia," Britney put the bag in her purse and tuned to leave only to turn back around and stare at Saffron with wide eyes. "Oh my gods…Saff…were you really serious about not getting a visit from your aunt flo in a week?"

"First of all Brit say it like a normal person and yes I'm serious," Saffron said going quiet. "I mean…it's happened before because of stress but…it usually came back a week after…and umn…well I think I might be pregnant."

Taking all of her will power not to go into shock or faint, Britney quickly grabbed Saffron's hands and sat on the nearby bench as she looked at her cousin. "Ok, first of all Saffron, are you entirely sure that you might be pregnant…I mean I didn't know you had a boyfriend, and second of all maybe you should go get a test."

"I said I think I am!" Saffron said. "And well…If I am…there is only one person who could be the father since he's the only one I've ever slept with," Saffron whispered. "And well if I am I'll just handle it in my own way." She saw her cousin digging through her purse and began wondering if Britney was even paying attention to what she was saying. "Brit…what are you doing?"

Britney pulled money out of her purse pressing it into Saffron's hands. "Here, take this and go get a test," she said simply. "I know you have money of your own but I know you too well and you'll just go into the store and get junk food rather than a test…so if it's my money you'll get a test."

"Britney…I am not a child," Saffron pointed out giving Britney the money back before sighing. "And I don't want you to waste your money on something that might be wrong."

"And if it's right, I assume you'll tell the guy who got you pregnant?" Britney asked standing up. "Considering that if you don't…your dad will hunt down every man in the city until one of them confesses."

"Ok, Britney first of all if I am pregnant I'm not going to tell him anything," Saffron said. "And second my dad won't kill anyone because I am not going to tell my parents, things will just move on as they did before without incident."

"So Wesley's the father isn't he?" Britney asked watching as Saffron tensed up and turned a soft hue of red. "Britney you cannot tell anyone…especially Wes…if he found out…I don't' want to even think about it…we're best friends not lovers…"

"Fine…but for now go be sure," Britney said simply. "After lunch that is…I'm sure that Mia probably has polished off that marble cake we ordered for dessert."

Saffron smiled gently. "Thanks for listening Brit."

"You're welcome."

Sighing Saffron stood in the drug store looking at the tests sitting on the shelf; she began looking at the brands and wondered which one would be best for her to buy. She could risk buying a cheap one and have it be right but then when she actually went to be sure it would have been wrong. Glancing at the pink package staring at her in the face she picked it up quickly and put it in the shopping basket she was carrying and then rushed to the second aisle grabbing random items throwing them in. She did not understand why she was doing it but to be sure, that if she ran into someone she knew he or she would not ask questions that needed answers.

"Saffron Saunders is that you?"

Turning around quickly Saffron gave a squeak seeing that one of her mother's friends was walking towards her. She quickly took the test out of the basket and kicked it under a nearby shelf. She smiled gently and said. "Hello Mrs. Hale, long time no see."

"My goodness, it's been forever since I've seen you," Mrs. Hale said. "So how have you been and how is your mom?"

"Well everything's been great," Saffron said with a smile. "I came in to get some snacks for my lunch tomorrow and a few things for my hair too." She hated lying but she did not want Mrs. Hale to find out what she was really shopping for and at the same time she didn't notice a the little three year old walking to the shelf where she had kicked the test under and pick it up. "And my mom's been great, I was going to see her tonight since it's Friday and we always do family dinners on the weekends."

Mrs. Hale smiled gently. "How wonderful, I was doing some shopping with my grandbaby Lara, she and I are planning to bake a cake for Mindy's birthday on Monday."

"I still can't believe she and Rich got married, I bet they're enjoying their time as a married couple."

"Well actually…Rich and Mindy divorced…" Mrs. Hale sighed shaking her head. "Apparently their marriage had a lot of problems…so Mindy's back home and Rich went to Washington DC to work for the CIA…but he still comes up here on the weekends to see Lara."

"Gram, Gram," Lara said tugging on Mrs. Halle's skirt, she held up the box and smiled. "Gram what's this?"

