Social Predators

It's a jungle out here. The air is warm and buzzing with mosquitoes but that has deterred no one -the jungle has a swinging night life.

There are the birds: bright and gay and silly. Then the monkeys-with their constant malicious chatter; the owls -serious and silent and deadly; and many more. But the wolves are what scare her-they travel in packs, their teeth bared in a mockery of politeness.


She shows her teeth-like some sort of feral animal. "What a lovely smile." More teeth-her facial muscles quiver with the effort. She glances down-anything to hide from those gazes-predatory, all just waiting to rip her throat out. They were animals of the worst sort- social ones.

She says something and there's an answering laugh-but they aren't pleased. "Oh but that's just silly". There's that wicked gleam again. It stings and they know it. But she doesn't like to lose-she bares her teeth once more-this time she laughs. Like it's all a joke.

"BFF's right?" "Sureā€¦"

She can't wait to escape.


It is eat or be eaten, and she is no hunter. She does not belong in this deception that is Society.