Battle Hymn of the Revolution

Hail the coming fall

See the storm clouds gather

Forty thousand strong

See the red rain splatter

A revolution is coming

Stand up and fight

Hail my revolution!

The end begins tonight!

The wind threatens bloodshed

The rain softly ushers peace

Thunder shakes the ground

The advance of a thousand feet

We warned you once

We've warned you twice

You still took knives and cut and sliced!

We've burned and bled

Been beaten dead

Robbed of thought, of word and bed!

So if you never thought you'd see this day

When we would rise and make you pay!

United together to call out and say,

What silence and anguish have kept away,

With broken wings and burning souls,

We will defend the beliefs we hold.

Hail our revolution!

From this you won't be saved.

Hail our revolution!

We take your life today.

And as you repay

The debt you owe,

We shall chant

All we know:

"Rain is black

Blood is red

We curse the ground

Where you lay your head."