Mrs. Hale took the box and gave a nervous smile. "Lara dear please don't take things off shelves," she said. "And I'll explain what this is when you're older."

Lara pouted before she ran off into the aisle where there were children toys.

"Oh my…I don't know where Lara picked this up from but…I'll just place it on a shelf and let one of the workers put it in the right spot." Mrs. Hale said shaking her head.

"I…I'll do it!" Saffron said. "I was going down that aisle to get a few things, and it'd save a few workers the trouble."

"My, such a sweet girl you are," Mrs. Hale said with a smile and handed Saffron the pregnancy test box. "Anyway dear I have to go now, please say hello to your mother and I'll tell Mindy that I ran into you."

"Oh, umn…well," Saffron pulled out a sheet of paper and quickly wrote down her phone number. "Give this to Mindy, and tell her to call me some time, I'd love to catch up and I know she's probably in need of a friend to vent to."

"Thank you dear and take care." Mrs. Hale said heading to the aisle where Lara was happily playing with a doll.

"That was close," Saffron, said putting the box back into her basket, she walked up to the front of the store and paid for the items before leaving. She prayed that no one else she knew would see her. Looking down at her watch, she let out a small squeak. "Crap, I'm late at meeting the family for dinner! Oh man mom's gonna worry."

The layout to the Saunders land, home to the Saunders family was unusual. When you approached the gate, a large two-story home with a white picket fence around the yard area and in the back was a single barn where there were cows and a few horses would greet you. However, the only thing that seemed out of place on the land was the second small one story house, which in turn was actually the home office of Stella Saunders who worked from home with her flower shop branch in County Gem while her eldest daughter worked in the Gem, Texas division.

However, the office closed for the day it was the monthly weekend dinner that often brought the two children of the Saunders family home from their individual lives of working and studying.

"Ronnie-dear you haven't finished shucking the corn yet?" Stella question walking over to her daughter noticing she was still sitting at the table with a huge pile of unshucked corn in front of her.

"I'm sorry mom, but I haven't been feeling all that well lately," Saffron sighed sitting down the second piece of corn she had shucked and started on a third ear. She noticed her mother was watching her closely. "What?"

"I knew something was wrong with you," Stella said she sat down at the table grabbing one of the ears of corn and began shucking it as well. "You're normally running around helping your father trying to fix that old Ford in the yard and then you'd be riding Buttercup until we called you in for dinner, but you haven't done any of that."

"I don't know why…" Saffron whispered she felt terrible and yet she was not able to really focus on anything, to make it worse, she had left the flower shop earlier due to losing her lunch when the sight of the potting soil made her gag. "I am probably catching some kind of bug or something."

"Saffron, you never get sick though," Liam entered the kitchen carrying one of his thick textbooks in one hand and in the other a shopping bag.

Unlike his sister, Liam was a serious-looking boy in his first year of college. He was tall, with dark brown hair, which he generally wore short and shaved on the sides. He had brought a large bag of laundry for his mom to do for him a backpack of books, and spent most of his time in the kitchen cooking with his mother, showing off the new recipes he had learned during his culinary arts classes at Gem State University.

He was a serious student, or so he told Saffron, and of course, with Liam around she never got any peace because he was still her annoying little brother.

"Liam for your information I do get sick just not often," Saffron began the task of shucking the corn again for dinner, she really did not want to deal with Liam's accusations, or his so called know it all attitude. What was with that anyway? It is not as if she acted that way when she was in college… she just used selective memory to forget all about it. Nonetheless, she was not in the mood for it.

"Wow Saff you look really pissed off too," Liam began poking her in the side and laughed watching his sister ripping the leaves off the corn angrily, he reached up poking her cheek laughing more. "She's angry alright."

"Liam Morgan Saunders, stop pestering your sister!" Stella ordered she glared at her son placing the corn onto the table. "You know your sister is really irritable when she is on her period."

"MOM," Saffron shouted in horror. "How could you say that?"

"Eww mom I don't want to know the inner workings of Saffron!" Liam shouted out.

"Oh grow up," Stella said rolling her eyes she smiled at both her children. "Now, you two stop fighting and Ronnie-dear I want you to relax for awhile with the heating pad upstairs in your room and there is an extra box of tampons in the bathroom cabinet where I always keep them for when you visit."


Stella giggled watching as Saffron rushed out of the kitchen. Shaking her head she resumed shucking the rest of the corn, though she stopped noticing Liam drinking from the carton of orange juice, tossing a corncob at him as it hit him in the back of the head. "Get a glass!"

"Mom that really hurt, those corn cobs are dangerous!" Liam rushed out of the kitchen dodging another corncob as he went outside to where his father was fixing on the old Ford in front of the house.

Shaking her head Stella began shucking the corn again, that is until Saffron's purse lying wide open on the table caught her eye. She blinked in surprise and began wondering why her daughter had a pregnancy test and knew it only meant one thing.

Sighing Saffron laid down on her bed, well the bed that had once been hers and looked up at the ceiling, she couldn't very well tell her mother that she hadn't really had her period at all at least not since the week before the night she had sex with Wesley. It'd probably kill both her parents to know that their daughter had sex before marriage and it's also make it really difficult to keep her father from hunting Wesley down to kill him.

Of course, that is what was left of him when Liam was done with him. Shaking her head to clear the thoughts out of her head she needed to stop thinking about it. There was no way she was pregnant….the test would be wrong and then she would go about her life without uncertainty and maybe then, she could face Wesley again. Well she had a good hour before dinner so maybe she could check.

Looking around her room she noticed her bag was not in the room, she had left it sitting on the table next to her downstairs. Of all the stupid things she could have done, leaving her bag sitting on the table in plain view of her prying mother was the worst. Standing up from her bed she rushed to the door throwing it open, she gasped out when she saw her mother standing in the doorway.


"Ronnie you left this sitting on the table," Stella said cheerfully. "By the way dear, what's his name?"

"Mom what are you talking about?"

"Dear, I'm not stupid, I noticed the way you've been acting," Stella said, she also held up the box. "And you had this inside your purse as well, you're lucky that I grabbed your bag before your father moved it."

Saffron was speechless but part of her was a little relived that her mother had saved her from explaining why she was carrying a pregnancy test.

"So what's his name?" Stella questioned again. "And don't lie to me because I know when you are lying to me dear."

Saffron sighed. "I…I had sex with Wesley," She said softly blushing bright red. "But he was drunk and I really didn't think of even getting condoms because I didn't know we would have sex and since I had no use of getting any birth control pills because I wasn't even in a relationship and now…oh mom what am I going to do!?"

"Well for starters we need to be sure that you are pregnant," Stella said looking around handing Saffron the box. "I'll distract your father long enough for you to take the test and then after that I'll see if Kaitlin can squeeze you in for a check up so we can have you be examined as well."

"Mom come on, I am sure it's only stress," Saffron whispered but sighed deciding to go with taking the test in case she was indeed pregnant. Of course if she was…what would Wesley say?

"Ronnie's sure taking a long time to come back downstairs,"

Liam looked at his mother who was serving dinner, he may have been young, but he knew that his mother was hiding something. He remembered that when he was sixteen, this was the same way his mother acted whenever someone in the family was having a personal crisis, with a small sigh he had to voice his concerns at least to be sure it wasn't what he was thinking.

"Mom, are you pregnant or something?"

Stella dropped the bowl of mashed potatoes onto the table as Vern spat out the water he had been drinking.

"Stella, are you pregnant?" Vern asked in shock, he knew that his wife could not have been pregnant and if she was then it was one hell of a miracle.

"No, of course not dear," Stella said glaring at him. "Liam, why would you think that? Is that a way of saying your mother is fat!"

"Not really mom," Liam said shaking his head. "You're acting way too cheerful and when you told me not to go upstairs to get Saffron you were really persistent about it…and..." Realization hit him as he stared at his mother. "Mom, is Ronnie the one who's pregnant?"

"Saffron's pregnant?" Vern said in anger. "Who's the father; I'll kill the prick who dared to touch my little girl."

"Calm down Vern," Stella said. "We're not sure if she is or isn't. But you can't go around trying to kill the one who got her pregnant because then it'd be murder and we can't have you going to jail."

Vern settled back down, of course in his mind he was making plans to murder whoever had laid one hand on his daughter to get her pregnant. Of course, he could not kill his daughter. She was his little girl and a wolf in sheep's clothing fooled her into giving her virtue away.

"Mom…" Saffron said entering the dining room, she looked at the table noticing dinner was ready; of course she turned and rushed back up stairs with a hand over her mouth. She cursed her bad luck, at the smell of fried tomatoes triggering nausea.

"Oh dear," Stella sat the platter down onto the table and went after Saffron. "Vern and Liam continue dinner; I'll be right back, I just want check on Ronnie."

"Dad…if Ronnie's pregnant this means you'll be called gramps!" Liam said as he began laughing, He did not notice that his father's hand was going in for the kill until he felt a slap to the back of his head. "Oww, dad so not cool!"

"Mom, it's positive…"

Saffron sighed sitting on her bed as she watched her mother check the tests again, she knew for a fact that she was pregnant from the moment she had not been able to eat any of her favorite foods or even work with flowers. Sighing she laid back on her bed placing a hand on her still flat abdomen, she felt a slight swell indicating the start of her and Wesley's child.

"Well dear you are indeed pregnant," Stella said walking back into the room after disposing of the tests and washing her hands. "Before we go see Kaitlin to confirm it we have to talk, there are some options that you need to think about and you have to tell Wesley as well."

"Mom, you know our family does not believe in termination of pregnancies," Saffron said sitting up. "And I'm not going to go through the hell that Ali went through when she was pregnant, so I'm going to tell Wesley and we'll decide what we should do."

"First of all you haven't told him that you thought you were pregnant," Stella asked. "I thought you talked to Wesley about everything."

Saffron shook her head. "No, we're not on speaking terms right now because he was drunk when we had sex and I thought it was best to keep this as a secret because I didn't even know he got me pregnant."

"And you still didn't think of using anything to prevent conception?" Stella asked shaking her head. "I thought I taught you better than that."

"Mom, I didn't have a use for birth control because I was more focused on my career." Saffron stated, she sat up and glanced at her mother who was now sitting next to her. "What?"

"To think I'm going to be a grandmother at a young age," Stella said softly.

"Mom, I'm not sure what Wesley and I will decide," Saffron said rolling her eyes.

"You're right," Stella smiled gently. "Well whatever you decide to do we will support you Ronnie, but keep in mind that you both need to discuss this thoroughly at least making a choice that you won't regret in the end."

"I know mom…" Saffron sighed as her mother left the room; she lay back on the bed running her hand over her stomach again. "I can't believe Wesley ended up getting me pregnant…and worst of all is that I probably have to tell him everything happened that night a month ago."

Wesley glanced at his phone for the third time, he had not really spoken with Saffron in over a month, to make matters worse they had not even seen each other since that night, anytime he called her she would make some big excuse of the reason why she was not able to meet with him. Of course, he also needed to know what had happened that night, he needed the truth from her, and even if he had to pry it out of her, he was going to get a straight answer.

Sighing he stood in front of the flower shop staring up at it. He looked inside and saw Jake was working, shaking his head he walked inside looking around at the various flower arrangements and various plants for various occasions. As he approached the counter, he forced a small smile.

"Hey Jake, is Saffron here?" He asked his tone was that of nervousness mixed with worry.

"Oh, she's not here right now Wes," Jake explained. "Saffy went to County Gem for dinner with her parents so she probably won't be back til Monday morning, if you want I can tell her you stopped by."

Wesley fell silent while cursing his luck that he neglected to remember that every Sunday Saffron had gone to County Gem and stayed overnight, his eyes took on that of a broken and worried man. Looking up at Jake, he asked. "Did Saff tell you anything about what happened last month?"

"Not really, just that she had to take care of you while you were drunk and that she didn't want nothing more to be discussed about it, but she's been acting weird since then." Jake said he placed a hand to his cheek in thought. "I did notice that she's been getting sick a lot recently and even took a day off to stay home and rest."

"I see…" Wesley did not think nothing of that detail as he knew that Saffron's health had changed since high school, after all when you got older your immune system was always the first to change with age. "Jake, are you sure that she's not coming back tonight, I'd like to talk to her."

"You could always try again tomorrow; she'll be here bright and early." Jake explained. "Don't worry Wes, she's not angry with you at all anymore, she'll come around and start talking to you again, and I'm sure she's forgotten all about whatever happened between you two."

"Jake, I don't even know what the hell happened," Wesley admitted. "All I know is that I woke up in the room we rented and that she was acting strange…" He ran a hand through his hair and glanced down at his phone again. "And I tried calling her but she rejects all of my calls."

"Wow, you must have pissed Saffy off if she's not answering your calls." Jake shook his head. "Well dude, wait it out a little longer and when she's up to it she'll talk to you again and then finally straighten out whatever it was you did to upset her."

Nodding in agreement though his mind was racing with thoughts of what could have happened. He turned and headed out of the shop while grasping his car keys in one hand; He knew that Saffron was in County Gem visiting her family but at the same time he did not want to interrupt her family's bonding time with asking her what happened that fateful night.

However, he had to know what happened, why she was so distant and why in the hell he did not tell her of the dream he had that night while he was drunk. All of these thoughts racing through his mind were enough to drive any man insane but what made it worse was that he probably hurt her and he was not able to do anything about it. It couldn't be helped; he was on his way to County Gem.

"Daddy put down the shotgun,"

Saffron blocked the doorway from her father while trying to keep him from going out to kill Wesley. Oh how she could see the headlines now. Angered man murders vulnerable young executive for getting his daughter pregnant. Oh how she did not want to end up on a badly directed television documentary.

"Saffron I'm going to talk to him that's all," Vern said narrowing his eyes. "He won't get away with getting you pregnant."

"Dad, it's just as much as my fault as it is his," Saffron explained. "In some way I wanted to sleep with Wesley, I wasn't thinking about the consequences so it's my fault too, that's no reason to try and kill him!"

"She's right dear," Stella, said she kept both her hands around her husband's wrists to keep him from loading the shotgun. "The young man doesn't even know that he's going to be a father."

"So please let me tell him first before you try to kill him," Saffron pleaded. "We need to make some decisions, I mean we may not even keep the baby, but I can't make a decision without telling Wesley first!"

Vern calmed down, though the tension was high within the air around him. He wanted nothing more than to kill Wesley but for the sake of his little girl, he had to go with what Saffron had chosen. Of course, a decision was made; he would then kill Wesley immediately.

"Dear, you should go back to the city and talk to him," Stella pointed out. "After all you can't hide this forever from him."

"Oh I intend to tell him once I go back on Monday," Saffron sat down on the couch and sighed. "If anything I'm sure by now he'll probably be in the right mind to actually talk to if we go to a private place to talk."

"Hey mom and Dad, Some guy just pulled up in a Mercedes Benz." Liam called from the kitchen.

"A Mercedes Benz, That's a strange car for anyone around here to drive." Stella noted as she looked over catching sight of Saffron's face. "Dear what's wrong?"

"Liam, who's driving it," Saffron asked quickly.

"Some Asian dude just got out of the car," Liam said. He glared as his sister pushed him away from the window and looked at her curiously. "What's wrong, is that your boyfriend?"

"No…it's Wesley…" Saffron said softly as she shut the curtains. "What the hell is he doing here?"

"Maybe he came to find you dear," Stella, said she walked to the door and opened it. "Hello may I help you?"

"Uh, hi I'm Wesley Patton, I'm a friend of Saffron's…I was wondering if she's here." Wesley noticed that the older woman looked like Saffron but of course, the only feature that was missing was Saffron's green eyes. "I'd like to talk to her."

"Sure come in," Stella said leading him into the kitchen. "I'm Stella Saunders, I'm Saffron's mother, and that's her younger brother Liam."

"Yo dude, think I can take that Benz for a spin sometime?" Liam said cheerfully.

"Uh…" Wesley handed him the keys. "Don't dent it kid…I haven't finished paying on it yet."

"No promises," Liam took off out of the door laughing.

"Wesley what are you doing here?" Saffron asked glaring at him, her hands were on her hips, and she narrowed her eyes.

"Saff, we really need to talk." Wesley began, though he kept his distance from her due to the angry looking man sitting in the easy chair behind her. "I mean this is important."

"Oh we'll talk alright," Saffron looked at both her parents. "Mom, and Dad can you please excuse us for a moment? I'd like to talk to Mr. Patton alone."

"Oh sure dear," Stella said she smiled at Wesley. "Make yourself at home and if you need anything just let me know."

"And keep your hands off my daughter," Vern snapped glaring as he and Stella left the room.

"Your family seems like an interesting bunch of people," Wesley noted, he looked at Saffron noticing she was glaring at him. "What's wrong?"

"Wesley how dare you come here and show your face around my family's home, I thought I told you to let go what happened!" Saffron said. "Even though it was nothing really,"

"I had to know what was going on, Saff you haven't returned any of my calls, you barely talk to me anymore and the last time I saw you was last month when we had that awkward exchange!" Wesley felt nothing more than hurt but he was masking it with anger not that he was too angry with Saffron about her changes in behavior. "You're being immature!"

"I'm not immature, I am protecting myself." Saffron argued. "Do you even remember what happened that night…oh wait that's right you can't because you were too drunk to remember anything."

"Saffron will you let that go! I said I was sorry you had to take care of me!" Wesley argued back. "What more do you want from me, to get on my hands and knees to beg for your forgiveness?"

"No…I rather have you disappear from my life forever but I can't have that can I?" Saffron felt more anger towards him; she was not going to let him off easy. All those bottled up feelings she held in her entire being was going to spill out and she was going to unleash all of it on him.

"You feel that way, what happened to being friends?"

"You ruined it by getting drunk!"

"If you say that one more time,"

"Wesley I'm pregnant!"

Gasping out at the outburst Saffron placed a hand over her mouth mortified, she noticed the way Wesley's face paled and how he nearly lost his balance but luckily he hadn't fell over or even moved. She turned away to avoid looking into his eyes. She did not want to look at him.

"Saff…how…you and I didn't…did we," Wesley asked he felt as though he had been hit with a twenty-seven pound weight, not only that but he could not believe that they had sex. They were friends and nothing more. Not since, they broke up after high school.

He had sex with Saffron, it was not a dream…that night…the moment of kissing her, and then finally making love to her was all true. The thought of not using a condom hit him intensely, he had not taken any precautions at the time, and neither did she. Looking at her, he placed a hand on her shoulder. "Saff..."

"Wesley, we need to make a decision of what to do…" Saffron whispered. "I mean…It wasn't supposed to be like this…I was going to tell you when I was ready but you forced it out of me."

"Saffron, there is no other decision;" Wesley said "I'm the father so we're going to get married and…"

"We're not getting married."

Saffron glared daggers at him deciding to stand her ground, she was not going to get married because he thought it was the best thing to do. She was her own person and she was going to do this on her own terms.

Frowning at her, he pointedly said. "We're getting married, you're having my baby."

"It's not a rule or anything," Saffron stated. "I'm going to be fine on my own and we haven't even made a proper decision! What if I don't want this baby?"

"Saffron, were supposed to discuss this right?" Wesley asked. "Then let's talk about it, why wouldn't you want the baby?"

"Because you idiot, it was conceived because of a drunken one night stand," Saffron snapped. "And last time I checked it's my body and my choice, not yours!"

"Saffron it's my child too damn it!" Wesley said glaring at her; he could not believe that Saffron actually had said she did not want their child. Sure, he had to agree with her that it was conceived because of a one-night stand but that still did not mean that he did not want the baby either. "Saff, listen how about we sit down and make a list of pros and cons about you going through the pregnancy."

"Wesley we're not children anymore, this is not like taking care of a plastic doll that can be forgotten? No it's a real live human being that will need our attention and care." Saffron said glaring at him. "And you think writing a list will make it easier to make a decision?"

"It can't hurt to try," Wesley said. "Do you have a sheet of paper and a pen?"

Saffron could not believe he was actually serious about this; she normally would not let this affect her but of course with Wesley she knew he was stubborn and would not stop bugging her until he got his way. Sighing she walked over to the desk pulling out a sheet of paper and a pen. Crossing the room, she handed it to Wesley and sat down on the couch. "There is no point in doing this!"

"Hush Saff," Wesley said he began writing. "All right, the pros and cons of having a child together."

"Well for one I don't even love you!"

"You don't love me…" Wesley looked up at her with and raised eyebrow. "Ok, well be that as it may, I'm going to put that having a child together will be an experience that we can share."

"Share what? All you get to do is go on with your life while I suffer." Saffron mumbled.

Wesley nodded adding that to the list. "Ah, ha but modern men now help out their pregnant lovers, girlfriends, or in our case friends a lot." He said writing down the statement.

"Babies are tough to take care of," Saffron stated. "I should know because I've helped mom with Liam."

"Babies are tough to take care of," Wesley said writing it down. "But the fulfillment of a child growing up well under the care of having a loving environment is good."

"Well…I can't take the maternity fashions!" Saffron snapped. "They're not trendy at all!"

"Saffron, that's more of a selfish desire for your self image than the reasons why we can't have a child together." Wesley pointed out; his eyes focused on her a little when she nodded. "Ok, how about this, instead of that I'll just put that you don't want to change your lifestyle choice."

"What?" Saffron glared at him. "That's it, get out! You jerk how dare you think that I am being the selfish one when you are in fact the one who is being selfish! You want me to have your baby because you think it will be easy! When in fact its hard work and I have to go through hell more than you do," She felt more anger boiling with her entire being, she knew that she had to set him straight at least for him to understand her reasons of choosing to do as many women did. Sure, her family often did not turn to that option but she would have gladly chosen it. She was not ready yet and she knew for a fact neither was Wesley.

"And I'm scared…I am honestly scared to even think about bringing a child into the world when I'm not even secure enough to take care of myself half the time, but oh wait that doesn't matter to you as you rather play house, This is not television nor will it be like the Brady Bunch or something! Raising children is hard work and I for one would rather wait until I am ready than take the chance of screwing up another person's life because their so called father wanted them to be born!"

"Saff...do you think I'm not scared either?" Wesley asked placing his hands on her shoulders. "I'm scared out of my mind but if you and I be there for one another we can handle this, and if you want we don't have to go through this, I can drive you to the nearest clinic and they can terminate the pregnancy."

Her eyes widened at the statement, he was going to do what she wanted, but it was not like many men to give up. Shaking her head she realized that he was doing this for her, no she couldn't let him do it, not a moment passed when she had felt terrible for even considering that option but she very well couldn't take away something that belonged to him. "Wes…I…if I go through with the pregnancy, you have to promise me you'll be there for me."

"Of course Saff," Wesley said. "I won't ever leave you high and dry but…what made you change your mind?"


"You're lying again."

"Fine, I don't want you to hate me forever," Saffron, said waving a dismissive hand. "And besides if you knew anything about my family you know that we are all against that anyway."

"Geez…Saff you could've told me that!" Wesley said shaking his head he looked at her a moment. "So were going to really go through with this?"

"Of course Wes, however I will tell you that first sign of you trying to run away I will not hesitate to allow my father to use his shot gun to end your life business boy."

Wesley laughed at that statement but his expression changed and he asked. "You're not serious about that are you Saff?"

Saffron merely got up from the couch and left the room giggling as she looked over shoulder at Wesley who was now chasing after her.

"Saffron, you were joking! Oh come on it was one of your jokes right?"